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2 Pieces of Auto Car Battery Terminals This quality auto battery terminal set is great for replacing your vehicle battery terminals for better conductivity.
Car Air Conditioning SpecialistsAs the UK gets hotter the benefits of air-conditioning are gradually being accepted.
MOT TestingWe are accredited by VOSA and can MOT class 4(cars, motor home) Class V and Class VII. Car Servicing & RepairWe are an independant garage that can service and maintain new vehicles under warranty and this will not affect manufacturers' warranties given on vehicles. Brake tips from the expertsThe components of hydraulic braking systems are subject to considerable stress and as a result require frequent inspection and routine maintenance.
An affordable, high quality garage providing Car Batteries, servicing, air-con refresh and more.
We keep a large range of car batteries in stock at all times, covering over 95% of vehicles on the road today. The new 24kWh battery packs will carry the same warranty cover as one in a new LEAF, which stands at eight years or 100,000 miles against defects and five years or 60,000 miles against capacity loss. The option of replacement battery packs is likely to have a positive effect on the used Nissan LEAF market. Due to subtle changes to the LEAF’s architecture since its launch, cars from 2011 and 2012 will need an installation kit to fit the new battery. I’m happy to be back to provide a long-awaited update on the Nissan LEAF battery replacement plan. Last year, I posted preliminary details of the program that we’d created based on early survey data, and it led to spirited discussion (and very vocal criticism).
Battery replacements are now available for purchase at your certified Nissan LEAF dealers in the United States. We are also continuing to finalize details for a Nissan financing program for those who prefer an affordable monthly payment option, and we expect to keep that monthly payment in the $100 per month range. These replacement batteries are the same battery found in 2015 LEAF vehicles, which are also on sale now at Nissan dealers.
A: Your certified Nissan LEAF dealer will provide you with a copy of the repair order showing your lithium-ion battery replacement at the time the replacement is made.
So there you are, cruising down the highway, good tunes blasting away, traffic is clear for mile, everything is good in the world. Modern engines have tons of sensors that monitor every aspect of not only the engine, but the transmission, differential, even the fuel system. Because the check engine light is multi-purpose, you need a scan tool to determine what the trouble codes are. Loose Gas Cap – Your gas cap clicks for a reason, and that reason is to let you know that you have tightened correctly. Air Filter – A clogged up air filter reduces the amount of air coming into the engine, which means more fuel is being burned than air. A clogged air filter can wreck havoc on the engine’s fuel management system, causing trouble codes to show up. Oxygen Sensor – Commonly referred to as an O2 sensor, this is one the most common trouble codes for any engine.
Placement of the oxygen sensor(s) will vary, but they are usually directly behind the exhaust manifold.
Ignition System – There are several components in the ignition system that can cause trouble codes. Battery – While it may not affect fuel economy, a down battery can damage your alternator, leading to more costly repairs. Vacuum Leak – Loose or cracked hoses cause vacuum leaks, which can turn an otherwise healthy EFI system into a finicky mess that can be hard to start, idle rough, or hesitate on acceleration.
Mass Air Flow – Most EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engines use a mass air flow (MAF) sensor to measure the amount of air entering the system, so that the computer can supply the correct amount of fuel. Typically mounted between the air box and the throttle body, the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor gets dirty over time.

When that little light of doom pops up, don’t panic just yet, there are plenty of less dramatic reasons for its existence.
Be the envy of your tailgate party with this insulated can holder, or simply keep your drink cooler longer when you're at the BBQ or working in the garage. Now the additional benefits that are not immediately obvious are now being appreciated by those fortunate to have a good aircon system operating in their car. Every vehicle over the age of three years from the date of registration must have a valid MOT every year by law, to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and in safe working order. Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive, we can service it as per the manufacturer recommendations. It is recommended to have your brake fluid changed every 2 years regardless of the vehicle age.
They come fully charged, with a 3 year guarantee which is a great choice if you want a high quality economical battery.
Use these batteries for cars with additional accessories such as TV's, SatNav's, Electric Cool boxes, DVD Players which all have a draining effect on your car battery. Capacity loss is deemed unacceptable once the battery can only hold 70 percent of its original charge, which equates to 59 miles on a full charge. Manufacturers have diligently guarded the financial details of their electric powertrains, although until recently similarly-sized battery packs were thought to cost around $10,000. Due to the car’s limited range pre-owned examples tend to show low mileage in comparison to gasoline cars, but any evidence of a loss in autonomy leaves a dent in residual values. This will cost approximately $225, Brockman says, and dealer fees for three hours of work will also need to be taken into consideration.
So we went back to the drawing board with your comments and the ongoing guidance of the LEAF Advisory Board.
As a replacement, this battery is expected to provide similar range and charging characteristics as the battery offered since the launch of the LEAF in 2010. We’ve been hard at work developing a plan driven by your feedback, and we hope you’re satisfied with the results. Yes, unless you choose to finance the battery, in which case the finance company will have an interest in the battery until it is paid for in full.
All 2011 through 2015 LEAF models are currently compatible with the replacements being offered in this purchase program.
To be eligible to purchase a replacement battery, you must be a current LEAF owner, and you must agree to exchange your existing battery pack for the replacement battery. Having fallen for cars because of the virtues of a particular German flat-six, it's what we'll all be driving next that now interests Richard most. When these sensors generate a reading that is out of the programmed parameters specified by the manufacturer, it can trigger a trouble code, which is displayed by the dash.
Major issues such as loss of oil pressure or a slipping transmission can trigger limp mode, but many times the cause is actually a faulty sensor that is real the problem. Your local NAPA AutoCare Center will be glad to check your trouble codes and help you get the problem diagnosed.
The problem here is that the sensors can go bad or they are simply doing their job and reading an out of range signal. Sometimes the MAF sensor gets clogged with dirt and oil, throwing off its performance, but they also fail.
Just don’t ignore for weeks on end, as a simple problem can lead to more serious problems if ignored, not to mention significant losses in fuel economy and performance.
His career began in the car audio industry as a shop manager, eventually working his way into a position at Rockford Fosgate as a product designer. Older cars will, however, benefit from the improved hot weather performance of Nissan’s latest battery pack for the LEAF. Over the past year, we’ve used owner feedback to create a program we believe will better serve you and our other current drivers. This price includes and requires a return of your original battery pack (valued at $1,000) to the dealer in exchange for the new battery.

Changes in battery chemistry, however, have been made in an effort to make the battery more durable in extremely hot climates.
The old battery must be exchanged for the new battery as a condition of the sale of the replacement battery, and Nissan’s suggested retail battery pricing reflects a $1,000 core value assigned to the battery.
Additionally, any authorized Nissan dealer can confirm the battery replacement by reviewing the vehicle’s service history by authorized Nissan dealers which is maintained by VIN. However, a separate installation kit must be purchased at the customer’s expense for all 2011 and 2012 vehicles.
You must also read, acknowledge and sign a customer disclosure form and trade-in agreement. Some cars have advanced notification systems that alert you to the actual nature of certain codes, but the majority of computer controlled vehicles rely on the simple Check Engine light.
A sealed fuel system requires a working gas cap seal, when the tank is open to the environment, your engines emissions can increase and fuel mileage can decrease. Unless your car is running poorly or the engine is on fire, don’t panic, your first stop should be a NAPA Auto Parts store. Tighten your cap until it clicks 3 times (unless the cap specifies otherwise) and occasionally check the gasket and plastic housing for cracks. Check your air filter, if you can’t see light through the filter, then it is definitely time for a replacement. When this code is present, your engine’s fuel economy can be reduced by as much as 40 percent, so this is a big one.
Most ECMs (Electronic Control Module, the vehicle computer), can tell you which bank (side of the engine), or even the actual cylinder that is misfiring. Incorrect MAF readings can send your car into limp mode, drastically reducing fuel economy and performance.
A quick stop at any NAPA AutoCare Center or NAPA Parts Store can help solve your vehicle’s problem. In 2003, he began writing tech articles for magazines, and has been working as an automotive journalist ever since. This price does not include tax, installation fees or an installation kit required for 2011 and 2012 vehicles. I will post more details here later this year when they are finalized, but we didn’t want to delay announcing the battery price itself any longer.
Nissan will ensure that the old battery is recycled and disposed of properly or possibly reused as part of our 4R Energy business. Your mind begins to race with visions of broken parts and free-flowing cash out your wallet. The light is there to let you know there is an issue of some sort, but it could be as simple as a loose gas cap. When the light comes on, check the gas cap at the next stop, and then continue on your way. His work has been featured in Car Craft, Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Truckin’, Mopar Muscle, and many more.
The MSRP for the installation kit (which includes brackets and other minor parts required to retrofit the newer pack to original vehicles) is approximately $225. Fear not, drivers, for there are many less than catastrophic reasons for that annoying little light to illuminate and ruin your beautiful day.
A misfire can drop your fuel economy more than 5 percent, but a bad ignition coil could drop it by as much as 20 percent. Jefferson operates Red Dirt Rodz, his personal garage studio, where all of his magazine articles and tech videos are produced.
However, dealers set the final pricing, so we recommend confirming with your local retailer.

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