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Learning how to charge a car battery while connected to another car’s battery is not very difficult; though, precautions should be taken. Now connect each end of the positive jumper cable to the positive connection on each car battery. Then connect one end of the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the car battery of the functioning car. Connect the other end of the negative jumper cable to the frame of the car that contains the dead battery.
If you want the convenience of charging your own battery, consider buying a car battery charger. Figuring out how to charge a car battery with a battery charger can save you the money of needing to take your battery to an auto body shop to get charged.
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Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved. So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn. There is almost nothing worse than getting your car to go someplace or drive home from the grocery store, only to find that your car battery is dead. Before attempting to jump start your car, inspect the battery to ensure there is no damage or cracks. Some are even portable and can be used to jumpstart your car when you are stranded somewhere. Then  position the running car so that the engine is facing the front of the car with the dead battery.
Positive will be indicated by a plus symbol, while the negative is represented with a minus symbol.

Connect the positive and then the negative connection to your car battery and then turn on the battery charger. You can either get a jump start from another car and let it charge for at least five minutes or connect your battery to a charger and let it it fully charge. However, if a starter battery is discharged deeply (more than 20-25% depth of charge), its plates can be permanently damaged and the lifetime of the battery greatly reduced. If you are interested in learning how to charge a car battery, then take a look at these instructions. Deep cycle batteries have fewer thicker lead plates, and so cannot discharge energy so quickly, but can be cycled deeply and recharged many times without damaging the battery.

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