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Of all the places you'd think to check for bed bugs, I doubt that library books would be at the top of your list. What to Look ForIf you've never seen one before (consider yourself lucky), bed bugs are flat, oval shaped parasites about the size of an apple seed. Where to LookSince they're flat, it's really easy for bed bugs to hide, so you'll want to check your books pretty thoroughly to be sure.
How to Get Rid of ThemIf you do find them, bed bugs can be eradicated in a few different ways.
Many of us were introduced to Harper Lee by the rather loud thud her novel made as our junior-high English teacher unloaded it onto us with reckless abandon.
The seemingly bygone era of the South, specifically it its inept innocence, is curiously on display all throughout Robert Mulligan’s film. In essence, To Kill A Mockingbird is about the fleeting days of childhood – exactly what it feels like being a seedling again. The story, as adapted effortlessly by the great dramatist Horton Foote, has the narrative events recounted by a now fully-grown and wiser Scout. Atticus encourages Scout to learn just the single trick of walking around in another person’s skin.
Part of the reason Mockingbird succeeds so well is the sheer amount of craftsmanship behind the scenes as well. As such, credit that to director Robert Mulligan, whose directorial style here isn’t built on flair or the audacity to keep you interested by using the tricks of the trade, circa 1962. As an American institution, To Kill A Mockingbird is a slice of the basic human values that make men courageous, moralistic, and entirely responsible for standing up and doing the right thing when no one else will. Honestly, I’ve never seen To Kill A Mockingbird look as good as it does now, courtesy of the Legacy Series and a fine Anamorphic transfer. Upgraded to Dolby Digital 5.1, the modern sound boosting has added LOUD into the films aural vocabulary, but fits in context with the spiffy clean up job Universal has done with the prized film.
First and foremost, there’s the same commentary track on the previous edition with Director Robert Mulligan and (late) Producer Alan Pakula (he perished quite tragically in 1998). Lawyers of all shapes and sizes were always thrown off guard with Willy’s pattented crotch flop.
Lastly, the most welcome surprise of the Legacy set are the 11 Exclusive Reproductions of Original Theatrical Posters, which range from a variety of countries all over the world. A TV movie manages to fix all the mistakes made by Maximum Overdrive while making a ton of its own. Then there is the legendary Cars & Coffee Irvine held at the Mazda HQ and Ford parking lot in Irvine which was just recently officially killed off – at least at that location.
Most recently, Daniel Goodman, founder of Tacos & Tuners teamed up with Trevor of California Wraps, a long time Tacos and Tuners supporter to host a Tacos meet.
Being California Wraps grand opening, the meet of course revolved around car wraps, roof wraps, window tints and paint protection, but in the typical Tacos and Tuner’s vibe, the mix of cars in attendance was as varied as any longtime T&T supporter could expect. While this event was relatively small compared to the “old spot”, there was quite an array of different styles of cars.
You might think this is just another one-time Tacos meet that won’t repeat itself until further notice, but it does mean a lot more than that. About Danny CruzPublisher of RallyWays, Danny Cruz is resourceful creative designer, writer and photographer. I and a panel of specialists have made it our mission to make our followers feel better and live longer without restrictive diets or lifestyle changes. Earnings Disclaimer: When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, Health Ambition receives a commission.
Visit Health Ambition - Healthy Lifestyle - Diet Recipes - Motivation Quotes's profile on Pinterest. The modern day orange was developed by crossing two other types of citrus, the pomelo and the mandarin. Frozen and concentrated orange juices sold in the grocery store do their best to replace the vitamins lost in processing.
There’s also some evidence that high doses of vitamin C can help kill viruses - I’m talking about the common cold and flu. Collagen is a crucial part of the healing process, whether we’re talking about an open wound or a pulled ligament. The improved circulation that comes with the consumption of folate increases the body’s overall function. It is thought that chronic inflammation may lead to many other serious health conditions like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which means our body cannot store it away for later use. Chief editor here at Health Ambition, I'm a proud mother of two passionate about nutrition and ways to live healthier with more energy!
As odd as it sounds, though, libraries and library books are some of the most common places for bed bug infestations. Their color depends on how recently they've eaten; a well-fed bug will be a dark, reddish-brown, but one that hasn't had any food recently will be a light, translucent brown.
They'll be easy to spot if they're on the pages, but they can also easily fit into the binding. There are plenty of sprays and powders that will kill them, but if you don't want chemicals in your house, there are some more natural options. It is a horrible nightmare and there is really not much you can do once they're established.We literally had to throw out almost all of our stuff and move because of these bastards.For anyone who's moving into a new apartment, make sure you check everything and check for signs of bedbugs! Haha yeah it's the truth though, once they're there it takes a specialist to get those buggers out.Wow that's a scary site, seeing the whole US light up like that! Mulligan’s ballsy moves are fairly straightforward, using movement only when completely necessary and plunking the camera right down near the actors when their moments of Finchian values come to play. I might be entirely too hyperbolic, but this might qualify for one of the BEST commentary tracks my prematurely inexperienced ears have ever heard. You might call this documentary A History of Peck, as he recounts his career on a series of informal chats he gave prospective viewers during the last days of his life. Badham, the sister of the guy who made your favorite Scientologist dance in Saturday Night Fever and Matthew Broderick play some intense WarGames, is as candid and honest as she can be in this 1999 NBC Interview.
These repros are such a treat to have to complete the whole cohesive Mockingbird experience and make great dinner coasters. Granted, Peck’s iconic portrayal of Atticus instantly conjures up the right amount of feeling towards this film with typical aplomb.

While in most cases, car meets get shut down for legitimate reasons, in other cases it’s just thanks to a few pencil pushers whose cars are coffins that take them to work. This very popular meet lasted 2 years before it grew so much and attracted so much attention that it got shut down. That one sounds more like a pencil-pushing political situation due to recent hotel and community developments around the event.
While the local car community in Southern California takes a lot of flak from what can often be described as a nanny state, the culture simply cannot be stopped.
Since then there have been a handful of scheduled T&T meets at different places such as SAE Motorsport in Oceanside and K1 Speed Indoor Karting in Carlsbad, California. At the same time, this meet would celebrate the grand opening of California Wraps’ new shop in Carlsbad.
Slammed old school BMW’s, to a Rocket Bunny equipped Scion FRS and Nissan 180sx, to an LS6 powered Porsche 944, to a group of clean Mustang 5.0’s and Shelby GT500’s. What it means is that the crew of car folks that loves and supports Tacos & Tuners is still there, ready and stoked.
Those who truly love cars and not simply regard them as a tool to get to work will always find a way. He loves cars just as much as he loves the sea, boats & playing music while drinking double lattes. We believe in empowering people with knowledge to make smarter, healthier choices in their lives. It’s not a complete cure, but symptoms decreased by 85% in one study.Orange juice and vitamin C supplements are often recommended at the first sign of sickness. Orange Juice May Help Reduce the Risk of CancerThose pesky free radicals we talked about earlier are thought to play a role in the production and development of cancer cells. It provides structure and a modicum of flexibility to your skin, bones, teeth, connective tissues, and cartilage.
When your body systems are well-oxygenated, they are able to perform their duties more effectively. Our bodies also cannot create their own vitamin C, so we must take it in through food or supplements.HesperidinHesperidin is a bioflavonoid found mostly in citrus fruits and juices. It is helpful in maintaining and improving eye function, particularly in low light conditions. Libraries all over the country have reported bed bug problems this summer, and some have even had to temporarily close to take care of the problem. Hard cover books are more likely to be housing them (near the spine), but they can hide just about anywhere, so check your paperbacks, too. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is actually a good (and safe) bet, though it will leave everything a little powdery while it works its magic. Although one of the rather misplaced elements of the film include two strange zooms during moments of intensive crisis, I can overlook that rather unusual choice of shots in regards to the rest of the rather terrific job he was able to achieve. While nothing quite compares to that experience, I can say (with some caution thrown into the wind) that Russell Harlan’s amazing blending of blacks and whites has never looked better on DVD. Focusing on a variety of great items to discuss, from directing children, to working on-set with actors, casting for the right part and its serendipity, and the simplicity to keep your audience engaged, Pakula and Mulligan really get down to the nitty-gritty in a very friendly way.
But with all of the spectacular reproductions of the film (from the great Romania to the thrilling Belgium) I wondered if maybe Universal’s Video Department might have considered going down a different route. True, enough showboaters showed up with with plenty of jackassery week in and week out to soon piss off the surrounding businesses.
True, every once in a while you’d get a show-off leaving the show, but for the most part the sheer magnitude of that show had brought so much attention to it that certain people with other monetary interests decided Cars and Coffee Irvine to be a threat.
The same car enthusiasts that have made these events a success will continue to find ways to meet and keep the stoke alive. These however have been one-off events instead of the usual weekly gathering that Tacos used to be.
California Wraps is nestled away in the corner of a business park in Carlsbad, with a sizable lot surrounding the humble shop; prime real estate for a car meet. A lot of the same people also attend other meets such as Overdue Meet in San Marcos, Fuddrucker’s Thursday Nights in San Diego and Temecula Tuesdays.
A breakfast staple, orange juice benefits have been highly documented over the last couple of decades.During that time, we’ve also become more skeptical about the things we put into our bodies. They were most likely developed in China as that’s where the first descriptions of edible oranges were found.There are literally hundreds of varieties of orange. However, the loss of phytonutrients during commercial processing means some of the antioxidant power is lost.What Can Orange Juice Do for You?Perhaps you’re not sure if orange juice is a health food or just another sugary beverage hiding under the “natural” label.
However, the excess sugar in this sweet beverage may not be the best idea when you’re getting sick.
Vitamin C, and many of the other antioxidants present in orange juice, may help to eliminate environmental free radicals from the body.A reduction in the risk of childhood leukemia, and breast, liver, and colon cancer in adults has been associated with orange juice consumption.
Though inflammation can be a healing process, it must be kept in balance to promote overall health.10.
It is one of the compounds in orange juice that helps improve circulation and lower blood pressure.
Vitamin A also possesses antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals.FolateFolate, also known as vitamin B9 or folic acid, is a water soluble vitamin like vitamin C. You can usually find it at home and garden shops, as well as some pet stores (it's good for fleas, too).
I was thoroughly enraptured enough to not be distracted by other things (unnecessary bleeding, pornography and Krakens in the closet) while they played off of one another like two great riffs in the night of rock awesomeness.
Most of the Interview is scored to some incredibly schmaltzy music, so beware against the heart tugging chords of synth manipulation, lest you feel the need to get all Moog. One thing is for sure, these folks hold a soft spot for all the awesome memories from the good ol’ days at Tacos and Tuners when in Encinitas. Drink orange juice to support your immune system on a regular basis rather than at the onset of illness.2.
The quality of the orange juice was a big factor in a review entitled “Orange Juice and Cancer Chemoprevention”. Orange Juice Lowers Blood PressureA study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in January of 2011 showed that drinking orange juice had a clinically significant impact on hypertension (high blood pressure).
Orange Juice Lowers Bad Cholesterol LevelsStudies found that orange juice with added plant sterols lowered LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Dehydration can lead to many health issues, so taking in plenty of liquids and eating foods with high water content is very important.Potential Negative Effects of Orange JuiceToo much of a good thing can definitely apply when we’re talking about orange juice.

Sometimes you may also find corpses, eggs, or shells that the nymphs shed on their way to adulthood.
In today’s world, where most films struggle to find a common voice and grab you along for the ride, Mockingbird draws you in not with stylistic editing but with soft layers. The fact that Pakula, whose intelligence knows no bounds, was taken from us almost a decade ago further angers me. It’s all atypical flashbacks and montages, so those who put up the sign of the Cross come Oscar time when the remembrance section rears around will most likely wish to watch this over and over again. Most of us want to know exactly what we’re consuming - the benefits and the risks associated with the food we eat.I was curious to find out more about the health benefits of orange juice. The media often attacks orange juice’s character - mostly in relation to commercial orange juice production practices.The truth is, fresh squeezed orange juice can help contribute to your good health - when consumed in moderation. Orange Juice Can Help Reduce the Signs of AgingOnce again, vitamin C plays a big role in orange juice’s ability to combat the signs of aging. The composition of the juices used varied a great deal in response to many environmental factors.4.
Playing an integral role in the metabolism of proteins, increasing your vitamin C intake by drinking orange juice can aid your body in the metabolic processes. The folate, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants found in orange juice have all shown to be potentially effective in this.The risk of heart disease is significantly higher in people with hypertension. In this case, concentrated orange juice performed better at lowering bad cholesterol levels due to the increased levels of flavonoids.High levels of cholesterol in the blood can contribute to heart disease. Unfortunately it’s high in citric acid, which can be bad for teeth and cause upset stomach.Orange juice also has a high sugar content and a high glycemic load, which can cause diabetes.
Paper can withstand pretty high temperatures (Fahrenheit 451 got its name for a reason), so you can put them in the oven for an hour or two, or even just leave them in the back of a really hot car for a while. They are very popular in Mediterranean countries and are good for juicing.Making Orange JuiceMany of the most common varieties of orange are used in the production of orange juice. It contains plenty of nutrients to promote a healthy body.10 Orange Juice Benefits for Health1.
I must be straight with you - orange juice isn’t the fountain of youth, but in conjunction with a healthy diet, the vitamins and antioxidants in orange juice may slow aging.The vitamin C in orange juice helps eliminate free radicals in the body, which can cause aging when they build up. Orange Juice Boosts Cellular RepairRemember the collagen that we touched on earlier while talking about the anti-aging properties of OJ? Studies show that an increased intake of vitamin C can increase fat burned during exercise by 30%.6. High blood pressure can contribute to artery damage, aneurysm, coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and kidney damage or failure. When this substance builds up in the blood, it may begin to accumulate on your artery walls. Juice also lacks the fiber present in the whole fruit, meaning that for digestive purposes, you’re better off eating a whole orange.Final ThoughtsIn moderation, orange juice can be great for your body. Valencia, Hart’s Tardiff Valencia, and the Hamlin orange are presently the most popular, though as new variations are developed that is sure to change.The above varieties of orange are good for juicing due to their sweetness and a physical makeup that is ideal for juicing. Orange Juice Boosts the Immune SystemAn apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about oranges? Free radicals are potentially responsible for far more sinister conditions than wrinkles, as well.Vitamin C is also crucial in collagen production. Not only does healthy collagen production help us age well, it is also responsible for many cellular repairs that take place in our bodies. Orange Juice helps Kidney FunctionThe antioxidants in orange juice help to remove harmful substances from the body. You can expect more Tacos & Tuners meets in the future… and that little car meet in Irvine… watch it reappear elsewhere very soon. I even found studies that back the orange juice marketing claims, which was a pleasant surprise. Vitamin C has long been touted as a powerhouse when it comes to supporting your immune system.
The vitamin A and vitamin C found in orange juice aids the kidneys, increasing their detoxifying abilities.Your kidneys do a lot for your body. Orange Juice Reduces InflammationThe antioxidants present in orange juice have been proven to reduce or counteract inflammation in the body.
If arteries become completely blocked, a heart attack can occur.Orange Juice Nutritional StatsMost all of the phytonutrients present in orange juice are remarkably helpful for keeping your body functioning at peak health.
Orange juice benefits many different parts of the body and contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins that are vital to the proper function of various body systems and your body’s self-maintenance. The acid content in these varieties has been carefully balanced through cultivation practices to provide a juice that doesn’t spoil as quickly.Fresh Squeezed is BestWhile commercially produced orange juice still retains plenty of health benefits, fresh squeezed orange juice provides the body more with a higher concentration of vitamins and phytonutrients (plant chemicals). Luckily, orange juice contains this particular nutrient in spades.Vitamin C nourishes your white blood cells to help them fight infection more effectively.
They remove harmful substances and drugs from your system, balance fluid levels, regulate the production of red blood cells, help regulate blood pressure, and produce an active form of vitamin D, which is also an important nutrient for healthy living.7. Inflammation is a natural immune system process, but excessive inflammation can cause damage to tissues and organs. We’ve already discussed some of these plant chemicals above, but let’s look into them in a bit more detail and delve into some others not mentioned.Vitamin CEveryone knows that orange contains a lot of vitamin C. Unfortunately these nutrients tend to degrade during processing, as is true for most foods.
A balanced diet full of fresh fruit and veg in general - not just oranges - will help your immune system function at its peak. Orange Juice Helps Improve CirculationOrange juice contains folate, which helps stimulate the production of red blood cells. It contributes to our ability to heal from injury and illness, helps our bodies absorb iron, and eliminates free radicals as our primary antioxidant.
Orange trees are thought to be the most frequently cultivated variety of tree on the planet.

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