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The most common overcharging error we see is matching a battery to a charger that is not designed for use with that battery’s capacity even if the voltage is the same. Chargers are often engineered with built-in overcharge protection; they charge in stages, stopping or reducing the energy going into the battery when it is full. These instances will rarely result in the kind of swelling you see in the photo, but it will shorten the life of your battery or render the battery unusable. Before we go any further, see this post for a simple rechargeable battery test you can do at home with no risk to yourself or your device. Your first stop should be to the website or customer support phone number of the manufacturer of your thingie, to see if the manufacturer sells replacement batteries. Note that after-market batteries may not fit as snugly as the original battery, so even if your initial installation seems to work, if the replacement battery is able to shift within your device it’s still possible it could damage your device later on. If the battery doesn’t fit snugly in its slot, DO NOT try to pad the edges with cardboard, clay, or anything else.
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Whether your car sits outside or in an unheated garage, use a battery charger to keep it starting easily.
With our wide selection of laptop batteries to fit every make and model and leading-edge laptop battery testers, you’ll get what you need™ at Batteries Plus. Batteries Plus Bulbs is owned by Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm.
With the opening of the first all-battery retail store in 1988 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Batteries Plus, as the brand was then known, quickly became the uncontested leader in the battery market, differentiated by superior product knowledge, product availability, helpful service and advice. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. The other day we wrote a guide to help people choose a battery pack for recharging their mobile devices, but we never considered that some people might want to also use it as a jump starter for their car.
You’d think that it would require a really large battery pack to jump start your car, but according to the manufacturer, this thing can be used for jump starting purposes up to 20 times if fully charged.
If you have to jump your car at night, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with a built-in LED flashlight, strobe light, and SOS signal flash that lasts for 120 hours for when you get really lost on an island or something.
It's all a matter of voltage and amperage, and it doesn't take that many watt-hours to start an engine. If this works well, I'll probably recommend this to several people who are currently using heavy, bulky portable jump start packs to power portable electronics in the field. The battery has a capacity of 12 amp-hours, but the documentation doesn't say how many cells this thing has. Multiply the number of cells by the amp-hour capacity of the pack, then multiply that by 3.7.
My biggest questions are about the physical size, build quality, and effective battery life.
Cold cranking amps (CCA) is a measurement of the number of amps a battery can deliver at 0 ° F for 30 seconds and not drop below 7.2 volts.
That little battery has got to have some real capacity to be able to crank off a dead car or truck vehicle !! I stashed this unit in the glove compartment, then headed off to Arizona for a camping trip to the Grand Canyon. Well, since we weren't really moving the car around much during the trip, the unit was needed another handful of times to start the car. Several of my friends and acquaintances have purchased this device based on my experience and recommendation. Specifically, I currently have a 12v 18Ah battery pack that I use for camping and for emergency jumpstarts.
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If a battery dies often enough it is likely that the problem will not be solved by a charger. There are many different models of car battery chargers, but the most important feature when trying to choose the best one is whether it will actually jump the battery of a car.
Most people who want a car battery charger are looking for a portable device that they can carry with them and use on the go or at home in case of a dead battery. One problem to look out for when choosing a car battery charger is whether the charger will jump a completely dead battery. Additional features included in a charger for a car battery can be extremely helpful in an automotive emergency. In some cases, you might wish to have a non-portable car battery charger for use in a garage or other area with access to power.

For the average person, a charger for the car battery is not something you're going to need often enough to make the expense worthwhile. You'd do better to buy a good pair of jumper cables and keep them in your trunk for emergencies. The biggest problem that most people have in these situations is they don't have the jumper cables, and they are stuck trying to find someone who does have them.
We recommend unplugging the charger from the wall before unhooking the battery’s terminals. Typically, a battery’s vents will expel any gas pressure that builds up faster than the gas can re-combine. For instance, our 12 volt 3 Amp charger should not, in general, be used on 12 volt batteries that have a capacity below 10Ah. Yet there are some models that are not designed to stop charging after a battery is full which will shorten the life of the battery, sometimes severely.
Don’t use a car charger with small sealed lead acid batteries (or, in general, any batteries that use a glass mat to absorb the electrolyte). Overcharging Li-ion batteries is not a problem and does not affect the hp pavilion dv7 battery life span. If your thingie is still under warranty, return it to the place where you bought it for a replacement.
If you’ve been saving to the memory card on a thingie that accepts memory cards, as I strongly suggested in this post, then moving most of your stuff should be as easy as moving the memory card to your new device. If it’s no longer under warranty and you want to err on the side of caution, just keep the device plugged into a wall outlet whenever you want to use it.
When your replacement battery arrives, follow the included instructions to replace your battery. Introducing any kind of foreign material like that also introduces a fire hazard, because rechargeable batteries tend to heat up when in use. If your device is less than two years old and you’re seeing any of the symptoms there, the battery may have been damaged by overcharging.
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I would be getting it to use as a portable power source for my iPad and some other portable stuff.
Compared to the current lead-acid packs, this should be a night and day difference in size and weight. So before accounting for inverter and charging losses, this pack might recharge a fat netbook battery to 90% capacity. We've had so much interest in this product, it's amazing how many people have viewed that article considering how simple it was. If the price gets halved to ~$50, I can see it being a huge seller for geeks, non-geeks and casual gadget collectors alike. Until then I was using a portable battery weighing over 25 pounds when I had problems with my car starting. During the trip, my friends kids managed to leave one of my doors ajar, leading to a dead battery. Thanks for reporting back - we've had a lot of people write in and let us know that it worked for them as well. I know they gave an amp-hour rating on the official specs, but the true measure of battery capacity is watt hours. McKinley; The McKinley-Mac is made with two quarter-pound patties instead of the smaller patties used in a standard Big Mac. All battery chargers claim to perform this basic function, but a good way to find out how well the battery charger actually works is to look at customer reviews of the product. These chargers can help reduce the chances that you will have to flag down a stranger to get a jump, which can be useful both for convenience and safety. Many chargers have only enough power to jump a drained battery, but not a completely dead one. The tools to inflate tires, check pressure, or even do minor repairs can all be part of a charger. I think I could count on one hand the number of times I have had any trouble with my car batteries.
Often times this is just a small, slow leak, and if you had a way to put air in the tire then you could drive to a garage and have it repaired without ever having to change the tire yourself.
Like this article says, if you are having to boost your battery so much that you think you need a charger then you need a new battery, a new alternator or a new car.
Usually, your battery is not going to die on you while you are moving, so in most cases you are at work, home, a shopping center or a service station.

The battery may contain volatile gasses that could react badly to a spark near the battery’s vent. The battery pictured above, however, collected gasses faster than the vents could remove them, allowing pressure to build up internally.
A capacity miss-match will result in a charge that may be harder on a battery than it should be, shortening the battery’s life.
This will often cause customers to believe they have a defective battery rather than a defective charger and they end up overcharging battery after battery. If you aren’t sure a charger is slowing down its charge after a battery is full, take the battery off the charger when it’s fully charged.
These batteries could be charged 300 to 500 times, and they've an interior circuit to prevent the charging process at full charge.
If you’re going to replace it with the exact same thingie, back up your content first so you can re-load everything onto the new device.
You should be able to keep your thingie going for at least its normal, pre-damaged-battery expected lifespan this way.
A replacement battery from the manufacturer should come with all the supplies and instructions you need to do the replacement. Most clamp directly to your battery, but some plug in to a power port in the cab and trickle enough juice to your car battery to turn the engine over for the 10 seconds you need to fire up the engine.
Some chargers work more like general tools and include air compressors and other car tools, which can be useful in an emergency.
It is very difficult to gauge how well a charger will work without trying it for an extended period of time, which is why it is a good idea to look into reviews before purchasing any particular model. It is important to reach a balance between size and power, because a smaller but less powerful device may not be sufficient in an emergency.
However, the added features like the ability to inflate your tires could come in very handy.
When a battery is charged it creates gasses that re-combine into solution; however, when the charge creates gasses faster than they can re-combine, that gas creates pressure inside the battery.
Luckily for the customer, the additional safety features in the battery limited the damage to the battery only—sparing the charger and the charging environment. A rule of thumb is to not leave a battery on a charger that you are sure will charge the battery in about 10 hours. The control system prevents overcharging, which could make the lithium ion hp pavilion dv7 battery to overheat and potentially burn. If you have some kind of grounding mat (any kind of rubber mat will do in a pinch), do the work on that mat to eliminate any static electricity from your work area. She writes books, articles and code, shops at the Jedi Knight level, and is making the transition to an all digital-media household.
Since I ride a motorcycle, many times I will go to use my car and find my battery has drained due to non-use. Other features, like the size or weight of the charger, should be considered secondary to this primary function.
It may or may not be worthwhile to invest in these features, as they are not as commonly used as the charger itself. Also, it is important to realize that if your battery dies often enough that you feel the need to buy a car battery charger for personal use, it is very likely that something is actually wrong with the battery or car and the problem will in no way be solved by a charger.
The malleable plastic design of this sealed lead acid battery allowed it to balloon without breaking, and an internal shorting design ceased the collection of more gasses.
They will hold less and less energy as time goes by, meaning their capacity decreases over time. And last, but not least, pay attention to the voltage the charger was designed for and the voltage of the battery you are charging.See all of our Battery Articles. Some manufacturers use special screws that can’t be turned with a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver, so you may have to go to Radio Shack or an online electronics store to get the right screwdriver. She's always on the lookout for tech that saves money and solves problems for regular people, and has a thing or two to say about all kinds of entertainment media.
Furthermore, these batteries are designed with the electrolyte, an acid, to be absorbed in a glass mat, preventing the spilling of acid even in the instance of a broken casing. If a battery degrades to a level below the range a charger was designed for, the charger may begin to overcharge that battery.
The only way for the Li-ion hp pavilion dv7 battery to overcharge is that if the charging system malfunctions, and so the hp pavilion dv7 battery will heat up while in the charger.
If you do not plan to make use of your laptop for long period of time, you are able to extend the life of the lithium ion laptop hp pavilion dv7 battery by storing it having a 50 % charge. Of course, if a charger was designed for higher voltage batteries, hooking up a lower voltage battery will overcharge that battery. A completely discharged hp pavilion dv7 battery left for a long time of time will lose its charging capacity. This is why it is recommended to release a Li-ion hp pavilion dv7 battery until it is almost out before closing.
Keep the hp pavilion dv7 battery inside a cool place and don't store your computer for a long time of time even though it is fully charged.

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