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The Daihatsu Alternator has long been used as an alternative to the Vauxhall, Ford etc standard items as they can be around 2-3kg lighter, fit in much smaller places and run at much higher revs.
Alternatively, companies like SBD, Brise and Racemettle do very small racing alternators, albeit a little more expensive than you can pick up from the breakers but they will be new and have wiring instructions, fitting kits and such like. Wiring the Nippon Denso alternators is very easy even though my local Auto electrician said it couldn't be done! There are many variants of this type of alternator (27 according to my Local Auto Electrician) but most of them fall into two types of fittings, Three connectors (Type 1) and Four connectors (Type 2).
This did not work on my alternator, the ignition light did not work but it was outputting charge to the battery, it may work on your alternator.
Fitting one of these Alternators to your engine can also be done in many ways, in true Kitcar style. Our team will also tell you how to look after your car battery to ensure it remains is top condition. At Leyton Service Centre we carry an extensive range of batteries for cars and commercial vehicles which means we are usually able to replace your battery while you wait.
The capacity of an electric car battery depends on its size and the materials with which it was made.
Batteries with higher capacities are more expensive, and in some electric car manufacturers, such as Tesla Motors, you can choose which battery to have in your car.
Depending on your particular electric vehicle needs, there are different batteries you can choose from. If you have an old electric car battery you would like to get rid of or recycle, you can't just set it out on the curb for the trash collector to haul it away for you.
When you purchase a new electric car battery, you can often trade the old battery into the shop.

In most cases, there is no paperwork to fill out and you can simply leave it with one of the shop's technicians. It's still too early to tell if this lithium-air battery technology will perform well enough to make its way to real-world products, but the lab results that have been publicized so far are very promising. Another advantage is that this new porous carbon electrode would be cheaper than the current lithium cobalt oxide component it would replace.But of course it's still in the lab, and professor Peter Bruce of the Chemistry Department at the University of St Andrews estimates that it will be at least five years before the STAIR cell is commercially available. Another popular choice is the Toyota Starlet and Bedford Rascal (van) which are equally small and light.
When searching for them, try and get the plug that fits into the connector socket as this makes for a tidier installation although this is not absolutely necessary. Your car battery is the only way your vehicle can start up so keeping it in tip top condition is very important. We have the latest servicing and diagnostic equipment to ensure your car battery and the battery charging system are healthy and working efficiently.
The best material to make an electric car battery at the moment is lithium, but this is also the most expensive variety. One is A123 Systems—the first company in the United States to sell electric car batteries, they contracted with Chrysler in 2009 to supply the lithium ion batteries. It is slowly becoming easier to find electric car battery manufacturers in the United States, but it is still easier to find them internationally. A lithium ion battery or caustic lead acid batteries are toxic waste that the local waste disposal service is not equipped to handle. Many service centers or repair shops take old car batteries in on trade when installing new ones. On this site you can simply enter the type of battery you want to recycle, along with your zip code, and you'll be shown a list of locations in your area where you can drop off your old electric car battery for recycling.

The recycling agent or drop off center will then dispose of the battery properly or send it to a battery remanufacturing plant so it can be refurbished and used again.
Also, they usually come with an insulating cap on the main battery feed post (grey in colour).
If you require a new battery, we will advise you on the best make and model for your vehicle and our competitive prices include full fitting and VAT. Some vehicles require 12 to 24 batteries, depending on what they require for distance and speed. The University of St Andrews design replaces the lithium cobalt oxide electrode with a porous carbon electrode and allows Li+ and e- in the cell to react with oxygen from the air." This could allow up an increase in storage capacity by up to 10x. Try and get this too as it will prevent anything shorting out against the main batter connector. Even if you can't get a few dollars for the old battery, the garage and service center should be able to dispose of the old battery for you at no charge. The batteries will enable a constant electrical output from sources such as wind or solar, which stop generating when the weather changes or night falls.Improved capacity is thanks to the addition of a component that uses oxygen drawn from the air during discharge, replacing one chemical constituent used in rechargeable batteries today. Not having to carry the chemicals around in the battery offers more energy for the same size battery.
Reducing the size and weight of batteries with the necessary charge capacity has been a long-running battle for developers of electric cars.I guess this means that this battery wouldn't work under water or in outter space.

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