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I've heard over the years that this computer had issues with the BIOS settings but that by 13.10 it had been cleared. What happens exactly is that on battery power it will work normally until near 50% then it either shuts down spontaneously or it freezes and the fan goes crazy until crashing. Sure enough, when the power was less than 75% AND the heat was 80C, the machine turned off. Shut down the device, carefully remove the bottom cover and detach the big battery (not the tiny CMOS battery) from the motherboard for five minutes. 1) Remove the dust from the laptop vents and insure that you are not covering the vents by placing the laptop on a soft surface like a blanket or cloth. 3) Obtain a laptop cooler to place the laptop on to increase airflow and reduce heat buildup. Is it helpful, how is it possible, to deal with anger by 'accepting' it with equanimity? Is it normal to feel like I bought my way into graduate school after being rejected and then accepted when I was awarded an external fellowship? The mobile ecosystem is dominated by Android and iOS, with several other operating systems fighting for scraps. You still get various home screens, apps and settings menus, so navigating through them shouldn’t be a problem.
What’s changed, compared to many other mobile platforms, is the way you initiate actions on the device.
There is one good thing about Ubuntu though — you might be able to install it with ease on some of the existing Android-based devices. Sitting at airport, portfolio brexit'd, social media mgr next to me talking social media strategy for past 20 min. Ideally, you would remove the battery (with the laptop shut down, of course) before plugging in the AC adapter and working at your desk. A more practical solution would be to shut down the laptop and remove the battery when you expect it will stay plugged in for a week or more.

For any serious IT player in the Middle East, there are key market sectors that are easy to list - government, energy, banking, education, health, hospitality and so on. It's not a heat problem because of this since I run it at full power plugged in and no issues arise.
I think that may be a good place to start but other than that, has anyone else seen this behavior or know how to fix it? Probably it is the memory controller issue that in some cases was fixed by unplugging the battery. Like other's, I've had issues on my Zenbook UX21E for years, while it was running Windows 7. Not only would it shut down when the power was pulled, but also after about 20 minutes of use. I had given up on the laptop but tried doing this and finally, after years of shitty behavior, the laptop battery finally runs dry before powering off the machine. It will get lower and lower every time you recharge, until your battery will stop working some day.
There are plenty of youtube videos showing how to safely disassemble the various Asus laptops. Intel_pstate and the default ASPM bios settings eventually make the mobo’s Embedded Controller go crazy and persist in this state until the battery is detached from the motherboard. The battle for third place might already have Microsoft as a winner, but there are plenty of others that could become interesting mobile OS alternatives. There are no home buttons, or main menus, but Ubuntu still has a touch-based interface with simple but vivid colors and fluid visual effects that’ll somehow feel familiar. With the right kind of marketing and muscle behind it, Ubuntu could become a great mobile platform.
In my case I was loosing both wireless and wired connectivity, so I had to put both drivers in the config. Then, before you take your PC on the road, you would shut it down, insert the battery, and let it charge for a few hours.

Shutting down and rebooting your PC every time you go from portable to deskbound quickly becomes a nuisance.
I installed sensors and stuck it in a while-do loop, and forced the machine to work hard by running Fraqtive animations. I'm seeing the charge history and it very clearly just reaches 60% and dissapears indicating at least ubuntu software is not misrepresenting total charge. I asked my college friends who have ASUS laptops if they had the same experience on Windows. With certain power management settings on the OS side, the EC (Embedded Controller) goes crazy and thus needs resetting. If you try to, you will merely reproduce the problem once again, and will subsequently have to disassemble your Zenbook once again. Or at least it’ll let those users adjust to a completely new mobile OS with relative ease.
A simple swipe from any edge will bring up a certain menu that gives you access to certain options and makes moving between apps a breeze. There are a few sad cases, like reinstalling Ubuntu itself, where you will have to boot from a live USB utilizing the problematic intel_pstate driver.
An Ubuntu phone walkthrough video (available below), shows all the gestures and UI Canonical has devised. And one way to avoid charging and discharging is to remove the battery when you don’t need it. Only do so when running on AC, and please repeat Stage 3 (no matter how boring) of this manual once you are done.

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