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The K-Tor Power Box is a 20 Watt pedal generator with an universal international power socket. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This portable automotive battery charger has three modes, making it easy to charge, maintain or jump start 12 volt batteries. Portable unit offers 2-10 amp charging rates plus a 50 amp engine start for emergency starting6 ft. Plug for your wall charger and charge your portable electronics on the same rate as plugging in a wall outlet. This 12 volt automotive battery charger has built-in safety features such as reverse polarity alert, thermal protection shutoff and a self-resetting circuit breaker.

Battery charger used in UPS battery charger , car battery charger, solar battery charger and many other enormous applications.
If your vehicle requirements call for 500+ amps to crank for starting don't expect a 50 amp starter to start your vehicle with a dead battery. And at 250 amps expect to see at least 5 minutes of a quick charge before attempting to start with the 250 amps starter charger. This contant DC voltage is fed to input of L200 voltage regulator.L200 is linear voltage regulator which can supply contant 2A from voltage range of 3 volt to 36 volt. This is in no way a professional charger it will take a lot longer to charge a dead battery and your battery must have at least a minimum of a half charge before attempting using the 50 amp starter feature. Also small batteries such as motorcycles only use the 2 amp setting and check it every 30 minutes as many motorcycles recommend 1.5 amp maximum chargers.

Check L200 data sheet to know more about it and its use in various configurations.TLP251-1 optocoupler is used for feedback to change refrence voltage according to battert voltage. As battery voltage rises TLP251-1 decrease the voltage at the output of L200 by changing the value of reference voltage.
In an attempt to prevent people from hooking this up backwards or shorting the ends together, the designers wired this circuit board so that it will only put out power if it sees a partially charged battery hooked up, this also applies to the jumpstart mode.In short, a charger that won't charge a dead battery is worthless, don't Waste your time!
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