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The MacBook Air just might be the greatest laptop ever made, it’s extremely light, powerful, has an amazing battery life, and somehow packs all of that into an affordable package. Take a moment to check the manufacturer of the MacBook Air’s internal display, and then to calibrate the display if you have an LG panel. The effect is very hard to demonstrate in screen shots because images don’t carry display profiles, you really need to check this yourself and run through calibration (or use a pre-made Air color profile for LG displays) to see the remarkable difference that is possible. When not working full screen, having the Dock automatically hide itself is another great way to save some screen real estate. For best results, go with 50% (or less) screen brightness, and quit out of every single app that isn’t necessary for the task at hand. Perhaps the only weakness of the MacBook Air is the size of onboard SSD storage, which can be inadequate when compared to laptops that use old fashioned hard drives.
Speaking of external storage, grab a large external portable drive and partition it to serve as both a general use media drive and Time Machine destination.

To get the absolute most out of this wonderful Mac, you’ll want to run through these four (well, technically six) essential tips, which cover what I routinely recommend for every MacBook Air owner.
The gist is that after a proper calibration, colors on the MacBook Air display will appear brighter and contrast will increase, making the display look significantly improved. Just toggling the Full Screen button in the corner of most apps is all it takes, or set a keyboard shortcut for this purpose if that’s your preference. All that’s necessary to achieve that is to hit Command+Option+D, and the Dock will automatically disappear and reappear again when you hover the cursor near it. A simple trick for the latter is to use a DIY quit-all function and then selectively launch a single app or two that is needed to get the job done, keeping background activity to a minimum. Fortunately, cheap external storage is now the norm, and it’s very easy to augment the lightning fast built-in drive with affordable and portable external solutions. This allows you to share a single drive for backups and file storage and avoid a tangle of cables whether you’re on the go or at a desk.

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Air models with Samsung displays seem to fit the default color profile better than Air models shipped with LG panels, which look significantly better after running through a calibration. And don’t forget to upgrade to OS X Mavericks when possible, because it has some serious battery enhancing features.

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