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Northern Virginia Coin & Gold Jewelry Buyers (NOVA Coin & Gold) is a rare coin dealer, gold buyer, silver buyer, stamp dealer, sports cards dealer, and antique weapons dealer located in the heart of downtown Leesburg, VA. Take advantage of the highest prices paid in the Northern Virginia area for your old coins, currency, scrap gold and more.
Our primary business is purchasing coins and scrap gold & silver from coin dealers, pawn shops, and scrap dealers. Northern Virginia Coin & Gold Jewelry Buyers (NOVA Coin & Gold) is located at 7 West Market St in the heart of downtown Leesburg, VA. TestimonialsMy husband and I had thought about selling old jewelry for some time but we were concerned about the integrity of fly by night companies who advertize "We Buy Gold". Therefore, when Albert and Sons quotes you a price, it is based on today’s current market conditions of the watch you want to sell. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your old jewelry Albert and Sons respects your privacy and offers the highest level of professional, friendly and courteous service to make each transaction a pleasurable and lucrative one for you.
We’re sure that somewhere around the house you have a dusty jewelry box filled with all kinds of gold jewelry you don’t wear anymore because of the fact they’re old, unfashionable, unmatched or broken.
Your gold rings were surely important to you in past times, but nowadays you might want to get some money for them in order to be able to purchase some new and fashionable ones to wear proudly.
Once the package gets to its destination, it will be evaluated by only the best professionals in the field. Old World Jewelers, "where the world buys time" are Chicagoland leading experts in purchasing modern luxury, pre-owned, antique and vintage watches. In the 15th and 16th centuries developments such as spring technology allowed for the miniaturisation that made watches possible. Mechanical movement watches are valued for the astonishing level of painstaking craftsmanship which goes into their manufacture. Offered are vintage pocket watches and wristwatches from various eras of the past and from all over the world, bearing the names of many well known manufacturers and also those who are more obscure.

All transactions are completely confidential and are handled in a timely and professional fashion. Even if they represent your heritage, there are better things you could do with them than just keep them lying there. The sum of money you’ll get for them will be determined by the weight of the gold, the karats it has and also the price market of gold which varies almost daily. We don’t only offer cash in less than 24 hours, but we also offer guarantees from the moment you’ve decided to sell gold watches to us. Collectors and first-time buyers appreciate brands such as Elgin, Tissot and Wittnauer.You can choose wrist and pocket watches for men and women in a variety of metals, often with precious gems incorporated into their design.
This mechanism comes complete with its original mechanism holder and looks to be unused , although does not work correctly.
Many enthusiasts feel that modern watches are not as well designed or made as those of the past. Some are in non-working condition but may be capable of being restored or if this is not possible, simply admired for their craft and visual appeal. I'm planning on doing more business with them in the near future and I'm recommending them to my friends. We buy watches every day, from $500 -100k+ No transactions are too big or too small for us.
By deciding to sell gold watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, flatware, coins and even dental gold, you get the chance to receive good cash in return.
This is how you can sell gold watches without any effort from your part, as the money will be sent to your door step in no more than 24 hours. Therefore, in case you ever sell something to us, we’ll keep it intact for no less than 20 days. Find the option thata€™s best for you when you want a quality vintage watch for yourself or to pass on to your family.

Vintage watches have become increasingly collectable and have risen in price steadily over the years. These were superseded by the pocket watch, and then the wristwatch, which became popular following World War I.
More efficient timekeeping technology is available today, but vintage watches have a particular appeal which is, pardon the pun, timeless.
Albert and Sons Jewelers is  interested in buying watches from the following manufactures Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Movado, Audemars Piguet, Piaget and more. You will always receive the top market value for your watch when you sell it to Albert and Sons. Here, you’ll be able to find an online form which you must fill out with personal info, including tour email address. In this period of time, you can request it back and we’ll make a refund without asking any questions. We’ll pay the necessary taxes as well.  Thus, in case you ever come across some pure gold you want to sell for some extra cash, we’re here for you in order to help you make the transaction easier.
Many of these watches can be dated quite easily by checking the manufacturer's serial number against a reliable reference guide.
Together with this and a printed FedEx label you must mail the package containing the gold jewelry you want to get rid of, to the specified address.

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