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It is now a characteristic of Sony Xperia handsets that the touch buttons for Home, Recent Apps and Back functions are part of the screen. Looking under the hood, the general specifications are perfectly good enough for a handset at this price. There’s NFC on-board, and the micro-USB supports MHL so you can access HDMI output if you buy the required cable. Sony is well known for cramming its handsets full of apps and that continues with the Xperia SP.
Sony is trying very hard to give its Xperia range a distinctive look and feel, there’s no doubt it is succeeding on both the hardware and software fronts.
Now the new Xperia Z - another high-end Sony that didn't really tickle my fancy - has been given a lesser sibling called the Xperia SP. For the the same sort of money you could buy a Nokia Lumia 720, but the 720 simply isn’t in the same league as the SP when it comes to hardware spec.
Physically there’s a lot of Xperia Z design heritage at play here, but the SP is a more rounded and less slab-like interpretation of the basic concept.
Nestled within the bottom part of the frame is what Sony calls the Ambience light, which is a notification LED writ large.
Gratuitous eye candy aside, having a humongous notification light, especially one that is visible from both the back and the front of the handset, does have its uses. Here’s a short video of the light pulsing along to some music and then glowing in Philips Ambilight-like sympathy with images from the gallery.
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This does mean they consume a few pixels of display area, but they rotate when you swivel the phone in your hands so orient appropriately, and they aren’t visible when the phone is turned off.
If you are looking for perfection then the Xperia SP is a bit fat at 9.98mm and a bit heavy at 155g, but neither of these are outside the realms of what is acceptable. The main camera shoots at up to 8-megapixels and although you can press the side button half-way for focusing, there’s also touch focus. As already noted, I found I wanted to abandon auto brightness in favour of a manual racking up, but video and images were bright and sharp.
Sony’s own cross-marketing gets its usual puffing up with Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, PlayNow, PlayStation Mobile. You can set this to launch a specific app when you attached an accessory – for example a headset. This is not new to the Xperia SP of course, but it’s something I hope Sony puts some effort into building. Sony might do well to consider that sometimes less is more on the features and apps front and not everyone is going to want all those cross-platform, Sony-specific apps.
But if the Xperia S and Xperia T didn’t quite cut the Colman’s, the cheaper follow-ups, the Xperias P and V, were more convincing. The same is true of the obvious Android competition: the SP blows the likes of the Motorola Razr i and Samsung Galaxy S III Mini clean out of the water.
At 155g it’s not the lightest of smartphones nor, at 10mm (well, 9.98mm, but what's 20 microns between friends?), is it the thinnest, but it feels very solid thanks to a moulded aluminium frame. Because the SP makes no claim to waterproofing, the Z’s fiddly rubber port covers have been discarded. But here there’s no water- and dust-resistant design, so the top-mounted headset slot and the micro-USB slot on the upper left edge are not covered. The 2,370mAh battery seems on paper to be capable, but it did run down surprisingly quickly for me, largely because I liked to dial up the screen brightness.

In this case there’s a lozenge of transparent plastic running along the bottom of the phone from front to back.
The screen is built around Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, designed to help with sharpness, contrast and colour vibrancy, and it works well. Meanwhile Xperia Link lets you share the Internet connection on your handset with a Sony tablet.
Hit the Recent Apps shortcut and you can open up a calculator, timer, notes taker and voice recorder.
There are some signs of greatness here, from the (easily disabled) high-pitched tinkle that Sony has implemented for screen taps to Small Apps.
Nonetheless, the mid-range smartphone sector has just been bolstered by another impressive entrant.
Notifications aside, it can glow to match the dominant colour of photographs and pulse in time to music, colour-keyed to the album art.
It’s an idea that first saw the - ahem - light of day on the Xperia S, but here it’s given a much bolder implementation. There’s also a second microphone here, which is used to assist with noise cancellation during calls. It can be set to light up with your preferred colour to indicate a missed call, unread text, incoming call or SMS and for the alarm too. By comparison the front-facing camera is a let-down with its VGA resolution something of a disappointment. It is all just a bit too over the top for my taste, but it’s very easily disabled in the Settings area.

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