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Basically they have 5 different quality batteries to choose from and you select the battery that best fits your vape needs.
Sign up to join our newsletter and be one of the first people to see new deals, so that you can act before the stock runs out and save yourself money on your favorite products! I have found in my vaping journey that if I want the scoop on the batteries we use I go to candle power forum and other like groups. Sleek and simple, the ACCUVAPE™ Dragon personal vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand, allowing vaporization of dried herbs at multiple preset-temperatures. Lifetime Warranty on our Batteries! We’ll replace it immediately with the purchase of a new cartridge and any applicable shipping and handling.
Sleek and simple, the ACCUVAPE™ C.Stick personal vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand, allowing vaporization of solid and semisolid concentrates.
Cartridge is sleek and discrete—providing near-odorless enjoyment of your favorite e-liquid or oil.

Use our Black Silicon Mouthpiece Covers on your ACCUVAPE™ Dragon for long periods of consistent vaping.  The Black Silicone Mouthpiece Covers are longer than the standard mouthpiece covers, providing cooler vapor delivery and a more enjoyable experience.
Use our ACCUVAPE™ Dragon clear silicone mouthpiece covers to reduce direct contact with the heated mouthpiece or for sanitary reasons with multiple users. This part includes a new screen, new screen holder and a brand new durable plastic mouthpiece for the ACCUVAPE™ Dragon dry-herb vaporizer. Keep your V.Stick personal Vape Pen charged and ready to go with this high quality WIRELESS USB charger. They have the best information on the batteries we use from plain old 18650’s to the high drain high amp batteries we use in our mechanical mods. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but you don’t have to worry about that at PVG.
No movable, easily-breakable parts, combined with a solid-construction, stainless-steel chamber makes this personal vaporizer ideal for users seeking consistent results from a low-maintenance product.

This may be a good option for people that are worried about buying battery clones that are now flooding the market. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.
Single button design and LED indicator light make the ACCUVAPE™ Dragon one of the easiest personal vaporizers to operate. Single button design makes the ACCUVAPE™ C.Stick one of the easiest personal vaporizers to operate for perfect hits every time.
Simply snap the black mouthpiece off the AccuVape™ V.Stick cartridge and replace it with one of these colored mouthpieces when filling with e-liquid or custom pen vape oil.

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