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Drones are for sale on most major online stores, where you can buy with confidence and have your new quad delivered at home in a day or two. Prices change with time and all the major online stores are constantly fighting each other for the last few bucks.
We’re working to introduce a price comparison tool to help you get the best deal out there, so join our newsletter and stay tuned!
As well as our recommendations of convenient online stores, we have few places that I would avoid. I know it’s unrelated but hey, I just saw this today and even if it would not have blown up, buying a used battery is never a good idea! Buyers GuidesBest Drone for Real Estate Photography and Videos – 2016What is the Best Drone? The Crown V-Line tapered grid design maximizes cross-sectional area for greater current handling capability, higher battery capacity and maximum capacity. Longest Life- Optimum Performance - No other battery delivers more consistent power throughout its entire lifetime. Crown Batteries offer a full line of lead acid batteries, for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all other types of battery powered industrial equipment.

Eliminate the need to change batteries between shifts with a Power House High Frequency Opportunity Charger. The PowerHouse IHF traction charger from Crown battery is suitable for flooded and maintenance free battery. Midway Industrial Equipment offers cell replacement, cable replacement, inter cell connectors, and battery plugs. A full line of Crown deep cycle replacement batteries, scissor lifts, scrubbers, sweepers, and more. Battery lifting beams, battery change out systems, and a full line of battery handling equipment. Depending on the country you live in, you may find local stores – in that case make sure they are trustworthy! With proper care, the C-Line will hold full capacity longer than any other comparable battery. With a power factor close to 99% and an efficiency of about 92% the PowerHouse IHF Charger is a market leader in energy efficiency. We provide everything from the economical ferroresonant charger to the very high tech switch mode charger.

The PowerHouse IHF charger combine microprocessor control with well established High Frequency IGBT technology to provide you with the highest quality Traction Chargers on the market today. Powerhouse Chargers also lead the industry in opportunity and rapid charging, and are constantly exploring new technologies. Considering that the typical fork lift battery is thrown away years before the end of its useful life. These units are UL listed and capable of providing a ripple free charging current that improves the energy transfer from the charger to the battery. This is something that should motivate all forklift owners to implement a Forklift Battery Repair Program.
Try our on site repair cable replacement, cell replacement, charger repair, and battery rentals are available to reduce down time. Equipped with a colored display showing the battery charging status, the PowerHouse IHF charger provides easy to use features and state of the art operational capabilities.

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