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Sony Xperia U and LG Optimus L7 are almost one year old but they have good specs and can still be on the market. As new phones are already out (as LG Optimus L7 ii), you will find these phones in really good prices so it’s an opportunity to buy one.
The Sony Xperia U is blended with a 5 MP digital camera with Autofocus Zoom in a stimulatory design with ultimate features and possibilities you expect from a smartphone camera, The Sony Xperia U based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread which gives you the access to download applications as many as you like.
We Apologize that we are out of stock with Sony Ericsson Xperia U or its has been discontinued by the Sony Ericsson!
There are a number of similarities between the Sony Xperia U and the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. Please check the prices, colour, memory and offers on respective store website before making your purchase. Spare a thought, though, for those who have purchased the handset when it was sold at full price, around ?329.

Not since the Apple iPhone went on sale have we seen such a buying frenzy, one that is leaving many customers utterly frustrated as Google only says “We are out of inventory.
The high price, especially compared to its bigger brother, the Xperia S, was highlighted when we reviewed the Xperia P in July. However, Sony’s handset has half the onboard system memory and its rear camera has a lower pixel count. But don’t overdo it as you have specific memory and will be plenty pretty soon if you start downloading. I like the bigger screen but I don’t know if i would prefer the bigger screen over the better screen. Well the phone is has some shockingly mainstream components, so much so that we’ve found it fairly easy to come up with a list of alternative handsets to the S3 mini. From the quad-core system-on-chip, 2GB of RAM, a WXGA resolution and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Google’s latest smartphone is way better, at least on paper, compared to the little brother of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We request you to contact the user directly and verify the used Sony Xperia U price, working condition and other information that may not be available in the ad. Sony Xperia U Features The Sony Xperia U is one of the latest additions to the Xperia lineup of Sony. However, like the Orange San Diego, it has a higher screen resolution and 16GB, rather than 8GB of onboard storage.
The dual core processor of Sony Xperia U gives an extra point to the phone as it will be much faster than LG L7.

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