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One potential issue for after-market Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories of this kind is that they have to be well-made and precisely fitted in order to be worthwhile. If you’re looking for a good way to keep your Samsung Galaxy S2 charged up and ready without the hassle of constant charging or swapping out batteries, then the Extended Battery would be an excellent choice.
Genuine Samsung Battery for Galaxy S3 i9300 in Bulk These are original manufacturer batteries comes in bulk packing’s Our Lithium-Ion Battery, exclusively for Samsung Smartphone’s, offers longer battery life, is reliable and safe, having gone through an exhausting testing and certification process. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. Enter Samsung’s Extended Battery Kit, a capacious new Samsung S2 battery that offers a whopping 350 mAh of extra battery life, bringing the total up to a class-leading 2000 mAh.
The replacement back cover that comes with the Extended Battery accommodates it perfectly, adding just enough that the camera sits flush with the phone instead of protruding as it does on a stock Galaxy S2. Thankfully, as this is a genuine Samsung product, the back cover fits perfectly and retains the same crisp Samsung styling.
I’m sorely tempted to buy one; I spend all day next to a computer and I can barely keep my S2 charged as it is!
It’s true that the Galaxy S2 is the best that Samsung has to offer today and benefits from improvements such as a dual-core application processor (also called system on a chip, or SoC), and large 4.3” Super AMOLED Plus display with a Gorilla glass. For long travels or extended use, have the peace of mind of an extra Samsung battery on hand when you need it.
As well as allowing that bigger battery to sit securely, the back Samsung Galaxy S2 cover also provides additional protection to your phone. Additionally, everything has been integrated in a 8.49mm thin body that is very light (116g).
I browse the web several times a day to check on news sites, but I rarely watch movies or play music. On the “apps” side, I have a couple of social networks, but I rarely play games or do something super-intensive. Although Samsung doesn’t communicate about sub-components, the graphics processor is believed to be a Mali-400MP, which is a capable GPU, but it is not as fast as NVIDIA’s Tegra 2. That said, HSPA+ phones don’t use nearly as much power as today’s LTE phones when transmitting data, although things are getting slowly better. It’s surprising because usually I dismiss even 720p recording in real-world usage, because many phones don’t do a good job with it. This may sound bad, but I haven’t noticed any differences in rigidity while I was using it. I’m not sure how it would resist if you were to drop it on a solid surface, but I’m pretty sure that it is less likely to shatter than an iPhone 4. Of course, the front glass is still a sensitive part, but unlike the iPhone 4, if the phone lands on a corner, the glass is not in direct contact with the landing surface. The lighter weight should help too as there would be less force on impact.Now, I really love the “feel” of touching glass and aluminum, and in an ideal world, I would surely want such a design in a lightweight and less fragile form. I wish that we could crash-test the phones, but this sounds to me like a matter of personal preferences more than a matter of sturdiness.
Typically, AMOLED displays have extremely saturated colors, which always trigger a “wow” when you show them to someone.However, the colors aren’t accurate and often don’t reflect the original colors that the content was designed with.
That said, I have hardly heard anyone complain about over-saturation but it’s a good thing to know if you care about color accuracy.

IPS LCD displays, or LCD displays would be better at this.Indoors, the Super AMOLED Plus screen does very well, and watching movies or viewing photos are a real treat.
The screen can be very difficult to read in direct sunlight, especially if you are using a dark wall paper and lock screen. If you are really curious, you can go to the official Android developer website to look for all the changes from one version to the next:Samsung softwareAs it is the case with virtually all the Android handset makers, there is a level of customization that comes with Samsung products, some for the sake of being different, some that turns out to be really useful. They are little applications that you can drop on your home screen, and they will show some sort of quick-access information, like email notification, battery life or weather information.I personally don’t use them much because some tend to consume power to stay updated, but I really like the Task Manager Widget as it lets me know how many applications are currently running.
It lets users synchronize with a PC over WIFI, sync contacts with Outlook, Yahoo and Google, manage songs and playlists, backup photos and files.For Outlook users, the synchronization of over USB is undoubtedly the biggest value. This is an option that few Android phones have, as Android has been designed to be synchronized over the air.Kies is also handy if you have a larger number of media files (music, movies) to manage.
Kies can also take care of converting videos to make sure that they are compatible, or optimized for the Galaxy S2.I bumped into connectivity problems with Kies, and the sync does not work.
If there are a couple of numbers that you call on a regular basis, I recommend create a “direct shortcut” on the home screen.
I have had a number of phone conversations with the Galaxy S2, and it’s good enough that it doesn’t get in the way, there’s no complaint on that front.
Virtual Keyboard (Android+Swype): A good keyboard is really important because most users are using apps that are text-based, like Email, Chat, Social Networks and more. In the AT&T Galaxy S2 users have the choice between the stock Android keyboard, the Samsung Keypad and Swype. Frankly, the Android and Samsung keyboard are so similar that I don’t really see the point of having a Samsung keyboard.For standard virtual keyboards, the most important factor (other than size) is response time (the lag between a tap, and the phone’s action). I often find Android phones to be slower than the iPhone 4, but the fastest are still Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices.
It’s fundamentally a software thing because the WP7 aren’t particularly more powerful than their Android and iOS counterpart. The WP7 keyboard is amazingly responsive.Swype is a must-try!However, Swype is truly different.
Instead of “tapping” on virtual keys, you can swipe your finger from one letter to the next to form complete words. You can also play with select casual games, which opens a new realm of games to your android device.
That said, don’t expect any miracles: only games that use light computing power can be played. Unlike many Samsung phones, the background is actually white, which makes the text much more readable in direct sunlight (phew).
The Email app does not support actions on multiple items, which is too bad because that makes the Motorola Android phones like the Photon 4G a bit better for email curation.For those who work in a company that uses virtual private networks (VPN), Samsung supports Cisco AnyConnect.
In terms of security, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has on-device encryption which would free up some CPU cycles. Microsoft Office Documents: The Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with QuickOffice, an app that can open and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Quick office can be handy to view and possibly edit documents, but honestly most people don’t edit Office documents on a phone, unless there is no other option.
If it does not know how to do that, you can always enter the address and port of your email server. I tried to play the 1080p Gran Turismo 5 trailer that I downloaded directly from the web, and it played without a hitch.The video quality and the AMOLED contrast are exemplary.

I wish that there were better gaming benchmarks because I would like to see how well it does against NVIDIA’s Tegra 2. Surprisingly, the sound is pretty decent and the speaker does its job in a relatively quiet environment. In broad daylight, the photos are less noisy than on competing phones, especially the iPhone 4.
I don’t say that often for smartphone photos, but daylight photos could be nicely printed on an 4×6. The Galaxy S2 definitely sits at the top of the food chain in terms of mobile photography.In low-light situations, the Galaxy S2 also does a good job. Samsung is *finally* learning that mobile photography is about the trade-off between absolute quality and low-light abilities. Low-light is the next frontier.This photo has been taken at night with far away street lamps as a light sourceThe Galaxy S2 has also a Panorama mode that is effective. Although it is quickly becoming a common feature, the Panorama was first introduced to us on Android by the LG Optimus 2X, and has seen a steady adoption since.A panorama shot with the Samsung Galaxy S2The video capture on the Samsung Galaxy S is excellent. So far, this is the best HD 1080p (yes “p”) video capture that I have seen on a smartphone.
It is actually better than the video recording on my Panasonic GF1 in terms of resolution and framerate (The GF1 still holds the advantage of having a superior lens). Measured metrics are obtained by running synthetic (not always life-like) benchmarks to stress specific parts of the system.On the other hand, “perceived” performance is the user observation and perception of performance.
Although they should correlate, I would always place perceived performance as being the most important thing. Flash is a widely used multimedia platform and you can find it virtually everywhere as advertisement, video or other forms of interactive web page module.In the Flash benchmark, the Samsung Galaxy S2 stands with the leading group at above 20 frames per second, but the Motorola Atrix still leads by a big margin.
Note that we are still struggling to find a benchmark that provide a truly accurate performance profile, however, they are still good indicators. NeoCore graphics benchmark: as you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the fastest at this particular benchmark.
However, with the usage that I have described above, it’s more likely that I will need to recharge it every other day, which is very good by mobile phone standards. For example, it’s easy to install the Power Control Android widget, and the Samsung Task Manager (very convenient!) to keep an eye on what’s running in the background. Both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S2 don’t naturally show up as USB mass storage (USB disks) devices. From there, the Galaxy S2 can show up as a USB drive.Samsung, please let us use the USB Mass Storage feature.
I’m not sure if the color accuracy can be improved, but it looks like LCD IPS if the way to go if you need colors to be accurate.Conclusion (excellent) Samsung’s original break in smartphones was due to the Galaxy S hardware platform, and it is clear that Samsung took it to the next level with the Galaxy S2. It is true that there is a “plastic” feel, especially in the back, and I can understand where the criticism comes from.
I tried to cover most of the areas that one may want to know, but if there is something else that you would like to ask, or if you simply want to provide some feedback, please leave a comment below.

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