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In my search for the best compact digital camera for travel photography, the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3 is up next. I’m hunting for a good small camera to use as a substitute for my big and relatively heavy Nikon D300.
You can read more about my requirements in my article, The Lightweight Photographer: Four Compact Cameras for the Pro or Serious Amateur. In order to travel light, I’m willing to put up with some minor annoyances inherent in all compact camera. You won’t find a lot of specifications or optical-lab-quality photo comparisons here. The problem with the ISO 800 image was a huge amount of noise: much more than an ISO 800 image from the Canon G11. One curious thing about the lens design is that the lens actually gets shorter as you zoom out. Other raw-processing sofware that recognizes the Panasonic RW2 includes ACDSee Pro 3, and DxO Optics Pro 6 which offers a camera module specifically for the LX3.
The camera writes raw files to the SD card pretty quickly and it doesn’t freeze up in the process.
The LX3 gives you five options for picture quality: two jpeg modes (fine and standard), raw, and raw plus either of the jpeg modes.
Unlike the Canon Powershot G11 reviewed earlier, the tripod mounting hole is located away from the battery and media card door. As is common on a camera this size, the buttons are small, but I found them easy to operate. One of the biggest advantages of digital photography is the ability to instantly review your photos.
There is an Auto-Review mode which can be set in the menu to automatically show the previously recorded photo immediately after it is created.
The LX3 offers an Auto-ISO mode with an ISO limiting function so that you can set a maximum value.
Focusing is fairly fast by compact camera standards although, as usual for this type of camera, shutter lag is noticeable.
Using the dedicated Display button, you can cycle through several different displays of shooting data or view the image with no information overlays. An optional brightness-boosting mode called Power LCD makes it easier to see the display in bright sunlight.
Except for the Review mode, which allows you to instantly review previously captured images, all of these settings are already available at the push of a joystick via the Quick Menu. Fortunately, the LX3 does have another customization mode that is useful: the Custom Settings.
For example, you might set C2 for fast action with shutter-speed priority, a higher ISO, focus tracking and the like. I can think of a few other useful custom settings presets: how about a custom preset to instantly choose your favorite black-and-white photography settings?
Using the LX3’s built-in mic, you can record brief audio memos of up to five seconds each along with your still photo.
The Canon Powershot G11 beats the Panasonic Lumix LX3 hands-down in just about every category except physical size.
Because of it’s popularity, the G11 will always have an advantage when it comes to third-party accessories and books.
The LX3’s tripod mount is located so that even with a quick-release plate attached, you can change the battery and card. Panasonic makes several useful accessories for the Lumix LX3 including a wide-angle lens and a few 46mm filters. Since this lens adapter sticks out quite a ways, the camera is no longer pocket-sized when it’s attached. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 is a sharp-looking camera that captures sharp images as long as you keep the ISO at 200 or below.
What I like most about the Lumix LX3 is the wide angle and the ability to focus as close as 1cm-very useful for some macro,providing you can shoot at 100 ISO. There is a 3rd-party shutter release cable holder available – it uses the hot shoe to attach.
You can use Olympus Flashes with full TTL support – Olympus and Panasonic use the same flash system. First the iPhone, now this a€” someday soon we WILL have all functions in a single device, I can smell it.
Therea€™s a lesser version of this model (Lumix TZ4) for $300, but the downgrade isna€™t worth the 50 bucks.

Sort your favorite digital cameras by brand or by megapixel, compare cameras and buy one for a cheap price via our online retailers. A nice cheap digital camera for yourself, or as a gift for Birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 Digital Camera Service Manual by SRmanuals is scanned from original paperback copy of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 Digital Camera Service Manual and are guaranteed for high quality scans. We are slowly increasing availability of service manuals on this website and if you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you if we can get hold of it.
We are also looking for any opportunity to exchange both server access and service manuals and anyone interested can contact us. Download link did not work initially but owner sent working link immediately after our email. Can it hold its own against the Canon Powershot G11 which I’ve already reviewed here?
Of the thousands of compact cameras on the market, only a handful can capture an image as a raw file.
There’s not much sense in creating a killer photo and then not being able to use it because of noise, lack of sharpness, or some other image-quality issue. These include shutter lag, relatively slow focusing, continuous shooting speeds of only a frame or two per second, more noise than an SLR at any given ISO setting, small control buttons, and odd little scene modes or creative features that I’ll never use. In the week I was able to spend with this camera, I photographed around San Diego as I would when traveling. The camera must be able to capture sharp, noiseless images as required by my stock photography agency, Alamy.
Adobe Lightroom’s noise reduction had almost no effect on this image, so I used another favorite piece of software, DxO Optics Pro. A photo of a relatively dark subject lit from behind by a bright sky shows a very definite purple fringe around the edge. I have no way of testing a lens scientifically, but with the possible exception of the purple-fringing which may be due to the lens design, I’d say this lens lives up to the Leica name. I like wide-angle photography, so the 24mm focal length (in 35mm film equivalent terms) is welcome. The Leica D-Lux 4 is the same camera as the Panasonic Lumix LX3 but with a Leica badge – and a price tag $400 higher. These RW2 files are recognized by the latest Adobe Raw Converter which is part of Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2. I recommend avoiding the software packaged with the Panasonic Lumix LX3, called Silkypix, at all costs. While it is writing, you can still be making adjustments to the settings or composing your next photo. This means that you can leave a small quick-release plate mounted on the camera at all times and still be able to change the battery or SD card. In aperture-priority mode, pushing up or down on the joystick increases or decreases the aperture. To do this, you push the slider switch on the back to the playback position and then wait a second for the image to appear on the LCD.
It moves by itself whenever it brushes up against your clothing or as you remove it from a case, so you’ll need to check it before you begin photographing. You can view the f-stop, shutter speed and ISO of a recorded image, but to check any other EXIF data, such as focal length, you’ll have to load the photos onto your computer first. There is even an auto mode so that the LCD brightness changes depending on the ambient lighting.
With its customization limited to this small subset of the LX3’s menu items, the Fn button is redundant. You can save up to four camera setups and quickly recall them via the top dial’s C1 or C2 positions. While switching to C1 instantly recalls all of its saved settings, C2 involves one additional step. Switching the camera’s mode dial to C2 opens a menu where you can choose between the three.
As a reminder,  pressing the Display button brings up a screen of icons indicating the stored settings. At the highest HD quality, 1GB of card storage space gives you five minutes of recording time.
Changing the aspect ratio does not simply chop off part of the picture as on most cameras that have panoramic or other modes. All of the major controls are similar with one big exception: to change from recording mode to playback, there is now a sliding switch on the back of the camera.

On the G11, you would have to remove the QR plate to open the door unless you buy the Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for the G11 that does allow access to the G11’s battery compartment. The raw file is recorded in color, but the LCD acts as a black-and-white viewfinder during the capture. I applaud Panasonic for giving me the ability to use a screw-on polarizer, but it would be nice if it could attach directly to the lens. I wish someone would take all of the good features from each of them and build them into one camera. In my tests, I’ve found the Panasonic LX3 a bit too noisy for my tastes even at lower ISO settings.
Enjoy your Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 Digital Camera Service Manual and please do not forget to like us on facbook or leave feedback.
In the short time I had to test the LX3, I was able to submit five images to Alamy from this camera.
Along with its signature distortion correction features,  Optics Pro includes powerful automatic noise reduction. So, when using the LX3, you’ll need to keep your ISO as low as possible and be careful with high-contrast lighting. The 60mm maximum focal length at the long end will probably leave some people wanting more. Unless you plan to carry the camera on your shoulder a lot, I’d suggest replacing the strap with a wrist leash such as this small and inexpensive one from Nikon.
It’s just slightly larger than the Lumix LX2 which it replaces but nearly 2 ounces heavier. They say the self-capping lenses on some other cameras eventually stop closing all the way leaving the lens unprotected. It can be used to move through various menu items, but it has two primary functions: adjusting exposure and accessing the Quick Menu. Perhaps they have bigger fingers than mine or hadn’t had enough time with the camera to get used to the joystick, but I found it a very intuitive way to change settings.
This is a fine way to review a series of images, but not very efficient for a quick review. So, you can fine-tune the custom settings for your immediate needs without accidentally overwriting your carefully stored presets. So, selecting a C2 custom setting is not as quick as simply moving the mode dial, but it still involves no more than three joystick moves.
However, the book that comes with the LX3, the user guide, is far superior to the G11’s. For one thing, you don’t need to access the menu to turn it on or off, just pop up the flash. With a tele range up to 60mm and no available telephoto accessory lens, some photographers will be disappointed.
This is the one used by company people for their internal use and hence many of them are copyrighted by respective companies. Just to clarify, we are a big service provider for almost all electronic items and hence we have server access to majority of company website. It is a very extensive manual that has convinced me that once the waste ink pads need changing its probably better to buy a new printer. Personally, I am glad to give up some telephoto reach for a fast lens with a bit more at the wide end. The lens cap on the LX3 is designed to be tethered to the camera and it dangles in the way sometimes. In shutter-priority mode, it works the same way except it adjusts shutter speed instead of aperture. The SB-800 can also be used in manual mode as a remote if you set it to SU-4 mode where it fires when the LX3’s flash fires. Practically speaking, then, any single scene recorded in HD can be no longer than ten minutes. Secondly, because of its added height, you’re less likely to accidentally block the flash with your finger on the LX3. In real world we hardly see Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 Digital Camera Service Manual in paperback or softcopy and hence we have created this website which will give you access of such a huge collection of service manuals at a rock bottom price.
In manual exposure mode, you can adjust both aperture and shutter speed – toggling between them with a push of the joystick to the left or right.

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