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If the HTC Velocity 4G doesn’t pique you interest, what does get your geeky juices flowing? We’re going to be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S II HD from MobiCity in the next week or two. You have something against a network that actually works (as opposed to Optus and Vodafone)?
I would never consider anyone other than Telstra unless the other players really did shine with there deals. It would seem the $0 cost would only cost 480 more than the existing phone contract version of equal features, therefore paying nearly twice as much to own the phone is nonsensical … unless there’s some hidden information? I bought it yesterday for my brother, seems pretty good, screen and camera not quite as good as my s2, but downloads speeds are amazing and internet browsing significantly better than s2. In reality why buy a slightly cheaper car that doesn’t work all the time and stalls when you need it most? HTC has released a schedule for their release of Ice Cream Sandwich to devices they’ve advised will be receiving the update.
Telstra have been marketing their new 4G network like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and to some of us it really is. Wondering what speeds you’d be getting from Telstra’s 4G network if you were to buy the Velocity 4G? Also announced at Telstra’s launch of the HTC Velocity 4G tonight is that they plan on having 3 or 4 phones and 1 tablet on their 4G network by the middle of this year.
One of our great writers, Matty Booth, is currently at the HTC Velocity 4G launch event in Sydney checking out the device before it goes on sale tomorrow to consumers. We Apologize that we are out of stock with HTC Velocity 4G or its has been discontinued by the HTC! Right now, vodafone is looking to roll out LTE on the hutch’s 1800 spectrum without touching their own.

Don't forget to check out the Ausdroid Podcast, the best place to get your local fix of Android news, opinions and general discussion. For any Manufacture Defect we offer 10 days replacement or refund as per your choice, Warranty Provided By Bipl (Bijason Infotech Private Limited). So you can make every second count - whether you're surfing the web at lightning speed or streaming your favourite videos with less buffering. 4G speeds are initially available in all capital CBDs, associated airports and selected regional locations and will seamlessly switch over to our fastest available dual channel 3G speeds in other coverage areas. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: If you cancel early, you must repay the remaining handset repayments in addition to any early termination charges for your service. Telstra should have got Samsung to rigg up a Galaxy Nexus with LTE the Sepos got one so its possible. I am not going to rush out and purchase the device, because I am only really interested in 4G, not the actual device itself.
Android Police have captured Facebook updates from HTC regarding the status of Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the list of announced devices. New additions include the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Sensation And Velocity 4G to go ahead this month.
At 30 seconds in length there’s not a whole heap to see, but what we can see is that the device seems to look nice enough and is also really quite responsive.
Telstra’s first 4G smartphone will be the HTC Velocity 4G and according to various sources it will launch at the end of this month (our source says the 24th). The same question goes for Optus and Vodafone who should have their LTE1800 up and running soon. This is partly because vodafone acquired Hutch’s 1800 spectrum that they never used and sat on.
My new house has 1-2 bars at most on next g, Would be nice if I had more reliable mobile coverage.

With typical download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps, you can download up to twice as fast as the next fastest Australian mobile network technology. Also I don’t believe that it is legal to run LTE on 750Mhz in Aus yet as that is the same spectrum that Analogue TV runs on. It would also be depressing to go from the Galaxy Nexus to the Velocity 4G (no ICS, worse screen resolution etc). Our man, Matt, took this photo at the launch of the Velocity 4G tonight while checking how fast Telstra’s 4G network really is. I would imagine that once the spectrum  from analogue TV becomes available there will be a wider roll-out. It is currently being phased out, but I don’t think the spectrum will be available for Mobile networks until all of the analogue TV is switched off. Peeved that the Nexus is released after the Note was out first, yet we are still waiting here in Aus! Your phone may switch to 3G or you may have to manually enter your location to access these services. Who cares…have coverage and with the NextG HTC Sensation being far better than the SGS2 on the Telstra network. 19xx numbers), 1234, 12455, 12456 numbers and to some satellite numbers, content charges and use while overseas.

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