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This is a brand new for HP-Compaq PAVILION 15-P006SR touch screen digitizer, which can be used to repair your broken or does not work touch screen1. I’m taking it apart in order to remove the cooling fan which is mounted under the motherboard.
Remove the hard drive, you’ll find details instruction on the sticker glued to the hard drive caddy.
Lift up the keyboard and place it on the switch board cover so you can access the cable connector.
After the keyboard has been removed, you can release the switch board cable and remove the cover. Remove four screws securing the display hinges (red circles) and one screw grounding the video cable (green circle). In the next guide I’ll explain how to get inside the display panel and remove the web camera module.
Simply remove one screw securing the cooling fan to the notebook base and replace it with a new one if needed.
If you are replacing the motherboard you’ll have to transfer some parts to the new board.
Is there a way to test the fan (first) other than putting the whole thing back together and finding out that it is broken. 2) If another fan model can solve the problem, where could I buy one and which one could you advise? I have a problem i have the same laptop hp 6735s its powering on but no display and a sound in the dvd drive with some light. They put me a miniSD into SD card reader that has swallowed and does not want to thrown back out. Is it nececery to do all these steps to just clean the fan, or can I go near him in a simpler way? I will try to do that, but I have never removed keyboard, so I will do this veru carefull, cause I don;t know what can go wrong. To cut it short, I just wanted to know, is that normal for a motherboard to die for 1 year??? Most likely the replacement motherboard will not be brand new and come with a very short warranty period (probably 30 days). This machine is still having overheating issues even when the BIOS has been set to keep the fan on when on mains.
Overtime the cable became frayed near the laptop port and signs used to flash up that the AC was not providing the right output, then partly because I am lazy and also because I was waiting to a replacement charger I continued to use the frayed and sparking charger.
When I then used my friends charger, who has a similar laptop the battery would completely cut out without warning, not immediately but after some time, when I took the AC away to run the battery by itself.

Then one day when using the frayed charger, my laptop overheated starting up (the fan was going crazy) and something made a loud ‘Click’ noise, then after it has ceased to boot or even show any LEDs around the AC port. I have old version of HP6735b, and it is starting to overheat, but when i put my baby fan next to it, the temp is back to 50 so I think its the fan and dust in it.
Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem on my 6735s has just started to act up. If you have the same problem with only one module installed (either one), most likely this is motherboard failure. I have removed the CMOS battery (over 30 mins) re-inserted but still asks for the password.
My Fan is making a horrible sound (like a vacuum cleaner or a motorbike) – i removed the case and I think the bearing must have gone or something – any idea how i can replace the fan with a new one? When connected to the mains electric and the power switch pushed on – it lights for a couple of seconds and then goes dead. Also, he told me he had problems getting the battery to charge and an eror message about the battert came up. When connected to the mains electric and the power switch pushed on – it lights for a couple of seconds and then goes dead. It’s possible the AC adapter is bad and the laptop will not turn on because the battery is discharged.
The battery still has some charge enough to light up the power LED for a moment but not enough to start the laptop. Thankyou so much for replying quickly all the same, as well as getting this EXTREMELY helpful website together in the first place! With the help of this guide I was able to take the laptop apart and saw that the vent through which the fan tries to expel the hot air was blocked with solidified dust and fibres. Original and 100% tested replacement motherboard 498462-001 fits for HP COMPAQ CQ60 laptop, 60 days moneyback guarantee for motherboard 498462-001 . Buy cheap Motherboard 498462-001 for HP COMPAQ CQ60 at discount priceWe offer best price and quick delivery worldwidely Motherboard 498462-001 for HP COMPAQ CQ60 coupon code100% funtional and original notebook mainboard with warranty. With newest high performance Intel Processors, and a desktop-like view, HP Compaq 6710b Business Notebook PC is tailored for all your business needs.
You can separate the switch board cover from the bottom cover with a piece of soft plastic.
I don’t think that upgrading the CPU will boost the laptop performance a lot, you might never see any improvement at all. HP’s had it three times & replaced the hard drive, sink fan, mother board, then the fan again (supposedly).
I am not sure if it is built into main board or can fit a external mobile graphics chipset.

In this case this is official HP service guide for HP Compaq 6735s notebooks (follow the link). I found this, while I was writing something on my Blog about my experience with this Laptop.
Now I wanted to clean it, but the screws are strange, I ahve no idea what to use to unscrew them (they not cross, or oval, just weird).
When attempting to boot up the screen is blank, Hard drive light shows oragne and the light by the caps lock flashed 5 times which according to HP means General system board failure.
Can anyone advice me on this problem: 6735s Screen gets black (shuts off and everything else is running).
My Fan is making a horrible sound (like a vacuum cleaner or a motorbike) – i removed the case and I think the bearing must have gone or something – any idea how i can replace the fan with a new one?
My girlfriends computer (HP 6735s) ran at an idling temperature of about 90 degrees celcius.
There is a known issue with a piece of tape covering part of the fan and catching dirt and dust, causing the fan to sound like an airplane as soon as the comp is turned on.
You don’t have to disassemble the laptop completely in order to clean the cooling fan.
I knew the dust could be cleaned simply by blowing air in at the stage you mentioned but also wanted to remove the bit of electrical tape that someone else mentioned, as they said once removed it is far quieter and performs better! Check HP COMPAQ motherboard appearance, including dust,turps, tin soldering or other dirty mark on board.2.
Instead of a very expensive CPU upgrade, max your RAM and install a faster (7200RPM) hard drive. Maybe this is due to the BIOS configuration (anyway, there is no configuration possible for the fan in BIOS)? So I ventured to the heart of the computer finding not only a clog of dust in the fan, but also that the thermal paste on the processor was almost completely gone and burnt into dust.
Package Contents: 1 x Touch Screen Digitizer GlassBuy Notes(1)Because a notebook computer models took part in a number of different types, such as touch screen digitizer, LCD screen, touch screen assembly (touch digitizer + LCD screen),touch screen assembly Frame(touch digitizer + LCD screen + Frame)? the upper half assembly (touch digitizer + LCD screen + Frame + AB shell ) So before you purchase, please carefully review the screen type and product images to ensure that the product image and your screen has the same size, Flex cable,data line interface. Our customer service staff will help you make a selection.(Please be very careful with the flex cable)(2)Please note!
Get the goods, do not immediately install, please use your board test touch screen, LCD screen, function is working correctly, and then carrying out the installation. We support the dollar, euro, British pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and other currencies to pay, in the upper left corner of the site selection.

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