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Everybody is alway on their high horse on how you should use rechargeable batteries, but I have had so many experiences where I go to grab the thing with rechargeable batteries and find they are dead. When I first heard about the eneloop batteries I was excited, but the fact that they’re hard to find and not beating the pants off other rechargeable batteries makes me wonder if they are any good or not.
I use them (bought two of the multi-packs from Costco that came with a charger) and they work just fine. I spent a few bucks on a MAHA MH-C808M charger from Thomas-Distributing after rave reviews. I’ve been really happy with Eneloops, so much so that my household uses them almost exclusively. My only gripe is the AA Eneloops are on the fat side, and they’ve been too wide for a couple applications. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username!

Ok I guess an 8 pack of "glitter" eneloopes with a charger for $21 shipped isn't a better deal than an 8 pack of regular eneloopes with no charger for $24 plus shipping (unless you have prime). I wish they would drop the charger and just sell the batteries for like 15.00 shipped though. A gun, like any other source of power, is a force for either good or evil, being neither in itself, but dependent upon those who possess it.
The most economical and eco-friendly rechargable batteries available, the Sanyo Eneloop battery charger system lets you charge batteries over 1000 times and they last four times longer than the standard alkaline batteries you’re probably using in your digital camera. I especially like the adapters to turn them into C and D-cell sizes since I have things like flashlights that I use in-frequently but require those cells, my experience with the adapters has been positive as well. That’s not including a near-year old daughter with a thirst for singing and dancing stuffed toys. Plus the batteries have a very long shelf life – with them remaining 85% charged even after a whole year.

I can charge them and expect them to still have a high percentage of power even months after the charge. Unless the glitter versions are somehow better? The colored ones are newer, including glitter, green, blue, etc. Unless the glitter versions are somehow better? The colored ones are newer, including glitter, green, blue, etc. Actually, the Glitters have been out for at least a couple of years. I do have regular high mAh AA’s for my flash guns normally, but when I need to grab the bag and go, these work great.
The D adapters, are OK, but won’t work in all applications (Maglites, for example) without a little tinkering.

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