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The Kirkland Car Battery range is a premium range of quality car batteries that are available through the Costco group of stores.
When you visit your local Costco store, you will so the huge range of batteries on display and it can be difficult to know what the right model for your car is. The information the selector gives you includes the Size Code, BCI Code and the Costco Item number. Here are listed some popular Kirkland Car Battery prices and sizes to enable you to compare the value to other brands that you might consider purchasing. This is only a small part of the Kirkland Car Battery range that is available at your local store. Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved. So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn.
Kirkland has a reputation for quality products that are produced to the highest specifications.

You need to know the size and power requirements and the terminal position to ensure it fits correctly in the tight space that most modern vehicles have. Please note that these prices can change at any time and you should check with your local Costco store for the most up to date prices.
The information above includes the Costco item number that is used internally to identify stock items.
The cold cranking amps are a very important measure as it shows the amps available when the battery is at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. They also are backed by a full three year warranty so that you know that you are fully protected if there is a problem during this time.
The Kirkland Car Battery Selector makes it simple just select your cars make, model and year and it gives you the correct battery that you need. The selector and the Kirkland Signature batteries can be found in the Tire warehouse area of your local Costco store.
The size code is a simple number that the selector gives you to use to identify the battery you need.

The price is the current, at the time of writing for Kirkland Car Batteries available at Costco. The warranty is also one of the few in the industry that does not give a pro-rated refund on the unused time in the warranty period.
The BCI (Battery Council International) is an international code that they allocate when a battery design is registered so it can be identified in any vehicle it might be used in all parts of the world. When you buy a Kirkland Car Battery then you know if it fails then you will get a full refund from your Costco store.

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