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Duracell 6, 12, 25 AMP Battery Chargers: These Battery Chargers feature rapid charge technology for faster, more accurate charging, and do not require installation or set up. Braille Battery Chargers: Pick up your Braille Battery Chargers in 2-amp, 10-amp or multi-battery versions to fit your needs.
All product features, images, prices and other information published on our website have either been made accessible by suppliers or been gathered from public-domain sources. The charger is easy to install, requires no extra maintenance, is a doddle to use, looks discreet and will protect your car battery against the discharge process that occurs naturally in most cars. Walking and using public transport are naturally always better means for getting around or commuting.
This is not just annoying but also harmful to the environment – as battery life is shortened if it’s not kept charged.
The solar charger lies on the car dashboard below the windscreen, catching solar rays and converting that energy into 12 volts DC.
The solar panel itself is provided with specific THINFILM technology, which helps to absorb a wider spectrum of natural light.

About Real GiftsReal Gifts has ethical shopping, charity giving and Fairtrade products at its heart. We're a small Edinburgh based company called MoMa Limited that's been making websites since 2007. The simple plug-and-charge solution makes these chargers ideal for extending and recharging all types of 12-volt lead acid batteries.  Most units are conveniently packaged in a hard plastic carrying case that makes these chargers portable and easy to use.
It will keep your ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, personal watercraft, lawn tractor or other small-vehicle batteries charged when not in use, so they start when you need them. Safety features include over-voltage and over-temperature protection for safe, simple operation in any situation. Braille Battery Chargers are designed to extend the life of your battery and make it easy to keep a full charge. All Braille Battery Chargers feature reverse polarity protection, so that you won’t cause damage if you accidentally hook it up backwards. The rating from our buyers for the item Canon LC-E10E - Battery charger Charger, Battery is 0 stars.
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On the days when you’re doing your bit for the world by leaving the car at home, you can also do a service to the environment by prolonging your battery life in a natural way. However, it’s not always possible and when we use our cars infrequently or make short quick trips, there is always the danger that our car batteries get eventually discharged. This means that the charger can easily be used even in our cloudy – and sometimes rather gloomy – climate as well as on bright hot summer days.
Because our cars are equipped with so many different gadgets and widgets from alarm systems to clocks and lights. This means simply that it helps to keep the battery charged above 12.4V, which is the level to be maintained for car batteries to make sure they work properly.

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