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I've been charting my Bold 9900 device usage and battery life for five days, as have our own Adam Zeis, Bla1ze and even Miss CrackBerry, and the conclusion on our end so far is that the battery life overall is pretty solid and on par with expectation RIM relayed to us of getting a full day of use out of the battery. Looking at our numbers based on going 18 hours between charges, things are looking pretty OK here. Throughout the days of paying careful attention to our battery levels, and in talking to other Bold 9900 owners and hearing what they're experiencing, we've made some other observations that we're going to pay attention to over the weeks ahead. Again, it's early days still, but for the most part things are looking like a thumbs up on the BlackBerry Bold 9900's battery life, which is a topic people want to know more about. During our indepth hands-on with the BlackBerry Bold 9930 at BlackBerry World 2011, we pulled the battery cover off the device and saw a new battery that had a grey and blue wrapper on it.
Between the four of us we had a pretty good spread of usage cases, from Miss CB being a fairly light user (a lot of messaging, some phone calls, and some web browsing) to crazy 'ole Bla1ze being on his BlackBerry more than any normal person should, doing just about everything he can think of.
For one, we're finding battery life *appears* to last noticeably longer when connected to a WiFi network (more so than we've ever noticed in the past with other devices). So, if you've bought a Bold 9900 and been using it, let us know how you're finding the battery life so far in the comments!

View our guide oncreating your first poster.EditBlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery – Tips To Extend Battery Life Blackberry is a popular mobile phone company that manufactures high end smart phones for its users. It turns out that particular device was a slightly older engineering unit that didn't feature the final production battery.
The footprint of the battery is about the same, but the JM1 is definitely thinner as you can see in the comparison shots below.
Also, we've had a few reports of poor 9900 battery life come in, and in these cases it seems the users were in lower coverage areas (at the cottage) or on the move with frequent tower changes happening on the network (driving on highway in rural areas).
The Blackberry Bold 9900 is an amazing phone that offers you some amazing specifications and features.
To clear things up and make sure we got it right, we went back for another look at the new touch Bold and took some photos of the production JM1 battery as you can see in the photos above and below.
I'm thinking the JM1 will do just fine in devices, provided RIM can keep the battery management and 3G stack up like they have done for so long. RIM's always put battery life as priority, and they haven't sacrificed the user experience here - so expect the device to power you through a full day of work and play.

In this article, we are going to offer you some key tips and instructions regarding extending the life of Blackberry 9900  battery.
With the new Bold being the thinnest BlackBerry to date they needed to go with a slightly thinner battery. You must read the below mentioned points carefully for Blackberry Bold 9900 BatterySome popular tips for extending the life of your Bold 9900 Battery are given below.
And for power users who eat through batteries regardless, the good news here of course is that you can always buy a spare battery and swap it out if you need to - I'm glad to see RIM still allowed for a removable battery on the new Bold.

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