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Wall Market (?????????, Woru Maketto?) is a shopping center in the Sector 6 of Midgar Slums in Final Fantasy VII.
A mercenary working for the eco-terrorist organization AVALANCHE, Cloud Strife, ventures into Wall Market with a florist he met in the slums, Aeris, while following Cloud's childhood friend and fellow AVALANCHE member Tifa. Cloud and Aeris run various errands to obtain a dress and wig and other accessories for Cloud.
Don takes his pick out of the three, but no matter whom he picks, he ends up being confronted by the trio in his bedroom. The Market includes several different places the player visits during their trek through the area. The shop that says "Item" out front holds nothing during the player's first visit to the Wall Market, but if the player returns after having obtained the Highwind and examines the shop, they will find Tifa's ultimate weapon.
At the clothing store the player can get a dress custom-made for Cloud, but they must first fetch the shop's owner from a bar.
The Materia Store doesn't actually sell any Materia the first time the player visits Wall Market. The pharmacy item can be given to the sick woman in the bar at the north end of Wall Market to receive a bottle of perfume.
Corneo Hall at the north end of Wall Market is the headquarters for the crime lord Don Corneo and home to many scenes of debauchery and perversion. If Cloud is chosen as the "bride", he is taken here with the Don and must answer to his advances. After left alone in the reception room, the party must make their way to the "torture room" to find Tifa, who explains what she is doing at the mansion. The wall becomes the "Golden Wire of Hope" after Cloud and friends return to Wall Market after Cloud and Aeris's initial visit. After talking to the man outside Don's place, the player can talk to the man in the bottom right corner of Wall Market south end to get a membership card to Honey Bee Inn.
It is famous for its dangerous "red light district" atmosphere run by the local crime lord, Don Corneo. They discover she is one of the three girls local crime lord Don Corneo wants to audition to pick his "bride". With his disguise in place Cloud and Aeris enter Don's mansion where they find Tifa, who reveals she is there to extract information from the Don following rumors he is an informant for the Shinra Electric Power Company, the corporation that runs Midgar and pollutes the Planet with its Mako Reactors.

He reveals that Shinra is about to obliterate Sector 7 where AVALANCHE's hideout is located by destroying the pillar that holds up the Midgar plate, then sends Cloud, Tifa and Aeris plummeting to the sewers below via a trap door installed in his bedroom where they fight the Don's "pet", Aps. Cloud, Tifa and the AVALANCHE leader Barret pass through Wall Market to find a way to the upper levels of Midgar to save Aeris who has been kidnapped by Shinra. It has a vending machine, and if the player speaks to the Materia Store owner, agreeing to fetch an item for him, and then sleeps in the inn, they can use the vending machine.
The man running it wants to know what items are sold in the vending machine in the inn, and hires the player to go buy one.
Cloud can receive a membership card from a man around the south end of Wall Market after visiting Don Corneo's mansion, but having been denied entry.
The player must buy three batteries for 100 gil each while on their way to the upper plate. If the player rejects Don they can gain affection in the date mechanics with Barret by saying that is Cloud's "boyfriend's" name. The lackeys will crowd around him until Cloud removes his disguise and fights the lackeys in a set battle, after which he can leave the room. Inside, the player can view numerous humorous scenes and get make-up for Cloud's disguise (see below).
The wreckage has opened a path, which Cloud and the others use to make their way up to the plate. It doesn't matter which food the player orders, and if they answer favorably when asked about the food, they will receive a coupon that can be traded at the pharmacy for a key item. After the party has the Highwind, the player can buy an accessory from the owner for a hefty 129,000 gil.
During Cloud and Aeris's first visit to Wall Market, they must speak to the bouncer to progress, prompting Aeris to come up with the idea to disguise Cloud as a woman. The player gains access by disguising Cloud as a woman, but after the first visit to Wall Market is over, the mansion will be empty and the player can enter at will.
This area has entrances to the other areas of the mansion: Office (middle), Torture Room (to the left) and Lackey Room (to the right).
If Cloud is receptive to Corneo's advances, things are stopped from escalating by the sudden entry of Tifa and Aeris.
If Tifa is chosen as the Don's "bride", Cloud must break out from the lackey room and finds Aeris in the basement being chased by Kotch, Corneo's bodyguard.

If Cloud is chosen by Don, this room is not visited, but the player has an option to return to the mansion later, during which they can get the item from this room. Here, the player may wish to conserve the remaining Battery for being a unique item, or use it to obtain an Ether from a locked contained.
Don Corneo has left Wall Market and gone into hiding by fear of retaliation from Shinra, having tipped AVALANCHE off on their plans.
The best tiara is obtained by bringing him the most expensive item from the vending machine, costing 200 gil at the inn. In Honey Bee Inn, Cloud can walk around, peep into the keyholes of the occupied rooms, and visit one of the two available rooms himself. After the trio interrogates Corneo, the party is sent plummeting to Sewer - Sector 6 through a trapdoor where they must fight a boss. After she pushes him down the stairs Cloud's response affects the date mechanics: asking if she is okay boosts affection with Aeris, and telling her they must hurry to rescue Tifa lowers it.
When the player returns to Wall Market after the Sector 7 incident, Materia Store has been stocked up with some basic Materia and will sell them to the player. After staying in a room Cloud can visit the dressing room to get make-up applied on him from one of the girls. If Aeris was chosen as Don's "bride", the player can still visit the room after leaving the lackey room, finding Kotch already knocked out on the floor, having been defeated by Tifa. Honey Bee Inn is visitable only on the initial visit to Wall Market; when the party returns after the Sector 7 incident Cloud is barred entry due to notoriety of his crossdressing exploits, and later still, Honey Bee Inn has been closed down.
If Aeris is chosen as Corneo's "bride", Cloud will meet Tifa here outside the office after leaving the lackey room.
On a subsequent visit after the Sector 7 incident, players will find Kotch tied up in the basement and can free him. The answer given to her affects the date mechanics (for the Gold Saucer date scene): asking if Tifa is okay actually lowers her affection for Cloud, but telling her they need to save Aeris boosts her affection despite the somewhat annoyed answer she gives in reply.

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