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ShopNRelax made an impact in the market by efficient and timely supply of tapes and thereby getting the FIRST company to get ISO 9001 certification in tapes distribution business.
Having such an extensive, efficient network & sales team in place, SONY further extended their support by making us one of their distributor for their other products which include USB PEN DRIVES, SONY PRO DUO MEMORY CARDS, SD CARDS, MICRO SD CARDS. In early 2011, we also added to our product list , by getting the SOLE DISTRIBUTORSHIP for the full of MAHARASHTRA for distribution of Calculators for the BRAND name "CALCEE".

Am already using a eneloop pair of batteries for my Canon SX130 IS, so am confident about its performance. Simultaneously, it also started it's operations in of SONY PROFESSIONAL TAPES to various production houses and TV Channels.

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