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With its slim and elegant design, iPhone 5s delivers advanced features and tremendous value. Now iOS is even better with major improvements to an already great set of built-in apps, smarter Siri and search features, and much more. Cool tips and tricks to get even more out of your iPhone, including battery life, taking photos and alerts. The iPhone 4S Leather Case with built-in Rechargeable Battery includes an integrated lithium ion battery which can provide up to 9 hours of extra talk time.

The leather case itself is manufactured from fine-grain genuine leather to strike a balance between form and function by providing durable scratch and damage resistance as well as a stylish and sophisticated look. It features advanced camera capabilities and incredible processing power packaged in a beloved design.
Simply slip the phone into the case, and when you want to recharge just press the power button at the bottom of the case.
The internal holding bracket is adjustable and can accomodate all models of iPhone to provide a fitted and secure grip.

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