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Gift giving season is upon us, and most of us have a child on our gift list.  There are  a few toys that bring out the scrooge in us here at IPC, because of the dangers they pose to children if ingested. The first problematic item is one that contains a button cell battery.  Button cell or disc batteries are coin shaped batteries used in a variety of electronic items such as toys, remote controls, musical greeting cards and hearing aids.
They have the potential to cause severe injury or even death when swallowed, especially in small children. If multiple magnets are swallowed, the magnets connect to each other and may pinch the intestinal wall or stomach in between the magnets. Do you have an inspiring blog, quote, or video?We are always looking for fresh new content and our mission is to inspire. New parents Karla and Michael Rauch tried to think of every scenario possible when baby-proofing their home.
The back of a DVD remote control had fallen off, exposing the battery to prying little fingers.
Karla was certainly beside herself, and wished she could have foreseen the dangers of button batteries. Even after he was sent home, he needed weekly physical, occupational, and speech therapies.
Karla and Michael have started a foundation to bring awareness to the dangers of button batteries.

The research revealed that in last 24 years, there has been 6-7 fold increase in percentage of severe outcome caused by battery ingestion.  The battery ingestion can cause injury like destruction of esophagus, perforation of the aorta and vocal cord paralysis. With advancement, gadgets are becoming smaller, that increases demand of the 20 mm Lithium batteries as suppose to the AA or AAA size batteries.  I hope parents will be more responsible to minimize access to these batteries for your child.
If the battery becomes lodged in the esophagus, ear or nose, it can generate an electric current and damage the surrounding tissue.    Larger button batteries (which are between the size of a US penny and a US nickel) are just the right size to get stuck in the esophagus of a child.
The second picture is the hot dog after 3 hours.  Imagine the hot dog as the esophagus of a 2 year old child! As a result, patients can develop serious and even life threatening damage to the intestines.
If this is your first time here, you must check out A Day in the Life of a Poison Center and You might say the Illinois Poison Center is the Antidote to Unnecessary Health Care Costs.
What doctors found in x-rays was shocking and they couldn't believe this baby swallowed something so dangerous. However, they never anticipated that a DVD remote control would bring a future filled with multiple surgeries for their 1-year-old toddler. The battery acid had burned a hole through his trachea, and he could no longer breathe on his own. For the next 5 years, he had to undergo 65 additional surgeries due to complications from his initial injuries.

However, in this case, Emmett's parents have created an awareness campaign about the dangers of button batteries. A recent study published in Pediatrics reported 20 mm lithium batteries as a common choking hazard. Litovitz advised to tape the compartment of these gadgets firmly as child can easily open the latches and choke on the batteries. Be careful when discarding a used button battery, so a child cannot retrieve it from the trash. His esophagus was surgically rerouted to the side of his neck, and the other end attached to his stomach. X-rays showed the little toddler had ingested a lithium ion button battery that became lodged in his esophagus.

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