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Two types of Silver Oxide batteries are available, one type with a sodium hydroxide (NaOH) electrolyte and the other with a potassium hydroxide (KOH) electrolyte. The Silver Oxide battery has a higher closed circuit voltage than a Mercuric Oxide battery and a flatter discharge curve than the Alkaline Manganese Dioxide battery. The current delivery capabilities of a Silver Oxide cell are determined by the type of electrolyte used, as shown in the chart at the left. Hearing aids, watches, calculators, photoelectric exposure meters, instruments, and pagers. The Kodak, Max and Xtralife trademarks and the Kodak trade dress are used under license from Kodak.
Residents of Washington state, call 1-800-RECYCLE or check the Web site for locations where you may take mercury-containing batteries. Regulated businesses should see the Hazardous Waste Service Providers Directory and Mercury Laws and Rulesa€”Universal Waste Rules to learn about special rules that facilitate recycling of certain mercury-containing products, including mercury-containing batteries. It is hard to imagine that something as simple as the battery for an electronic device can lead to the injury or death of a child.  Such stories are reported occasionally, and bring to light the potentially devastating consequences of a child swallowing a battery. This list demonstrates how many symptoms of battery ingestion overlap with symptoms of a common cold or GI illness.  The parent needs to be alert for behavioral changes in their child and if anything is suspected, bring the child in for evaluation to an emergency room or pediatric ENT.
Even after removal, tissue death and injury continue to occur because of leftover battery material and weakened tissues of the esophagus.  Critical observation is required during this time.

Prevention is the most important step.  The technology industry is making changes to secure the battery compartment and safer battery technology is being designed.
Prompt evaluation and surgical intervention are required to reduce the risk of severe consequences from button battery ingestion.
If you think your child has swallowed or placed a battery in his ear or nose, it necessitates an immediate ER evaluation with consultation of a pediatric otolaryngologist.
If you would like to speak with one of our physicians regarding this issue or another ear, nose, throat problem; or have other questions or concerns, please complete the contact form below or call us at 310-657-0123. AG-Alkaline AG0 - AG13 10 PackAG Button Cell Batteries  Card of 10 alkaline button cells in pegboard packaging. Additional information and a more detailed cutaway view are available by clicking on the image. Sodium hydroxide types last two to three years making them highly suitable for quartz analog digital watches or digital watches without backlights. However, they can release mercury to the environment if they are burned or otherwise improperly disposed of.
Because batteries for devices are getting smaller and the devices themselves are more common, the incidence of injury or death from a child swallowing a battery is increasing.  Parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for so they are able to bring their child to urgent attention before it is too late. However, as the mother of two small boys, I have been amazed how often my son has brought me the battery separate from his toy, with the screw locked cover still intact.

It is designed to provide reliable medical information in a format that is easy to understand. Potassium hydroxide types are better for the short bursts of higher current drains that are required from LCD watches with backlights.
At low current drains, both the sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and potassium hydroxide (KOH) electrolyte operate with the same efficiency.
Silver Oxide cells exhibit a very flat operating voltage discharge curve that has a higher voltage than Mercuric Oxide cells. Mantle’s practice is focused on the diagnosis and management of pediatric patients with common ears, nose and throat disorders.
Button batteries especially should be left in the manufacturer packing.  Tell your children batteries are DANGEROUS and they should never be played with. As Chief of Medical Resources, I hold an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles and a graduate degree in Medical Science from the University of Southern California.
Hearing aids and electronic measuring instruments also use batteries with a potassium hydroxide electrolyte in combination with a special separator to match the application.

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