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Button batteries can be found in several of our household products and many children’s toys and games.
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Button batteries and lithium coin batteries are the small, round batteries you find in lots of toys and everyday objects. Lithium coin batteries are the most dangerous as the higher voltage means more energy is released, creating more caustic soda. Watch The One Show feature about button batteries (from 03:00 minutes) and the damage they can do on iPlayer. Button batteries are used in a wide range of toys, gadgets and other everyday objects you’ll find around the house.
It’s not just babies and toddlers, who put everything in their mouths, who are at risk from button batteries.
In some cases, they may deliberately put a button battery in their mouth or on their tongue to experience the sensation of the electrical charge. Batteries in children’s toys are covered by safety regulations and should be enclosed by a screw and secure.

Keep products with batteries well out of reach if the battery compartment isn’t secured with a screw. Keep all spare batteries out of children’s reach and sight, ideally in a high-up, lockable cupboard.
Teach older children that button batteries are dangerous and not to play with them or give them to younger brothers and sisters. Take them straight to the A&E department at your local hospital or dial 999 for an ambulance.
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Child Accident Prevention Trust is a registered charity number 1053549 and a company limited by guarantee number 3147845. Also used for calculators, cameras, watches, computer motherboard and other electronic products.
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has introduced a bill that would make it harder for children to access button cell batteries, significantly reducing the risk of ingestion. Lots of these objects have buttons and surfaces that young children love to explore and play with.

Under the proposed Button Cell Battery Safety Act of 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission would create two sets of standards for producing button cell batteries.
They can become lodged in a child’s throat or intestine and can release hydroxide which can cause chemical burns or even death. The first standard would secure button cell battery compartments to prevent access by children. Most times, parents aren’t even aware that their child has swallowed a battery because symptoms may start out with a mild fever and upset stomach which many physicians relate to common childhood illnesses. The second would mandate that warning labels be placed on battery packaging, in any literature that is included with the product, and where feasible, on the product itself.

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