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DISCLAIMERAll of the iPhone wallpapers are gathered by users and public sources on the internet. The iPhone has been prone to power button issues ever since the iPhone 4 made its appearance.
If this issue sounds like something you're iPhone 4S is experiencing, a DIY repair can get it back to normal with some patience and the right tools. Disclaimer: As with any repair, iMore can not be held responsible for any damage you may do to your device.
We recommend using only quality and genuine parts from a reputable supplier like eTech Parts. Our video guides are simply a breakdown of the main disassembly steps minus small components.
Using your security screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on either side of the dock connector port.Set them aside.
Using your #00 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the battery in place.These screws are different lengths so make sure you remember which one goes where.
There is a tiny grounding clip underneath the battery clip where the first screw is located. Using your spudger or pry tool carefully disconnect all the cables at the top of the logic board.
Once you unclip the seven cables, you can lift the rear-facing camera directly out of the iPhone. Using your #00 Phillips screwdriver remove the shield that is covering the dock connector cable towards the middle left of the iPhone. Using a SIM removal tool or a bent paper clip, eject the SIM tray and set it, and the SIM card aside.
Remove the three #00 Phillips screws at the top, middle, and bottom left of the logic board with your #00 Phillips screwdriver.
The actual button in the iPhone 4S is not what causes issues, it's the actual power and sensor cable, which is what you should have ordered to replace.

Remove the two screws on either side of the power button bracket using your #00 Phillips screwdriver.Gently unfold the power button cable using tweezers or your fingers. Now use your black spudger tool or pry tool in order to pry up the earpiece and the foam attaching it to the midframe. Pro tip: When screwing back in the power button bracket, test the power button and make sure it depresses correctly and you hear it "click". To reassemble your iPhone 4S, you can either follow all these directions in exact reverse order or view our reassembly video guide above which will walk you through how to reassemble it. Once your iPhone 4S boots back up, make sure you test everything to make sure all is working well again. For questions or to inquire about mail-in repairs through The Pod Drop, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or e-mail us directly! If you're capable with a soldering iron you can in fact just replace the physical button which may have just worn down or the metal disc inside may have lost it's "spring" rather than the whole flex cable. I've changed screen and realized that either because of me or because of the broken screen, the powerbutton was not working. If our wallpapers have violated your copyright, please through Feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you!
And if you're not, follow along anyways and we'll refer you to the professionals that can do the repair for you. It's also worth considering that opening up your device to perform any repair or modification can and will void your Apple warranty.
It should come up easily so pry up gently.You'll notice that it is wrapped around a metal clip.
Use the area that the rear-facing camera was located and the bottom of the logic board to lift it straight out.
This is the tricky part so make sure you're very careful while performing the following steps as the cables are very delicate. Do not attempt to completely remove it yet as it's still attached.You may choose to remove the actual power button if you'd like but it's not necessary.

Again, don't completely attempt to pull up the cable as it is still attached to the midframe of your iPhone.There is a black bracket located directly above where the earpiece sat. Don't screw the bracket screws in too tight or you'll have issues with the button not depressing. Tap the power button several times to turn the screen on and off just to re-confirm everything is back in working order. Over time, the cable wears down and causes the actual power button to become harder and harder to press. One of the cables lies underneath the bottom most cable so you'll need to disconnect the cable over it before folding it back and revealing the shorter cable underneath.
Gently lift the shield out of the iPhone and set it aside.Take your spudger tool and gently pry up the dock connector cable and peel it back as shown below. You'll only need to watch from the point of replacing the logic board after you've got the front facing camera secured again.
We highly recommend reading ALL the directions below before proceeding with the video walkthrough. It is stuck down with a good amount of adhesive so be careful when prying upwards that you don't bend the battery.
Make sure you don't lose it as you'll need it for reassembly.There are two more screws holding the logic board in place and you'll need to remove them with your flat head screwdriver. Take care not to rip the cable by pulling up to quickly.Leave the cable in this position and move on to the next section. If one part is resistant move your pry tool a little further down and gently start prying it up in different places taking care not to come too close to the volume button cables towards the top.Once you've gotten the battery pulled out of the iPhone 4S we can move on to the next section.
It sometimes helps to look at how your old cable is bent and folded and make sure the new cable looks the same.

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