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Breitling has launched a new multifunction electronic chronograph equipped with an “in-house” analog and digital-display caliber – a brand-exclusive development.
Equipped with a sturdy and light case in natural or black carbon-coated titanium, the Breitling Smartwatch Cockpit B50 chronograph flaunts a resolutely technical, powerful and masculine appearance – making it the archetypal authentic Breitling “Instrument for professionals”. Designed for professionals, with a strong focus on aviators, Breitling Smartwatch Cockpit B50 combines all the functions most useful in undertaking the most extreme missions. Breitling Smartwatch Cockpit B50 also innovates with its digital displays guaranteeing optimal visibility in all circumstances.
To provide the energy required for this high-performance lighting, Breitling has developed an innovative miniaturized rechargeable battery system.
Join our ‘Select List of INSIDERS’ and be the first to know what’s ticking in Luxury Watch Trends, Watch Exclusives and New Luxury Watch Launches! Battery reseal and water resistance testing of Breitling watches in around 5 days at The Watch Lab. Battery reseal and testing for water resistance of Breitling watches in around 5-7 days at The Watch Lab. For extra-rugged outdoor adventuring types with a James Bond lifestyle and a penchant for getting into trouble, the Breitling Emergency II watch looks to be the thing to get them out of sticky situations. A great, chunky,  manly slab of metal, the Breitling Emergency II is the updated  version of the famous distress signal watch, which can signal to the satellite-based Cospas-Sarsat distress alert system. The original Breitling Emergency watch launched back in 1995, and featured a built-in personal locator beacon (PLB) which could transmit a distress signal when the wearer found themselves up an unpleasantly smelling creek without a means of propulsion. Changes in international standards for distress signals means that it’s necessary for the Breitling Emergency II to broadcast on two frequences to ensure the message gets through.

So the new watch broadcasts distress signals on the original 121.5 MHz frequency ( which can be received on land, by ships and also aircraft) and on 406 MHz, which can be picked up by the satellites of the Cospas-Sarsat system. We had no idea what the Cospas-Sarsat system was, but a bit of research tells us that it’s is a multinational satellite system used for search and rescue (SAR), combining the talents of of five geosynchronous satellites and six low Earth polar orbit satellites. To fire off a distress signal, two caps must be unscrewed and the antenna released, with the transmitter having its own rechargeable battery.
Naturally, a watch of this calibre is going to cost a packet, with the Breitling Emergency II retailing for around ?11,000.
We then replace the existing battery with a Swiss made Renata Battery – these are recognized by most in the industry as the most reliable and safe battery available to use. Super fast turn around from TCA in less than a week, very good customer service from Terry with prompt email replies throughout the process. Express service, express 7 day service, watch battery replacement, swiss watch battery repalcement, Japanese Watch Battery replccement, Seiko Watch Battery service, Citizen watch battery Replacement service, UK Watch battery replacement service. Not because it displays your phone data on its round face, but because it has a rechargeable battery and a lot more!
Designed to accompany aviators,  this Cockpit B50 innovates through its broad range of functions, its user friendliness as well as its ultra-legible display mode.
Breitling 2014 latest watch is however distinguished first and foremost by the performances and the functionality of its exclusive new Breitling Caliber B50: a SuperQuartz™ movement ten times more accurate than standard quartz and chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), the highest benchmark in terms of reliability and precision. This impeccable user friendliness is reinforced by the interface messages appearing on the screens and guiding the user through the various operations.
The two white-on-black liquid crystal (LCD) screens are equipped with a backlighting system that can be activated at a press on the crown.

She has written several columns in Hello Magazine about Luxury Gadgets and has held position of a Senior Correspondent in CNN IBN, News Anchor NDTV 24x7, Producer of popular show Cell Guru. But perhaps it’s just as well they are out of the price range of just about everyone except those who genuinely need them, given the way a small minority of people abuse the 999 system. In addition to “pilot” mode, the movement also offers a “sport” mode that temporarily reduces the number of functions available.
This high-tech device makes the indications stand out by day or night with the utmost luminosity and clarity. Safety is reinforced by various state-of-discharge alert levels, including stuttering and stopping of the central chronograph seconds hand, as well as a “standby” mode by means of which the apparently inactive movement nonetheless maintains its temporal reference in order to be correctly restarted on demand without any need for adjustments.
Another special feature is its use of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, the aviation reference time) as the time base, which enables the Cockpit B50 to ensure smooth juggling with timezones.
A double press on the crown momentarily “parks” the hands so as to provide a clear view of both screens. The swap function can also be used to do switch between the time displayed by the hands and that of the second timezone shown on the screen, simply by pressing a pushpiece, with the system automatically taking account of a potential date change. A dedicated ‘tilt’ function automatically activates the backlighting when the user bends his wrist by more than 35° – an extremely practical system when at the controls of a plane or the wheel of a car. In another striking new feature, the digits are oversized and the 12 o’clock screen comprises 7 digits of 14 segments each, enabling a full display of all letters in the alphabet and thus enhanced interactivity on Breitling black dial watch.

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