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Respisense is an electronic device that monitors the breathing and movement patterns of your baby, alerting you of any low activity. We are a small company based in Horsham, West Sussex, who specialise in E-commerce websites and fulfilment services.
Breathing Monitors, Baby Carriers, Baby Video Monitors, Giftpacks, Sleeping Bags and more. NASA is actually going down the tube because our Government is cutting funding and favoring corporations with political ties rather than offer contracts to other innovative corporations with no political ties.
If and when corporate interests no longer influences our politicians, then I’ll trust the Government when getting involved in these matters.
The US was an experiment in making the smallest possible government, in the hope that merely chaining down the government would be enough to prevent a rehash of the oppression they received from Great Britain. There are infinite possible solutions which do not have to be forced onto people with the gun of state power, and because of that, even if their results are no better, they are still better, because they do not require the backing of government, an institution which has killed a total of over 250 million of the people they are supposed to be serving, in the last century alone. How many millions more must die before we will all recognize that there’s a better way? It mostly the federal government and congress that are allowing banks and big corporations to destroy America. The gov’t will choose the science that delivers the most votes and most conforms to the incumbent’s political agenda! Thank you, but please remember it takes all kinds and so without such paranoid rambling many of us might not become aware of such realistic thinking as you were given the opportunity to share.
Where do you think the idea for air lithium batteries came from, who do you think discovered graphene and nanotubes.
Why, oh why, why why why would you inject politics into this perfectly good example of innovation, an article that has virtually no politically tone or inference itself? So that the gov’t stays out of it and allows innovation to materialize into something useful and productive.
I remember years back when some guy invented a tablet or pill of some kind, that when dissolved with water in a car’s tank would run the car the same way as gasoline does.
The volt will just get the environmentalists off the backs of Big Oil, while they secretly build thousands of new oil burning power plants to fill the new demand on the power grid once there are no longer millions of internal combustion engines on the road.
Except that we can CHOOSE how to charge up our pure electric cars and can use solar (or anything else) we want.
Since the power grid is all connected, you actually cannot choose how to power your vehicle unless you own your own power generation. Most consumer solar panels require 90-150% of their expected lifetime to yield a positive ROI, and that’s AFTER government subsidies.
What we should do in the mid to long run is go full on nuclear via thorium reactors for most of our domestic power needs, save petroleum and natgas for most vehicles, and move to electric vehicles only where doing so gives the highest efficiency gains. Just imagine if we took all the money spend on nuclear (R&D, mining, engineering, building facilities, waste disposal) and spent it on solar and wind, etc instead. The problem with solar is there are only so many watts per square meter provided by the sun, and you can only get a small fraction of that from the planet surface.
In the whole spectrum of expenses involved in the production of a Ford Ranger and a Toyota Prius, in terms of well to wheel efficiency over the lifespan of the vehicles, the Ford Ranger wins. The fact of the matter is that until we’ve either got the space elevator or some other cheap way of beaming solar energy collected from outer space down to the surface, solar for the next 20 years is going to continue to be a) a net loss of energy, and b) marginally profitable with government subsidies or a significant loss without.

The future is owned by uranium nuclear fission (and then eventually moving to thorium), end of story.
General Motors (which created the Volt) is probably majority owned by Big Oil, or at least they probably have a large chunk in it.
The idea would have never occurred to you to inject politics into this, because you’re not an innovator like we are. Our heroes!  Just try to accept that if your innovations are crucial to society as a whole, then we may want to invest in your endeavors, collectively.  And if your work puts society at risk, we will need you to be transparent and accountable. The large volume required for an li-air battery is because of the large surface area required to take in oxygen.
The point of the IBM approach is that they have reduced the volume required by increasing the surface area using nano materials in a three-dimensional lattice. Can we think of a way to take advantage of the oxygen-enriched air generated at the charging station?  Industrial strength air freshener?
Eventually (in another 10 years or so), li-ion batteries could be replaced with li-air batteries that are a tenth of the size and weight, and yet last just as long — or, of course, li-air could replace gasoline. Governments who support many of the most important science projects around the world (NASA, CSIRO, ITER, LHC etc).
The more powerful that government is, the more reward there is for people to do it, and the more risk that it will happen.
Infact, for about 99% of your life, or whatever proportion you spend not within sight of a government official or a police officer, you are living in a state of complete anarchy. It was slave owners who provided the food and shelter for the slaves that allowed these things to happen. Think how much more of taxpayers money they could spend on technology research if they weren’t spending billions on Middle East wars. People will be willing to pay even higher for oil, so actually as a matter of fact, electric cars are good for the oil industry. Use cheaper 10 year old battery packs from electric vehicles to provide backup power to your solar and wind at home. When the price on something is high, that tells you that the thing requires a lot of resources to produce, meaning solar isn’t all that good for the environment. Solar City which sells home solar POWER from their home based modules (and don’t sell the modules themselves) is a good example of how solar can be profitable and successful to seller and buyer on both sides of the equation. The more the technology is advanced in efforts to improve efficiency of what little energy density is available, the higher the manufacturing costs, which means more energy wasted to produce a panel for a slightly higher piece of an already greatly limited pie. Hybrid automobile technology is in a much more mature state of technology and production than solar is, so solar’s looking pretty grim.
Meanwhile, worldwide proven reserves of oil are at an all time high, and we’ve got enough uranium and thorium to last us for 3 billion years.
Call it rubbish all you want, but reality is a series of cold hard facts which are unaffected by how we feel about them.
This has been proven thoroughly with prices of solar panels coming down significantly year after year. That’s why they favor hybrid vehicles, over pure electric vehicles, as opposed to say Nissan with their Leaf. While conventional batteries are completely self-contained, the oxygen used in an lithium-air battery obviously comes from the atmosphere, so the battery itself can be much lighter.
And ultimately it will be governments who will be the only ones who will take the long term bets on technologies that no one else will.

A consequence of them being the hell out of it is that every 18 months everything gets obsoleted and prices are constantly in freefall, yet there’s still tons of job growth.
Sure, they give us stuff in exchange for it, but the slave owners provided food and shelter for their slaves, but nobody today respects the slave owners of the past. Not every company is going to want to go quietly into the night when it becomes clear they can no longer compete on fair footing. It should NOT be the fear of the government that makes people play nice, it should be their personal moral code, or failing that, a fear of social ostracism, or perhaps retribution. Solar and wind have an extremely high all-in production cost, and it’s even worse if you negate the government subsidies.
If we did that we wouild have solar panels that are HUGELY, INCREDIBLY, UNBELIEVABLY cheaper, more efficient and less energy intensive to manufacture. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, ease of use of our website and the product and offers we sell across our websites.
The day when government is unnecessary will too come to pass, and all industries will boom as a result of the end of their constant meddling. When Capitalism has no rules then it fails its charter as designed by the forefathers of our great country. They are going to engage in regulatory capture so as to destroy their competition, and we see this all over the place now. The takeaway lesson should be that one cannot chain down a timeless evil for all of eternity and assume it will never break free of its chains. That’s how it should be, government funds long term high risk projects, private sector does the rest. That’s how it should be, slave owners owning the slaves and the slaves forever picking the cotton, who needs farm equipment or the industrial revolution. Or feed excess power into the grid and offset what you take from the grid when your solar is down.
There is a video embedded below that details the electrochemical process of an li-air battery.
You can almost be certain that it will happen at a time where people have long since forgotten how to keep it locked down and how to protect themselves from it if it does infact break free.
Currently, even if you do NOT do that, there is enourmous capacity on the current grid to charge millions of EV’S at night, when power is currently being almost totally wasted. Instead, they’ll use tiny implantable devices that communicate with our body's electrical hereBiotechnologyWant to Live Longer? The vast majority of people don’t want to be evil, and so if there is no government providing police to protect and serve or whatever else it might normally be expected to do, people will come together and create their own solutions to these problems, because they want those problems solved. Now that we are relying more on shale oil which costs even more than regular oil to extract the picture is even worse!!!
End the popular delusion that the initiation of force against peaceful individuals is moral so long as the aggressor claims to be being inflicting it on their victims for their own good. You will, because you are concerned enough to ask such a question, or you will not, after admitting that when it comes down to it you really don’t care.

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