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I've been charting my Bold 9900 device usage and battery life for five days, as have our own Adam Zeis, Bla1ze and even Miss CrackBerry, and the conclusion on our end so far is that the battery life overall is pretty solid and on par with expectation RIM relayed to us of getting a full day of use out of the battery. Looking at our numbers based on going 18 hours between charges, things are looking pretty OK here. Throughout the days of paying careful attention to our battery levels, and in talking to other Bold 9900 owners and hearing what they're experiencing, we've made some other observations that we're going to pay attention to over the weeks ahead. Again, it's early days still, but for the most part things are looking like a thumbs up on the BlackBerry Bold 9900's battery life, which is a topic people want to know more about. ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews. Between the four of us we had a pretty good spread of usage cases, from Miss CB being a fairly light user (a lot of messaging, some phone calls, and some web browsing) to crazy 'ole Bla1ze being on his BlackBerry more than any normal person should, doing just about everything he can think of. For one, we're finding battery life *appears* to last noticeably longer when connected to a WiFi network (more so than we've ever noticed in the past with other devices).
So, if you've bought a Bold 9900 and been using it, let us know how you're finding the battery life so far in the comments! Therefore, if the battery runs out of power quickly, it really casts a damp over our phone usage.
Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. Blackberry users will want to know how it performs as a Blackberry device, and others will want to know how it compares with other smartphones available on the market.
Also, we've had a few reports of poor 9900 battery life come in, and in these cases it seems the users were in lower coverage areas (at the cottage) or on the move with frequent tower changes happening on the network (driving on highway in rural areas). However, keeping an extra battery enables you to enjoy endless pleasure with your cellphone and this Battery would be your best choice. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. We’ll go over all that, but let’s look at how RIM presents the Bold 9900: The “thinnest Blackberry yet”, with “liquid graphics” (whatever that means), “superior performance”, “captures life in HD”, “breakthrough technologies”. Those are… bold claims, but does the Blackberry Bold 9900 Series live up to the marketing pitch? Let’s take a look.ContextBefore getting into the review, let me tell you how I use the phone so that you can see where I’m coming from, and why I see things the way I do. We all have different usage patterns, so dogmatic reviews are not that useful to many readers. Instead, I’ll try to give you a good sense of how (and why) things worked for me, and you should be able to figure out if that will work for yourself.
If you have more questions by the end of this article, please drop a comment or some feedback.
At first glance, it is easy to distinguish the few areas of the phone: display, physical UI buttons and keyboard.

The phone is a little wider than its predecessor, but this size makes it nice to hold in the hand (I use my left hand). My thumb lands naturally on the trackpad, which is frequently used to choose which app I’m going to run. It works well, and the phone feels very solid and rigid.On the left side you will find the micro-USB and the audio jack ports. Both are at a relatively elevated position and should not interfere too much with your hand when the phone is connected via USB. In my opinion, the camera button is a bit superfluous as you can really use it only in portrait mode, which is not the primary option for most users. Also, I happened to press it unintentionally a number of times, but in the end, the user has the option to make it “do nothing” in the settings, so it’s not a big deal. While there is no front-facing camera (bye bye video chat), the backside hosts a discrete 5 Megapixel camera with a single LED flash. The battery cover is completely flat (with a carbon fiber texture), which is great if you want to use the phone when it is resting on a table. From a design standpoint, a curved back may have been better, but with a flat back, the user can push keys or tap the screen without inducing a tilt when the phone rests on a table. It is just a tiny bit wider than the previous Bold 9700, but in my opinion the keys feel even better. RIM has built an empire on this keyboard, and this is partly why Blackberry phones are still so popular.The display quality is very good.
Unlike touch smartphones, the screen is used in landscape mode by default (instead of portrait), and the main downside of this is the reduced vertical screen real estate. Lists, documents and web pages are much shorter (see image below).The Blackberry Bold 9900 has a touch display, which is new for a QWERTY Blackberry Bold. The sound was loud enough to be used in a somewhat noisy environment like a busy restaurant, which is good.
I use this feature to categorize the apps that I use the most, so that they end up in a clean Favorites screen for a quick selection. If there are too many apps, I just type a few letters of the name, and the universal search finds the app for me.
It has a slot for a SIM card and is considered to be a “world phone” because it can work on both UMTS and CDMA networks over the world. It’s great for anyone who travels a lot.Blackberry OS 7Blackberry has done a lot of work under the good, and has provided many new application programming interfaces (APIs) to developers, but for the end-user, Blackberry OS7 mostly feels like OS6. In practice, Adobe Flash is not installed and there is currently no way to download it from the App World (store). We’ll see.The browser’s web page rendering is very good, and the page loading speed is comparable to competitors on iOS and Android.
Obviously, once the typing has started, the Bold 9900 leaves touch phones in the dust in terms of productivity.There are things that RIM should improve upon.

However, the selection only works with contiguous blocks of emails, which is not always efficient. The fix could be as simple as adding a checkbox for each email item so that the user can choose emails randomly before performing a group operation on them.Blackberry also has a “word substitution” feature that can greatly accelerate your email productivity.
For example, I can configure the email app to always replace “ug” by “Ubergizmo” as soon as I type “ug” and press the Space key.
Depending on how you build your own acronym system, you may be able to write using “SMS language”, but still end up with proper spelling and grammar. Relative to the latest version of Google Maps, the Blackberry Maps app looks a bit antiquated.
Google Maps on recent Android devices is faster, has more features, and phones with bigger screen do provide a larger, more readable map.
I haven’t found a good and free VOIP solution, which is too bad because competing platforms do provide those. The main reason is that it comes pre-installed on every Blackberry phone, and it is almost as reliable as SMS among Blackberry users. That said, as RIM’s market share goes down, users should rely on other solutions, such as Google Chat or other IM systems – or maybe SMS. The shutter reacts quickly and the video mode starts and stops in a timely fashion, which is always nice. Even in dim lighting, the Bold 9700 pretty much captures what you see, and most of the grain will probably be blurred by the video-compression. Overall, I would say that this is a progress when compared to the previous Bold, and it’s comparable to many recent smartphones out there. I also assume that it can play 720p files (unknown maximum bitrate) as it captures 720p files from its camera.
Conventional touch controls may not work as intended, especially two handed controls, as they may require too much space or precise finger motion. It’s not the loudest that we’ve heard, but the sound stays relatively crisp, even at maximum volume – that’s great for listening to music, although I rarely use the loudspeaker for that purpose.
The speaker is placed in  the back, just at the base of the battery cover.System PerformanceThe system performance of the Blackberry Bold 9900 is very interesting to look at. Unfortunately, we don’t have many benchmarks to measure it against, but a couple of web Javascript performance benchmarks are always a decent indicator.

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