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So just connect the clips to one of the batteries terminals (the red clip to positive, and the black clip to neg).
Charge it on a regular charger for a while, then switch to the trickle charger and all will likely be good. But the typical way for them to be wired is if you put the switch into the ALL (or sometimes called BOTH) position, that parallels the 2 batteries. Sorry to borrow from another forum but there are some good diagrams on the Cruisers and Sailors forum. Just got back from another week at Key West - time for a renovation update over the past month's progress. A new Raymarine Color HD radar was put in place with its own new hs wiring, and a closed-circuit-color video camera was installed at the top of the mast - it matches the other two cameras that are in each engine room - even in a completely darkened engine room, the infrared cam shows a beautiful, clear, black and white video image. MikeDecember 17, 2013 at 8:45 AMI was just wondering how you guys were doing with the refit.
For the two house batteries, do I connect them in parallel for best reserve use for my 12 volt accessory needs? As with my previous projects, I plan on getting all my stuff from EzAcDc, so if you want to provide part numbers, all the better!
Also, are the house batteries also going to run a 24v trolling motor or strictly 12v stuff on the boat? Batteries 2 and 3 will be wired in parallel to increase your reserve capacity, but keep the voltage at 12 volt.
With only 6 amps of available output, your engine will never fully recharge your 3 battery bank. I am ordering the switch and the cables separately, will I still get the installation instructions? I’m getting ready to purchase some boat battery wiring but am curious about cable length matching in a dual battery setup. My question is, in this setup should the positive cables running from the switch to the positive terminals of batteries #1 and #2 be of the same length?
Keep in mind that if one is considerably longer than the other (15 feet or more) you may want to consider increasing the size of the positive and negative cables to that battery to help reduce voltage drop. Your site says that it comes with 4′ Long, 2AWG Red and Black Cables with Ground Block.

Finally, since you offer custom built boat battery cables, it looks like I could measure exact lengths and customize to my application. Your existing positive boat battery cable connection will connect directly to the battery switch and your existing negative battery cable connection will connect to the ground bus. You will only be able to connect the switch to your starting battery and one of your trolling motor batteries. If you goal is to try to charge the trolling motor batteries while underway, I would consider buying one of the Charge Pro Plus marine battery chargers from Guest. If you look at the top of a plain old flooded-cell, 12-volt marine battery, you see two widely separated metal posts and plastic caps lined up to cover six holes. I wanted to hook two batteries together so I don't have to switch all the wires when one dies. One thing to watch for is if you have electric start and one of the batteries is for starting you dont want to run them both down and not have enough power to start the motor when its time to go home.If thats the case you will want to put in a battery isolator or a switch to keep your starting battery from draining. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. They are on a switch, can I charge both batts at one time with my "smart" portable charger by putting one clip on one terminal, and one clip on the other and keep a trickle charge every now and then? The charger is saying that one of the batteries has an internal problem and needs to be replaced. I have the common ground from the engine connected to the ground on battery #1 and that connection is jumped from the #1 negative terminal to the #2 battery negative terminal. The ground bus that we include in the kit is similar to the one that we sell for $14.95 with larger studs for the battery cables.
The six holes let you replace water lost from each of the battery's six cells during normal discharging and recharging. I got some 6Guage wire and attached battery terminals to each end and connected the two batteries Positive to Positive, and Negative to Negative. I have the positive from the engine going to the common lug on the selector switch and the #1 terminal on the switch going to #1 battery positive and the #2 terminal on the switch will go to the #2 battery positive. From the switch I am running two 3 foot cables to the positive terminals and one 2 foot to connect the negative terminals battery to battery.
Can I disconnect the Red wire I already have that goes from the starter to the battery and connect it to the switch?

I connect positive leads to the positive of one battery and the negative leads to the negative terminal of the other battery.There are a few things to make sure of if you want this setup to work for you. The positive side of one cell is connected to the negative side of the next in a sort of daisy chain that adds the voltages of all the cells together.The same thing happens when you wire two 12-volt batteries in series to power a 24-volt trolling motor.
You connect the negative wire from the trolling motor to the negative terminal of one battery. Next, you connect a jumper wire from the positive terminal of that same battery to the negative terminal of the second battery.
Now you have two batteries with wires connected to all but one terminal.The motor's positive power cable attaches to that last empty post, which happens to be the positive post of the second battery. Since the two batteries are daisy-chained together just like the separate cells in a single battery, we add their voltages together and get the 24 volts we need to run that trolling motor. Three batteries are daisy-chained together in series exactly the same way to get 36 volts to power a 36-volt motor.
One will feed off of and ruin the other if this percaution isn't followed.If I can get some pics of my setup I will post them for you. The trolling motor's negative power cable attaches to the negative post of the first battery. A jumper wire connects the positive post of that same battery to the negative post of the second battery. Another jumper wire is then installed between the positive post of the second battery and the negative post of the third.Now there are three batteries with only one empty battery post, the positive post of the third battery.
We can increase the running time by adding one or two more batteries to the motor's original battery and wiring them together in parallel. We simply connect all the positive battery posts together and then connect all the negative posts together. Doubling the pressure from 12 to 24 volts moves the amps twice as fast through the pipes, so two batteries are emptied by 24 volts in about the same time as one battery is emptied by 12 volts.On the other hand, if you have two identical tanks of amps piped together and you drain them at 12 volts, it takes twice as long to empty both tanks as it does to empty one.

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