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Are there any markings anywhere on the OEM BMW Battery to let us know the make date or installation date? I think the OEM BMW Battery in my car has been there since the car left the factory in Germany back in August 2001. But I'm not sure because I never heard of any OEM car Battery lasting more than 5 or 6 years.
When I bought the car in September 2008 the original owner before me had only driven it 37,000 miles in a period of 7 years. Even though the car was pristine and well maintained would there be the slightest of chances that he replaced the battery during that time of 7 years with another OEM battery.

Yes, climate is a big factor (in Nevada, it is routine to change batteries every three years or so, I hear). If you go to a indy shop, they have a battery tester where they can determine the remaining life on your OEM or other battery. With that low miles on the car, it is unlikely that is the original battery, unless a tender was used. My 323i (FL car from day one) had started on battery number three by the time it was 7 years old. My 330i (from a cooler climate) will be six years old in October and is still on the factory original.

I am sure that part of it is also 'luck of the draw', with some batteries lasting longer than other similar ones.

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