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By submitting this form, you agree that your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Global Industrial Equipment without any compensation to you. For 48 volt renewable energy battery banks or use with battery powered vehicles (Use the BLS-48B for 48 volt golf carts).Ideally mounted full time to constantly keep the batteries in optimum condition. Patented WAVE2 Technology from Battery Life Saver keeps your 24V floor scrubber and scooter batteries from failing prematurely due to suffocating sulfate crystals.
Product Description Product Specs We Also Recommend Product's Review FAQs Designed for a 24 volt battery or battery bank. Can be installed permanently to keep the batteries in optimal condition and extend battery life. Product Description Product Specs We Also Recommend Product's Review FAQs High powered version for 36 and 48 volt industrial forklift and lift trucks batteries.Ideally mounted permanently to keep the batteries in optimum condition and extend battery life.

It is the unwanted byproduct of the natural double sulfate chemical reaction that generates electricity within the battery.
Submit Ask a Question Ask a QuestionI live off the grid and have 32 deep cycle batteries charged by solar panels, seasonal hydro and a generator.
When a battery is in use, the active material on your battery’s plates, lead and lead dioxide, react with the electrolyte or sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to generate electricity. During this process a thin layer of non-crystalline solid lead sulfate is deposited on the plates.During charging, this sulfate deposit is supposed to be converted back to lead dioxide and sulfuric acid restoring the battery back to its pre-discharged state. Incomplete charging or prolonged time left in a discharged state will convert the amorphous (non-crystalline) lead sulfate into a hardened crystalized form diminishing the ability of the battery to reach full charge.
However, both of the scenarios you describe have been used and I have not heard of any one being disappointed.

The deciding factor could be that the BLS is American made and only one connection point vs. Product Description Product Specs We Also Recommend Product's Review FAQs Designed for use with 36 volt golf carts. Use this BLS-36A to rejuvenate old batteries and extend battery life in a golf cart or electric vehicle. Patented Wave? Technology, the BLS helps solve the problem of lead sulfate build-up on the battery plates.

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