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Product DescriptionPlug your BlackBerry Z10 in to the battery charger with the built-in cable, no extra cables required, and insert a spare battery for simultaneous charging. Get help, news and reviews for your BlackBerry through our comprehensive blog and growing community. N?u v?n chua d? cho nhu c?u c?a b?n, nh?ng khach hang luon k?t n?i va co s? thich v?i cac tinh nang gi?i tri online hao t?n qua nhi?u pin ho?c ti?n l?i hon khi di cong tac xa thi BlackBerry cho ra m?t b? pin s?c r?i kiem luon pin d? phong. Mo t? va hu?ng d?n:Chi?c di?n tho?i khong ch? la phuong ti?n lien l?c ma con kh?ng d?nh ca tinh, phong cach c?a b?n. Dan da lung la m?t thi?t k? m?i l? dap ?ng nhu c?u c?a nh?ng ngu?i s? d?ng di?n tho?i co xu hu?ng th?i trang, l?ch s?, sang tr?ng.

Bao da c?m tay Leather Pockket cho BlackBerry Z10 du?c thi?t k? g?n gang, om sat chi?c di?n tho?i c?a b?n giup tranh va d?p, tr?y tru?c, k?t h?p .. With an extra battery included, and lightweight portability, the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle is ideal for traveling. D? co th? ph?c v? t?t cong vi?c cho dung nghia dong smartphone thi dung lu?ng pin c?a dong L-S1 (BlackBerry Z10) da c?i thi?n m?t cach dang k? - v?i 1800 mAh. B? pin nay la m?t h?p d?ng pin s?c ? ngoai, nhung di?u thu v? ? ch?: Sau khi s?c d?y thi chung du?c xem la h?p pin d? phong, ch? c?n g?n cable k?t n?i la co th? s?c cho BlackBerry Z10, giup cho chi?c BlackBerry luon co ngu?n di?n d? tr? khi h?t pin va luon an tam khi s? d?ng. The best benefit of this charger bundle is you never have to manage your battery, you just use your phone as you wish.

Battery charges pretty quickly in this charger when connected with standard wall charger for Z10. Only issue is, when you see the green light blinking, leave the charger connected to the wall a little bit more the green light seems to come on at about 85 or 90 charge.

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    Just replaced THREE iPhone 6000.
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    The imput parameters (depanding on your battery size) sedangkan accu kering dan semi kering 14,5 - 14,9.
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    Shorter lifespan batteries have been noted.