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The DP240 is a direct plug 2.4V rechargeable screwdriver that is 100% ready to go as it is always charged, always ready-right where you need it. The Black & Decker VEC157BD Rechargeable Spotlight is one of the top selling unit in our catalog. You can purchase them by exploring the categories on the right and choose what voltage you are interested in.
For this price, the Black & Decker VEC157BD Rechargeable Spotlight is widely respected and is always a regular choice with lots of people. Black & Decker portable lighting solutions are ideal for home, auto, camping, roadside emergencies, power failures and more. Conveniently store the DP240 anywhere a socket is accessible without the mess of cords or charging cradles.

Because of the limited supply, in case it’s already out of stock just try to browse again on our categories on the sidebar. The Black & Decker VEC157BD Rechargeable Spotlight is certainly that and will be a superb buy. Many batteries are available in Nickel Metal Hydride or Li-Ion which can store up to six times more charge than Nickel Cadmium.
Black & Decker have provided some excellent touches and this equals great value for money. This model has a powerful quartz halogen bulb and two ultra bright LED work lights which delivers a bright, tight beam. Or you can get an equivalent model made by other company with same features by browsing the categories placed on the sidebar.

If you need a spare battery, there are high capacity alternative batteries available with a special kind of battery cell like Nickel Metal Hydride or Li-Ion with longer run time. These kinds of battery utilizes a completely different charger, so be sure to verify your current charger if they are compatible. Otherwise, you also have to buy a fresh charger based on the type of battery you want, to avoid breaking the unit. Built-in 120 volts AC charger, just plug into any household extension cord or outlet to recharge.

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