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If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. That reminds me of the time that same old friend took an old Volvo PV544 and wanted to make a dune buggy out of it. Tweet Package Includes: Velocity Toys RC Truck, Lithium Battery with USB Charging Cable, Remote Control Product Features Manufactured by Velocity Toys!
Working Suspension with Front Spring Shocks & Hinged Rear with Dual Metal Spring Shock Absorbers! RC Construction Toys also partners with other product providers to offer you a variety of choices for your online shopping.

The owner of this incredible machine, however, did say that to himself, and I spotted the result parked in front of a Denver wrecking yard. This beast gets driven on the street for everyday errands such as junkyard shopping expeditions. He cut off the roof and when he went to drive it around his neigborhood to see what would happen, being a unibody and all. Well, it immediately collapsed in the middle, rendering it instant junk! When you purchase items via those links the site owner does receive a commission for the sale.
Basically on the VW Buses there is a seam that you can cut along in order to shorten one or add a mid-section from another van giving you an easy stretch van.

Has run it with VW power and Buick V-6 power and apparently when I last looked the transmission was the weak link. He still does fool around with cars as he is a bodyman and has the equipment to still play around.

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