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WiFi Better Battery is an Android app which improves battery life and makes WiFi connections more secure. Without internet access, a smartphone is a normal phone with basic features like calling, sending text messages and taking pictures.
Also, when signal is low, the phone will use a lot of battery juice because it works harder to keep the connectivity alive.
This app is a great option if you want to save battery life and also enhance security when connecting to different WiFi networks. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The best iPhone battery tips & tricks for longer life are very simple and will keep your battery healthy.
The battery in your iPhone is made out of Lithium-ion and these types of batteries have a limited number of life cycles before they must be replaced. Exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures quickly drains the battery and damages the Lithium-ion battery. If you have noticed when your iPhone gets to hot you won’t be able to get access and will have to wait for it to cool down. Following last year’s article on future technology trends, I decided to reiterate the invitation to peek into the near future and to see what are the best bets in terms of technology.
There are many interesting projects to look for next year, but I will focus on things that are of great importance to us, things that we use in our daily life, things that could change our life for the better in the years to come.
Apple opened a door in the security domain, and most companies will probably follow this trend. I just read an article that HP is planning a mainstream 3D printer that’s affordable and faster than current similar devices. This technology will mark a new era in security, surgery and in robotics, allowing for more complex algorithms and faster responses. This trend is not new, but I can’t say that it was really embraced by the customers (so far). Seeing some of the cars exhibited at Geneva Motor Show, I understood that the future is all about electric cars and auto pilot cars. Copyright © 2013-2015 CoreDore ~ Tech and Science Blog - Coredore is web blog focused on technology news, cool gadgets and electronic devices. Apple has already saturated the consumer market with its tablets, so it partnered with IBM to push business sales. From indestructible glass to a replaceable battery, we run through the features that could make the next iPad a game-changer. Sapphire is more scratch resistant than Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which has been used on previous iPhone models.
Introducing a reversible USB cable is a little thing that would improve the iPad user experience, especially for people who find themselves glued to their tablets. While we’re on the topic of charging, wireless charging would be a major perk for the next iPad, just for the convenience factor.
The iPad Air 2 already has 264 pixels per inch, but we think there’s no such thing as a display with too many pixels.

Although we don’t think Apple will add removable storage to the iPad anytime soon, it would making customizing the tablet a whole lot easier, and potentially less expensive. Apple likes to present its products in sleek colors like silver, gray, and gold, but what about a red iPad?
We think the iPad deserves as much customization as Apple has in store for the Apple Watch.
This technology is already in the Apple Watch, it would be great if it made an appearance on the iPad Air 3. The Home button is already used to talk to Siri and return users to their home screen, but we think there are situation-specific opportunities to use the Home button for other functions.
It would be cool if you could program it to, say, open the Camera if you tapped it three times.
Depending on what kind of pants you wear, the iPhone 6 Plus may stick out of your jeans pocket.
The iPhone 6 Plus has a higher pixel density (401 pixels per inch) than the iPhone 6 (326 pixels per inch).
Some people are reporting that the iPhone 6 Plus bends if you keep it in your pocket for too long. To know what all things only an android phone can do, read this – Things only an android phone can do.
Global Positioning System(GPS) is a huge battery hog, as it harnesses data from the cell phone towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and phone’s Global Positioning System chip to find your location. Location history and location reporting are two GPS based services with somewhat unclear motives. It is needless to say that each firmware update brings features and fixes that improves the performance of the device. If you are not using the mobile data then why should we let it consume the precious battery life? If your smartphone takes longer than a minute to sleep then it is  your display that is mainly draining out your battery. This content is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on other websites,print media,internet and social networking websites without permission.Legal action would be taken if copyright infringement takes place.
Today, everyone has one WiFi network on their houses and some people have multiple routers for better and faster internet connection. When your phone disconnects from a network, the app will automatically turn off the antenna to save battery. Over time the battery of your iPhone or iPad battery will lose capacity to keep a long life over a period of the lifetime of your Apple device. This will only be noticeable if you keep your iPhone for a long period of time or purchase a used iPhone after it has been used for several years. An example of this is when your leave your iPhone out by the pool in the heat or use your iPhone at the mountain in the winter. If your options are limited in extreme hot conditions, try covering your iPhone and protecting it with shade to reduce the amount of heat exposed to your iPhone. This means that we’ll have faster and thinner smartphones and tablets, larger storage capacities packed in smaller hardware cases and thinner TVs with higher resolutions.

Samsung already decided to implement a similar security feature in their Galaxy S5 and I expect this technology to be present in many gadgets that will be released next year.
Scientists are looking for alternative ways to create batteries, and if 2015’s batteries will feature at least some of these technologies, we can expect electronic devices with longer usage time. 2015 could be the year when we’ll be able to buy a 3d printer at a reasonable price so we can design and print our own smartphone cases, plastic cars parts, masks and maquettes. Also, quantum computing could help the development of the first real time speech-to-speech translation.
Now, Google announced their own smartwatch, so you know it is not something that will soon fade away.
Although most of these projects were just teasing the technology, car manufacturers like Tesla Motors went the extra mile and they have created an appealing vehicle, the Tesla Model S, that will draw customers’ attention. It would lengthen the iPad’s replacement cycle, which could spur companies to issue the kind of purchase orders Apple has been looking for. But if you find yourself debating between the two devices, here’s a quick look at the most important differences between them.
The battery use is directly linked to the GPS usage, the more your phone surveys you location, the more battery it consumes. You can change your settings on your smartphone so that you can use only 2G networks for calls and messages, if your want to surf or browse then switch to 3G or LTE. With Android 7.0, Doze will work not only when your phone is not in use, but also when the screen is turned off. Even though WiFi is better than mobile data when it comes to 4G, there is still room for improvement. Many people think that draining the battery of your iPhone is good for your phone, but it’s actually not. In the upcoming year, I expect smartwatches that will be more than an extension to your smartphone, but rather smartwatches that will be all-in-one gadgets.
Also, just like Google’s auto pilot car project, Tesla promised to release a self-driving vehicle by 2016. But you’ll have to connect to WiFi manually, but what you get in return is a longer battery life.
This method actually is bad for your iPhone and has negative effects on the battery health of your iPhone. So, in 2015 we’ll probably see the tablets, keylocks, storage units and other devices using this technology. Smartphones have an important role in our life, and 2015 will probably bring a new wave of devices that will last from 3 to 10 days per single charge. To get performance boost for your android device now, read this – Get android latest update for performance boost right now. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMETECH LIFE SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "Android N vs Android Marshmallow: 10 new features" slideshow?

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