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Originally Posted by huha How much does it cost the usb board and ribbon Read 2 or 3 posts before yours, where I quoted kevin, he gives the price there.

Hello guys, here's what I did with my s4 not charging few days ago, my battery was drained then I charged it then the gray battery appeared and it keeps vibrating while showing the gray battery, so here's what I did, I removed the battery and I took a hair blower, I blowered the charger port around 5-6 inches away then I connect the phone into the charger and it started working again, you guys can try it if you want to, it did work to me. I'm using a radio shack charger that I bought as I'm traveling which would work occasionally (not very often).
It did get water in the charging port, that is the only thing on the phone that won't work. I don't want to pay $199 insurance deductible for a replacement phone if this DIY replacement of the port will work.
Desktop-replacement notebooks aim to walk the line between power and portability very carefully, often challenging our views of what constitutes a notebook. Best laptops 2016 - cnet, Cnet editors choose the best laptops and notebooks, covering ultraportable laptops, desktop replacement laptops, thin and light laptops, and more.. Samsung reviews, ratings, pricing - laptop computers, Samsung reviews, ratings, and pricing.
Laptop buying guide - cnet, Our best tips and buying advice when shopping for a new laptop, hybrid, or windows tablet..
Best laptops 2016 - cnet, Cnet editors choose laptops notebooks, covering ultraportable laptops, desktop replacement laptops, thin light laptops, ..
Ultrabooks to netbooks, big-screen gamers to budget machines: We tested a ton of notebooks in 2011.
As 2011 drew to a close, in addition to changing up the look of our Web site, we also switched around how we categorize laptops a bit.
Most of the machines that fall into this category of notebooks, which have screens of 15.1 inches or larger (measured diagonally), are geared for entertainment.
They're not nearly as portable as, say, netbooks or ultraportables; indeed, these behemoths can have screens as large as 21 inches and weigh more than 10 pounds.

You can read more about the Apple MacBook Pro in our editors' picks extravaganza, The Top 100 Tech Products of 2009.
They offer at least marginal portability for the few times you might need it, but they focus mostly on delivering processing and graphics power, lots of screen area to enjoy, and as many ports and features as possible.Our readers chose the Dell Studio XPS 16 in 2009, and for good reason. Enter the Acer Aspire Ethos AS8951G-9600, a sleek media-centric machine with a mega-size 18.4-inch screen.
Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads A mixed Xperiance Reviewed: Sony Xperia X Performance The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!! We, too, struggled between the Apple MacBook Pro (our readers' runner-up) and this Dell machine, ultimately coming down on the other side of the fence, but in the end, it mostly comes down to being a Mac or a PC. Sleek, minimalist design is a given in anything modern and Apple, and this 17-inch-screened beauty has a peppy selection of CPUs and storage, no matter how you configure it. It has just about all of the creature comforts you could ask for in a desk-bound laptop.What makes it a winner?The Aspire Ethos AS8951G-9600 is both a mouthful and a handful—and surprisingly full of innovation.
The extra real estate on the Ethos AS8951G-9600 gives you plenty of room to have two application windows open side by side. What’s more, the Acer’s panel is full HD (1,920x1,080) resolution.Who should buy it?It would be easy to say everyone who loves movies and media should buy this entertainment notebook, but that's not quite right.
I was using apple for last 7 years and recently switched to android and s4 is my first android phone. Really, this is a perfect laptop for those who don't want to outfit a small apartment or spare room with a full-fledged home entertainment system, or those who want their whole media-consumption platform to be (somewhat) mobile, with as few compromises as possible.

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