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The first question you have to ask yourself is what’s the advantage of using a solar car battery charger vs.
Because a solar unit does not require AC power, you have the flexibility to put the unit nearly anywhere it will get solar energy.  Some units don’t even require direct sunlight giving you even more flexibility. Typical solar car battery chargers will be less efficient than their AC cousins and so they will take longer to charge. Solar energy is only available in daytime, so for about half the day, no charging is possible.  Even when the sun is out a solar charger will be affected by cloud cover, humidity, and dust. Solar chargers are more expensive than equivalently powered AC chargers even when considering that there are zero operating costs for the solar unit.  This is because AC power is generally very inexpensive and it is likely that the solar panel’s life span will be shorter than the time it would take for a solar charger to pay back the difference.
So really it’s up to you whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for your situation.  That being said, this article is about choosing a solar car battery chargers after you’ve made the decision to buy one. Below I have listed the key specifications you need to consider when purchasing a solar unit along with an explanation and then the most common features also with explanation for each so you can compare apples to apples.
Let’s look first at the key specifications you need to consider when purchasing solar car battery chargers.
Your vehicle will most likely have a 12 volt battery but, it’s possible in the case of garden tractors and classic cars, that it might have a 6 volt battery.  Be sure your charger matches your battery type. Given that solar car battery chargers all work about the same way with some differences in efficiency between panel types, you can be sure of two things.  The more watts the charger provides, the more expensive the unit will be, and the larger the solar panels will be. There are basically two types of solar panels used in solar car battery chargers with some more flexible options for the same types. These panels are heavier but, smaller in size than thin film of the same power.  They are more efficient than thin film and have a longer lifespan. Works like mono-chrystalline but can be bent up to 30% bend angle making it more durable and usable in more applications. If you want to use your charger in a more permanent location, extra long wire or extra wire is essential to allow you to place the solar panel in the ideal location for charging.  Having a variety of connectors will allow you to handle the charging and maintenance needs of a variety battery types. Not all solar car battery chargers are designed to be installed outdoors.  If your application is outdoors, make sure your choice has that capability referenced in its features. Some of the more expensive models come with the ability to condition or desulfate your battery lengthening its life.
Weight will be determined by the size of the solar panel and controller.  Make sure that if weight is a concern in your application that you pay attention to the weight of the overall system. Warranties vary greatly by manufacturer and the type of jump starter.  All other things being equal, a longer warranty may tip the balance in favor of one charger over another. I think you can see that there is a lot more to the selection than just price.  For a comparison of popular units, please see our article Solar Panel Battery Charger Top 5 for 2013. Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. That said, here is a thread that’s older, but has some good information that might help you. Installing a solar car battery charger on your car not only means that you will never be left without juice again but it can also extend the life of your battery.

People use their solar chargers for all sorts of things, the versatility and portability of these devices is astounding.1. You'll get less power of course but the solar car battery charger will continue to operate.
Solar energy car batterychargers come in a variey of prices but it is not worth being a cheapskate here especially if you have a diesel engine as they tend to use more power to start up thus bigger batteries. Below you can find a selection of quality solar car charger from various retailers recommended by Think Solar Power!
That doesn't mean, however, that it can't keep you out of a complicated situation.It's no fun when you turn your car key in the ignition and hear a clicking noise instead of an engine starting. This charger has overcharge protection and comes with cigarette lighter adapter, battery clamps, and suction cups.Those few models should get you started on your way, but don't limit your possibilities.
The charger is easy to install, requires no extra maintenance, is a doddle to use, looks discreet and will protect your car battery against the discharge process that occurs naturally in most cars. Walking and using public transport are naturally always better means for getting around or commuting. This is not just annoying but also harmful to the environment – as battery life is shortened if it’s not kept charged.
The solar charger lies on the car dashboard below the windscreen, catching solar rays and converting that energy into 12 volts DC. The solar panel itself is provided with specific THINFILM technology, which helps to absorb a wider spectrum of natural light. About Real GiftsReal Gifts has ethical shopping, charity giving and Fairtrade products at its heart. We're a small Edinburgh based company called MoMa Limited that's been making websites since 2007.
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Lightweight and portable – Recharges up to four AA rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries. I hope this article has been helpful in preparing you for making a buying decision for solar car battery chargers. Or would it better better to have another port installed (perhaps on the front bumper) that is connected directly to the battery? Solar chargers for car batteries are relatively inexpensive, require no maintenance and little space.The other advantage of installing one pf these handy little devices in your car is that you will never be left without power for any of your devices wherever you are. The best place to install the solar panel is generally on the dashboard or ont he inside of the windscreen. The main purpose of these car battery chargers is for when you have to leave your car for a long period of time somewhere.
You might even close your eyes and think to yourself: "Oh, shoot!" (or something like that).

More companies than ever are producing portable panels that are reliable and cost-effective.Check out our pages on folding solar panels and flexible solar panels for some higher power options.
On the days when you’re doing your bit for the world by leaving the car at home, you can also do a service to the environment by prolonging your battery life in a natural way. However, it’s not always possible and when we use our cars infrequently or make short quick trips, there is always the danger that our car batteries get eventually discharged. This means that the charger can easily be used even in our cloudy – and sometimes rather gloomy – climate as well as on bright hot summer days. While they provide power for your cameras and other devices, disposed batteries prove to be a major threat to the environment. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Thinking I want some convenience of not having to open hood and connect alligator clips each time I charge battery. These 12 volt car battery chargers can be used for charging all manor of batteries including those from wheelchairs, mobility scooters, jet skis, boats and so on.
The charger will stop the battery from going flat while ensuring that it does not overcharge.2. Taking a little time to find a solar charger for your car now might save you a lot of time, money, and frustration later. Because our cars are equipped with so many different gadgets and widgets from alarm systems to clocks and lights. This means simply that it helps to keep the battery charged above 12.4V, which is the level to be maintained for car batteries to make sure they work properly. Charge times are as little as 3 hours in full direct sun for a single 700mA AA battery, but allow longer for higher capacity batteries or if charging a larger number of batteries.
This Christmas promote the benefits of solar power and rechargeable batteries with the Solar AA battery charger. Camper vans and RVs generally sit for a long periods of time and their batteries are used a lot for a multitude of purposes. Please note charge times will vary significantly with light levels, battery make, state of charge and capacity.
The device recharges up to four AA rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries using the power of the sun.
A solar car battery charger can ensure that your batteries never run out of juice although if you are considering using solar as your main power source on a camping trip then make sure you buy one big enough to suit your energy consumption requirements.3. If your alternator breaks in your car you won't be able to start your engine, unless of course you have invested in a solar charger.4.
As I mentioned earlier these devices are not just for cars and they can be used for a multitude of vehicles and electrical items which run off 12 volts.

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