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Which is the Best Car Battery Brand?This is a discussion on Which is the Best Car Battery Brand? Originally Posted by gpa Was looking around inside the bonnet of my recently acquired Brio today and noticed that it has a SF as an OEM fitment from Honda. Jump-started the car and drive home and come Saturday morning took the car to my friendly neighborhood battery guy who confirmed one very weak cell and low cranking voltage of 9V. Was going to choose Amara Raja (Amron) Battery, but the 1st seller was expressing doubts if any other battery except 50-DIN would fit, & 2nd seller was taking time to respond. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post OEM car battery life - How long did your OE battery last? Although OPTIMA is a brand of Johnson Controls, OPTIMA is still manufacturing batteries in their state-of-the-art facilities and batteries and chargers are their only focus.  Also, OPTIMA batteries are different than traditional batteries in that they all use Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology and SPIRALCELL TECHOLOGY that when combined give OPTIMA batteries a distinct edge in performance and durability. You will often pay more for an OPTIMA battery, but in this case you’re paying for more expensive technology rather than a longer-life insurance policy.  If you’re looking for a durable battery with more cranking power, more cycles, and state-of-the-art technology, an OPTIMA battery may be the best car battery brand for you.
At the heart of every OPTIMA battery is a series of six individual spiral-wound cells made up of two pure (99.99%) continuous-cast lead strips manufactured with a precise coating of lead oxide and separated by OPTIMA’s proprietary micro-fiberglass blend. These six “Jelly Roll” cells are inserted into a precision-molded cylindrical case made of virgin polypropylene that ensures perfect and uniform compression and a contaminant- and impurity-free environment.
In traditional flooded batteries, the positive and negative grids are hung inside a box submerged in an acid solution.  With AGM batteries, positive and negative plates are separated by an absorbent glass mat that holds the electrolyte like a sponge minimizing the potential for electrolyte spillage in high vibration environments. OPTIMAAGM batteries also use a higher 99.99% pure virgin lead than many other AGM and typical flooded cell batteries extending battery and increasing performance by reducing power-robbing contaminants and gassing. OPTIMA batteries’ lower internal resistance combined with a greater plate surface area contributes to OPTIMA’s outstanding starting power, faster recharging, and higher voltages during discharge. With their spiral-wound cells and precision manufactured, high-performance outer cases, OPTIMA batteries are virtually spill-proof (even when cracked or damaged) and withstand higher-vibration environments.
OPTIMA’s unique design gives their batteries higher cranking power in a smaller, lighter-weight package. You will be able to apply higher charges during recharging due to OPTIMA’s ability to accept higher charge voltages than traditional batteries. You get more power-per-pound than traditional lead-acid plate batteries thanks to OPTIMA’s higher-efficiency, spiral-wound cells and close-tolerance manufacturing processes.
You can expect a longer service life from OPTIMA batteries due to their lower-gassing design, more-durable spiral-wound cells, and their tough outer cases. Few would argue that OPTIMA makes great batteries, but how do you choose the model that’s right for you?  We have provided some information below that will help you pick the right OPTIMA battery.  It’s all in the colors! The OPTIMA YELLOWTOP is the most likely battery you will need for your car.  It is ideal for accessory-loaded cars and trucks that will repeatedly be brought back from deep power drains to full charge while still providing maximum starting power over and over. Get up to 2X longer battery life with an OPTIMA YELLOWTOP than a traditional lead-acid plate battery.
The YELLOWTOP is a true dual-purpose automotive battery with both premium cranking power and remarkable cycling capability. With lower internal resistance the YELLOWTOP will provide more consistent power output and faster recharging.

Get up to 15X the vibration resistance from the YELLOWTOP spillproof, maintenance-free design that can be mounted in virtually any position. OPTIMA REDTOP batteries are designed for starting applications and deliver the strongest burst of ignition power for reliable starting every time. Resistant to the most common causes of battery failure and with its high-power delivery, the REDTOP is ideal for applications that require a spillproof starting battery.
The OPTIMA BLUETOP battery is designed to provide longer running time and more recharges than a traditional battery. You will enjoy up to 3X more recharges with an OPTIMA BLUETOP battery than with traditional lead-acid plate batteries.
You will spend less time worrying about your battery with the BLUETOP’s efficient power delivery, faster recharge time, sure-starting, strong-cranking, maintenance-free, and vibration resistance.
Thanks for reading!  I hope this article has given you valuable information you can use when choosing the best car battery brand for you!
Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. Electric cars have been a common sight on the road for several years now, with many owners having made their first purchase of an electric car better than five years ago.
The common reason these owners prefer the electric car is that driving one is almost entirely stress-free. The amount of money saved on fuel is one of the main reasons given for electric car preference. Some owners just use the electric car as a second car to a conventional or hybrid car, so they do not need to use it for long distance trips. They are a member of a car club, or otherwise hire a car for their occasional long distance trips. It is not an issue for most drivers that there is no existing nationwide charging network at the moment. The range will decrease by 35-40 percent as nickel metal hydride and lead acid batteries reach the end of their lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries will decrease in range by 20-25 percent as it nears the time when they have to be replaced. Another issue that some owners have is the non-existence of servicing agents for their electric cars. From Guest Blogger Angie Mansfield: Where Will the Electric Car Industry Be in the Next Few Years? I will keep very close watch on the battery in the Brio considering that you have experienced problems.
The car cranked up fine the next morning, but I didn't want to risk having another sudden episode especially since there are a few long drives planned in the coming months. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Because of the continued advances being made in electric car technology there are some electric car owners who are already into their second or third car.

Add to that the convenience of never having to go to the gas station to get the tank filled up.
The amount of money that you shell out for these leasing plans is still cheaper, over the long term, than buying fuel for your conventional car, but also still very expensive. Some guarantees are extended for up to ten years to protect owners from unforeseen battery maintenance expenses.
An electric car is typically the same as any other car, but the electronics aspect of the car requires a specialist for maintenance and repairs.
So I thought it was about time to write a post on the topic.When it comes to batteries application must be considered first. The majority of owners who have been questioned have been proud owners of electric cars for two or more years and have said that they are so satisfied with their cars that they are planning to purchase another electric car to replace their old one.
All the electric car owner has to do is charge the car at home overnight and it is all set to go.
The prognosis that that outlook will change is expected, however, as more people choose electric over fossil fuels.
Again, as this sector of transportation evolves and grows, the issues that trouble consumers are slowly being resolved.
Beyond just an automobile application, you should consider things like off road use, high or low temperatures, and short frequent trips vs. The stock Exide in my (self-start only) bike lasted 3 years before I had to replace it due to a wrong diagnosis. A nationwide charging network will not only be used more frequently, but the demand for more charging points will lead to network growth, making car charging easier than ever and long distance travel a normal part of life.
That more and more car dealers are now servicing electric cars may be the case, but this issue is still a big consideration when deciding whether to purchase an electric car or not. The Brio completed 4 years on May 19, 2016 and the next day (May 20) the car wouldn't crank in the evening. Now the OE SF Sonic battery in my the present car is about to enter its 6th year of service from July. I did not change it earlier as my use for Ritz became virtually NIL since when I moved to home in Delhi. Meaning, at that point your battery may be discharging and not charging at all.Not fully charging lowers the batteries service life due to excessive sulfation. The typical warranty periods for batteries is 3 to 5 years.Most batteries will make their warranty periods even with little or no maintenance.
Just bring the old battery back for a refund of the core charge.Batteries come in all sizes to fit different cars.
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