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The Reserve Capacity (RC) is an important metric that refers to the standing power of the vehicle. Before looking at brands, you should consult you car owner’s manual to see what their recommended brand is. A freshly manufactured lead-acid car battery is 100% charged, but sitting on the retail shelf for months it gradually self-discharges. Bring a wrench or a combination of sockets and a ratchet for bolts that fasten cables to battery terminals and hold the battery clamp. Turn off the ignition switch, all electrical switches and breakers and electronic and electrical accessories and appliances in the car. Disconnect the grounded negative (-) black cable first from the old battery in your car because this will minimize the possibility of shorting the battery when you remove the other cables.
Thoroughly wash and clean the old battery and tray (case or box) with warm water and brush to minimize problems from acid or corrosion.
Clean the cable terminals with a wire brush and baking soda and water if they're corroded or dirty. Connect the positive (+) red cable to the positive (+) terminal, tighten the hold-down bracket. Connect the negative (-) black cable to the negative (-) terminal and tighten its hold-down bracket as well.
When disconnecting the car battery you will lose the radio station presets, emissions computer settings, or radio security codes (some vehicle manufacturers - as an anti-theft measure - disable the radio if the power is cut until a special security code is entered). Car batteries contain lead, acid, and plastic, and are dangerous to both you and the environment if disposed of incorrectly.
Fed up by the many faults of old-school batteries, OPTIMA decided to start from scratch to engineer a better car battery. The OPTIMA Red Top Battery delivers a powerful burst of ignition power for a reliable start-up every time. Interstate Batteries has earned a solid reputation for top-quality products, consistently reliable service and business innovations. When it comes time to select a new battery, you need to consider exactly what your needs are. If you’re still not sure whether to choose OPTIMA vs Interstate, take a look at the thousands of car battery reviews available at AutoAnything. So I thought it was about time to write a post on the topic.When it comes to batteries application must be considered first. The RC is the time in minutes that the battery can supply the minimum voltage to keep car running in the event that the fan belt or alternator fails. CCA is a measure of the amount of amps a specific model will support for half a minute during 0 degree weather. The blue top is for RV’s and marine boats, the yellow top for deep cycling, and the red for automotive starting.
However, Diehard batteries do last a while and are highly recommended by a variety of sources.
Put it in a small plastic bag or cloth around it so that it will not touch the metal frame or engine components. To prevent this from happening you can temporarily connect a second 12-volt battery in parallel to the electrical system before changing a car battery.
Do not put automotive batteries left after car battery replacement with other household recyclables in curbside bins.

The best car battery chargers can quickly juice up your battery, getting you back on the road. But when you choose a battery from one of the most respected names in the game, like OPTIMA or Interstate, you’re setting yourself up for success. Making breakthroughs in design and performance, OPTIMA completely redefined the capabilities of the car battery with their Spiralcell Technology.
For more than 60 years, Interstate has been designing high-quality replacement car batteries.
If you’re looking for a lightweight battery that can run your hydraulic system or power your winch, you may want to check out the OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery. You can see exactly what people are saying about the various car batteries available and research based on your specific vehicle. We are delighted to be of assistance in finding the right auto parts for you, be they car parts, truck parts or SUV parts.
Beyond just an automobile application, you should consider things like off road use, high or low temperatures, and short frequent trips vs. To enable you to power your vehicle at a cost effective price, we bring in a huge selection of used car batteries in Houston TX that are just not pocket friendly but prove a valuable replacement of faulty batteries as well.
Unfortunately, batteries do not last forever and eventually you will have to find a new one that fits your vehicle. Also if you bring it to an automotive store then you might get some cash or a discount for the exchange. The correct option for you will have all these qualities and fit with your car specifications. Read the following guide on how to change a car battery, what equipment you need and how to recycle the old battery. If you don't have a charger or time, just installing the battery and driving away is also acceptable. The temporary battery can be connected either over the battery cable leads or to the cigarette lighter plug if it is active when the ignition key is off (you can test this by pushing in the lighter).
When you buy a new car battery many shops will even pay you in exchange for your dead car battery. Designed to withstand the test of time, Interstate and OPTIMA batteries ensure your ride has the power it needs to get you wherever you need to go. While other batteries are filled with flat sheets of lead, an OPTIMA car battery is filled with tightly coiled rolls. One of the few true dual-purpose automotive batteries, an OPTIMA Yellow Top battery is perfectly suited for your tractor or forklift battery. When you choose an Interstate battery, you can be certain you’re choosing a battery that was made with quality and design in mind.
When you’re choosing the best truck battery or best auto battery, take a look at the car battery accessories available as well. If in fact you do need a new one, then realize that you can save a lot of money by buying a new one and installing it yourself.
It also provides electricity for power windows, power locks, lights, and your car accessories.
Diehard batteries can only be purchased at Sears and come with a three year replacement warranty.
You can buy such a car memory keeper that plugs into your 12V cigarette lighter (with or without a 9V battery) at electronics and auto stores for $10.

Not only does this ingenious design protect the lead from vibration, but it also keeps the batteries 100% maintenance free.
With premium cranking power and impressive cycling capability, this heavy-duty battery is also perfect for trucks with winches and vehicles with high-demand electronics and audio systems.
Keep your ride equipped with a car battery maintainer or a portable car jump starter to make sure you don’t get stranded in a crunch.
It would be a waste of money to buy a brand with additional CCA if you don’t need it. When choosing a new model, it’s wise to look for one with a long free-replacement period. Read on to learn the features and benefits of Interstate and OPTIMA’s most popular offerings. Plus, off-road enthusiasts can explore the unknown without worry since OPTIMA batteries can flip a full 180° without leaking. An OPTIMA Blue Top boasts exceptional running time and more recharges than you’d get out of any other traditional battery. Typically, the right one will be the freshest, heaviest, and equipped with the largest reserve capacity and cold cranking amp performance.
These accessories can range from sound systems, hydraulics, and anything else you can think of.
It’s also good to note that warranties can be voided if there are signs of neglect such as improper installation or low water levels. The electrolyte, especially sulfuric acid, can be neutralized, repurposed, or converted into sodium sulfate used in fertilizers or dyes. With three powerful options to choose from, there’s a high-performance OPTIMA battery to suit any use. This makes it the perfect marine battery for boats with trolling motors, extensive electronic systems or an accessory-laden RV. There are certain brands that have all of these characteristics, but you need to do your due diligence and make sure it will fit your vehicle. Buying the wrong size is a huge waste of time and money, so just make sure you have the right size before you buy.
It can be difficult to translate the date codes because every manufacturer has its own unique format. Many local recycling depots, battery recycling companies, landfills, and transfer stations will accept car batteries free of charge for disposal. Meaning, at that point your battery may be discharging and not charging at all.Not fully charging lowers the batteries service life due to excessive sulfation.
The typical warranty periods for batteries is 3 to 5 years.Most batteries will make their warranty periods even with little or no maintenance. Just bring the old battery back for a refund of the core charge.Batteries come in all sizes to fit different cars. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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