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First it’s important to recognize that there are only a few battery manufacturers in the U.S. With that in mind, it might be more appropriate to say that Delphi, Exide, or Johnson Controls Industries makes the best car battery rather than any particular brand.
If you look at the most trusted names in car batteries, they would have to be Optima, Diehard, Duralast, and Interstate.  So, everything else being equal, I believe Johnson Controls makes the best batteries. YellowTop batteries are designed for everyday use in your car or SUV and provide the power you need for today’s electronics-loaded vehicles. RedTop batteries are designed for tougher applications like trucks, large SUVs, hot rods, and weekend racers and provide extra starting power. With their patented SPIRALCELL Technology for performance and their vibration resistance, Optima YellowTop batteries are great for performance vehicles or your family car.  Optima YellowTop batteries are built for the extremes so that you don’t have to worry about starting and running when the going gets tough. Audiophiles will appreciate the cleaner power and higher voltage output of the Optima YellowTop.
Optima batteries hold a higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle giving it more stored power compared to standard batteries.
Optima YellowTop batteries have cells that are tightly compressed into supportive chambers giving them 15 times the resistance to vibration than standard batteries.  You can expect the Optima 8040-218-FFP to last longer than a standard battery even enduring the toughest environments. Dirt, moisture, heat or extreme conditions won’t stop your Optima battery from delivering uninterrupted power. You don’t have to worry about acid leaks or spills making this Optima battery clean, user-friendly, and environmentally sound. I hope this article has given you valuable information that you can use when comparing 12-volt lead-acid batteries for your car.
Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions.
Fed up by the many faults of old-school batteries, OPTIMA decided to start from scratch to engineer a better car battery. The OPTIMA Red Top Battery delivers a powerful burst of ignition power for a reliable start-up every time. Interstate Batteries has earned a solid reputation for top-quality products, consistently reliable service and business innovations. When it comes time to select a new battery, you need to consider exactly what your needs are. If you’re still not sure whether to choose OPTIMA vs Interstate, take a look at the thousands of car battery reviews available at AutoAnything. April 25, 2014 by Review-Maestro If your car battery keeps letting you down, perhaps it is time to get a new one that will last you for a long time.
I have scoured the market to find some of the top-performing batteries on the market, and as a result have compiled this guide. Another reason that to choose this particular car battery is because it has vibration-resistance built into it, which means that even if your car vibrates a lot or if the battery is subjected to sudden shock, it won’t pop loose or be damaged in any way. You won’t need to add any water to the engine or battery, because it doesn’t require any sort of maintenance.

This battery is quite unique in that it can be mounted upright or sideways inside your car, and you will never have to worry about the battery acid spilling out, since this particular battery was designed to be spill-free.
If you are trying to find the best car battery for the money, you should definitely consider one of my top three recommendations. Each of them has a wide array of benefits and features that can help you and give you a lot of use out of these batteries for several years to come. What is the Best TV Brand for 2016?Television sets have become an essential part of any home. The best car battery chargers can quickly juice up your battery, getting you back on the road. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
So I thought it was about time to write a post on the topic.When it comes to batteries application must be considered first. But when you choose a battery from one of the most respected names in the game, like OPTIMA or Interstate, you’re setting yourself up for success.
Making breakthroughs in design and performance, OPTIMA completely redefined the capabilities of the car battery with their Spiralcell Technology.
For more than 60 years, Interstate has been designing high-quality replacement car batteries. If you’re looking for a lightweight battery that can run your hydraulic system or power your winch, you may want to check out the OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery. You can see exactly what people are saying about the various car batteries available and research based on your specific vehicle. But how can you choose the right battery, and how do you know which features you need and which you don’t? If you are trying to find the best car battery for the money, keep reading and I will show you some of the top models.
The battery is also tolerant of extreme temperatures, which means that when you go on a trip to an area with extremely hot temperatures, it won’t overheat, and if you go somewhere with cold temperatures, the battery won’t freeze.
This battery also maintains its specific gravity for up to 3 times longer than most other car batteries on the market, saving money and replacements. In the event that anything goes wrong with the battery, you are guaranteed a replacement for 36 months.
Also, under normal operating conditions, the battery won’t release any harmful gases, which is certain to keep you and I safe as we drive our cars. Beyond just an automobile application, you should consider things like off road use, high or low temperatures, and short frequent trips vs.
Designed to withstand the test of time, Interstate and OPTIMA batteries ensure your ride has the power it needs to get you wherever you need to go. While other batteries are filled with flat sheets of lead, an OPTIMA car battery is filled with tightly coiled rolls. One of the few true dual-purpose automotive batteries, an OPTIMA Yellow Top battery is perfectly suited for your tractor or forklift battery.

When you choose an Interstate battery, you can be certain you’re choosing a battery that was made with quality and design in mind. When you’re choosing the best truck battery or best auto battery, take a look at the car battery accessories available as well. To enable you to power your vehicle at a cost effective price, we bring in a huge selection of used car batteries in Houston TX that are just not pocket friendly but prove a valuable replacement of faulty batteries as well. This particularbattery has 3 to 10 years of service life, which means you won’t have to spendridiculous amounts of money replacing a battery in my car every few years or so.
Not only does this ingenious design protect the lead from vibration, but it also keeps the batteries 100% maintenance free. With premium cranking power and impressive cycling capability, this heavy-duty battery is also perfect for trucks with winches and vehicles with high-demand electronics and audio systems.
Keep your ride equipped with a car battery maintainer or a portable car jump starter to make sure you don’t get stranded in a crunch. This battery also recharges faster than most batteries, which means that you can get years of use out of it.
It is spill-proof, which means that no battery acid will ever leak out of it and damage your car engine or driveway. Read on to learn the features and benefits of Interstate and OPTIMA’s most popular offerings. Plus, off-road enthusiasts can explore the unknown without worry since OPTIMA batteries can flip a full 180° without leaking. An OPTIMA Blue Top boasts exceptional running time and more recharges than you’d get out of any other traditional battery. With three powerful options to choose from, there’s a high-performance OPTIMA battery to suit any use. This makes it the perfect marine battery for boats with trolling motors, extensive electronic systems or an accessory-laden RV.
Meaning, at that point your battery may be discharging and not charging at all.Not fully charging lowers the batteries service life due to excessive sulfation. The typical warranty periods for batteries is 3 to 5 years.Most batteries will make their warranty periods even with little or no maintenance.
Just bring the old battery back for a refund of the core charge.Batteries come in all sizes to fit different cars.
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