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If a battery dies often enough it is likely that the problem will not be solved by a charger.
There are many different models of car battery chargers, but the most important feature when trying to choose the best one is whether it will actually jump the battery of a car.
Most people who want a car battery charger are looking for a portable device that they can carry with them and use on the go or at home in case of a dead battery.
One problem to look out for when choosing a car battery charger is whether the charger will jump a completely dead battery.
Additional features included in a charger for a car battery can be extremely helpful in an automotive emergency.
In some cases, you might wish to have a non-portable car battery charger for use in a garage or other area with access to power. For the average person, a charger for the car battery is not something you're going to need often enough to make the expense worthwhile. You'd do better to buy a good pair of jumper cables and keep them in your trunk for emergencies.
The biggest problem that most people have in these situations is they don't have the jumper cables, and they are stuck trying to find someone who does have them.

All battery chargers claim to perform this basic function, but a good way to find out how well the battery charger actually works is to look at customer reviews of the product.
These chargers can help reduce the chances that you will have to flag down a stranger to get a jump, which can be useful both for convenience and safety.
Many chargers have only enough power to jump a drained battery, but not a completely dead one. The tools to inflate tires, check pressure, or even do minor repairs can all be part of a charger. I think I could count on one hand the number of times I have had any trouble with my car batteries.
Often times this is just a small, slow leak, and if you had a way to put air in the tire then you could drive to a garage and have it repaired without ever having to change the tire yourself. Like this article says, if you are having to boost your battery so much that you think you need a charger then you need a new battery, a new alternator or a new car. Usually, your battery is not going to die on you while you are moving, so in most cases you are at work, home, a shopping center or a service station.
Some chargers work more like general tools and include air compressors and other car tools, which can be useful in an emergency.

It is very difficult to gauge how well a charger will work without trying it for an extended period of time, which is why it is a good idea to look into reviews before purchasing any particular model. It is important to reach a balance between size and power, because a smaller but less powerful device may not be sufficient in an emergency. However, the added features like the ability to inflate your tires could come in very handy.
Other features, like the size or weight of the charger, should be considered secondary to this primary function. It may or may not be worthwhile to invest in these features, as they are not as commonly used as the charger itself. Also, it is important to realize that if your battery dies often enough that you feel the need to buy a car battery charger for personal use, it is very likely that something is actually wrong with the battery or car and the problem will in no way be solved by a charger.

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