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I checked for an Exide replacement and they are quoting around 6+ (after discount), need to check with other dealers and vendors. View My Garage My personal opinion is that AMARON is the best battery for normal uses in a car. Originally Posted by HotChillyPepper My amaron OEM in Optra Magnum lasted for 20 months only. Regarding your OE battery, if after 15 months of overload it still starts your car on second crank in cold weather, I would not rate that as a failure of battery.
Originally Posted by khoj Check the total power requirements of your ICE package + bulbs + other things electric and then decide on the battery rating.
You can buy a normal 2 yr warranty battery for a lot much lesser and even if the current of your alternator is 120AH , the upsize battery charging voltage should be in the range of the older battery charging current . Also before you stop your car in the nights , just try to idle the car at a little high RPM than idle with all the lights , Music switched off . Another thing would be , since yours is a diesel car and has done 20,000 kms ,the self motor might have become weak , try to swap the battery early morning with some other battery and see if the car cranks up the first time . The issue was, the guy in the garage in the shop told that this battery is not for Hyundai Accent !!
And also i have made the ICE wiring direct so that the the HU does not restart when i start the car (at traffic signals).

If I have to change the battery now, the only thing im supposed to look out id the number 55 right? Anyway as most people recommend Amaron here and I found their batteries good too, just go to any Auth. Originally Posted by gpa Was looking around inside the bonnet of my recently acquired Brio today and noticed that it has a SF as an OEM fitment from Honda.
Jump-started the car and drive home and come Saturday morning took the car to my friendly neighborhood battery guy who confirmed one very weak cell and low cranking voltage of 9V. Was going to choose Amara Raja (Amron) Battery, but the 1st seller was expressing doubts if any other battery except 50-DIN would fit, & 2nd seller was taking time to respond. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post OEM car battery life - How long did your OE battery last?
Replaced the Exide battery in my car with AMARON (after the battery started getting discharged if I didi not start the car for 2-3 days on a weekend!!).
The fact that it is still in service after being used as a mule only goes on to reconfirm the fact that Amaron is indeed a top notch product.
Called up hyundai hotline and made him hear the sound (sounds like kat kat kat from the starter).
So if there is any distill water head (like petrol head he he he ) who can answer this query?
Amaron dealer and they have a big chart where Car name and the Amaron battery model number is printed.

I will keep very close watch on the battery in the Brio considering that you have experienced problems. The car cranked up fine the next morning, but I didn't want to risk having another sudden episode especially since there are a few long drives planned in the coming months. He told that the 1st two numbers should start with 52 (check out the pic).This is of lower specification. The stock Exide in my (self-start only) bike lasted 3 years before I had to replace it due to a wrong diagnosis. Battery is a big suspect since about 6 months back when I checked the battery the gravity was very less. Can't recall about Panasonic branded batts, but BTs have something like 50 month warranty where you can buy a new BT at 30% discount. The Brio completed 4 years on May 19, 2016 and the next day (May 20) the car wouldn't crank in the evening. Now the OE SF Sonic battery in my the present car is about to enter its 6th year of service from July.
I did not change it earlier as my use for Ritz became virtually NIL since when I moved to home in Delhi.

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