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Treat yourself to crystal clear audio every morning with the digital tuner that locks onto the strongest point of the radio signal, giving you the best reception with static-free sound. This clock’s battery backup ensures its time and alarm settings are maintained and remain active even through power outages. List of Contents:Electrohome clock radio, user's manual, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty. Charging your essential electronic devices with this USB Charging Alarm Clock is so easy that you can literally do it in your sleep.
USB charging alarm clock radio, instruction manual, quick start guide, 1 x 3V, CR2032 flat lithium battery.
Always wake up on the right side of the bed with the USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome®.
USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio, Instructional Manual, Quick Start Guide, 1 x 3V, CR2032 Flat Lithium battery, 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty.
This clock radio has been designed with convenience and functionality in mind – from the vibrant 0.6” red LED display with dimming option to the easy-to-use button controls that adjust volume, seek radio stations, and program the device’s dual alarm. Easy to use electronic controls make programming the device's 20 station presets and seeking your favorite station simple.The clock's digital frequency display eliminates the awkward tuning dial found on most conventional alarm clocks. The dual alarm feature included in the EAAC200 is ideal for couples with different wake up times.

Rest assured knowing your morning routine won’t be derailed by dysfunctional power lines or Mother Nature (2 x AA batteries not included). And, when you need a few extra minutes of sleep, take advantage of the convenient snooze and sleep functions. This and a collection of other innovative features, including automatic time set, long lasting battery backup, programmable dual alarm, and digital radio tuner, make this one reliable clock radio you can depend on.Easily Charge Your Devices as You SleepWhether you spend your day sending work emails to colleagues, texting your friends, or watching videos, devices like smartphones and tablets might be a big part of your life.
This device’s built-in USB port means you’ll never be looking for the charger of your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player again.
Make sure your smartphone or tablet is charged by plugging into this alarm clock radio via a USB cable before going to bed.
This and a collection of other awesome features, including time projection automatic time set, long lasting battery backup, programmable dual alarm, and digital phase locked loop radio tuner, make this one reliable clock radio you can depend on.Convenient, fast USB charging for smartphones and tabletsHow many times have you laid down in bed intending to recharge your USB device, only to realize you left your adapter all the way in the kitchen? The compatibility of this alarm clock means that the days of searching for a wall charger or available outlet for your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or any other USB device are over.Be on Time, Every TimeIf one of your biggest fears is oversleeping because your power goes out, this clock is the solution.
Leave a charging cable plugged directly into your clock’s USB port to create a powerful nightstand USB charger for your iPhone, iPad or mp3 player. Save yourself from the continuous hassle of remembering your power adapter while you free up an outlet at your bedside with this high-speed charger.
The built-in battery backup automatically activates when the power is cut off from your wall outlet.

Your smartphone will be fully charged every morning – just like you.Projects the time on your wall or ceilingTwisting and struggling to see the time when you’re half asleep isn’t pleasant. Your alarm will still sound according to your settings while the correct date & time is maintained. Rest assured knowing your alarm clock will have power even when the rest of your home does not.Get Set Up in Just Minutes Ever catch yourself wondering if you’ll forget Daylight Savings Time (DST) again this year? When you first plug in your clock radio and specify your time zone, DST will be automatically updated every spring and fall. Wake Up to Your Favorite TunesWhat would a radio alarm clock be without access to great music? This digital radio supports up to 20 programmable AM or FM stations, giving you access to your favorites tracks at the touch of a button.

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