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According to “Time” magazine: “Recently released consumer surveys give the impression that roughly half of shoppers will be hitting the malls on Black Friday, and over one-third of Americans will be out at stores on Thanksgiving.
What’s more, they can take advantage of this special pricing without having to sacrifice a second of their Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks to this partnership, shoppers need not fear that they will score a better deal by waiting.

OnTrion, the manufacturer of extended batteries and accessories for all the major smartphones, wants bargain seekers to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend home with their families instead of out shopping. Bargain hunters who want the hottest Apple iPhone accessory this holiday season don’t have to contend with all this frustration, though. OnTrion, the one stop shop for batteries for all the most popular smartphones, has just partnered with Best Buy for an after Black Friday deal.

The mass retailer recently announced that it will “match rivals’ prices even after customers have purchased items, whether in stores or online,” the Associated Press reported.

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