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After essential basics such as a wallet, keys, phone and EDC knife, finding the best EDC flashlight is an important element of developing your every day carry kit. Whatever EDC flashlights you consider you should be aware of these basic qualities when determining which one is best. Most flashlights will describe how many lumens the light produces in their packaging or product descriptions. Basic flashlights are 10 lumens and high end search and rescue lights can be in excess of 18,000 lumens.
Since the invention of the flashlight incandescent globes have been shedding light into the dark corners of our lives.
AA batteries have been around for many years and have been a reliable source of power for a great many gadgets.

CR123 batteries are based on Lithium cell technologies and are able to provide greater energy storage and output allowing for a brighter, longer lasting flashlight in most cases. If you are carrying this light with you every day it will get its fair share of bumps and drops as time passes.
As with any item on your EDC list you want something that provides the greatest utility at the lowest weight. We reviewed the 2 main types of batteries used in EDC flashlights but there are a few more specialized options out there as well. Some flashlights come with multiple modes available beyond the ability to shine a plain beam.
Like an attachment option make sure the switch your EDC flashlight uses is compatible with the way you intend to carry it.
While there are some good plastics out there they are simply never going to be as robust as a metal flashlight.

As you can see there are a lot of options out there when trying to find the best EDC flashlight for you.
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