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Miata ROM gives me the longest battery life I have ever experienced on my Note 2 without loosing much functionality and still remains stable and useable.
I would also recommend flashing my Franken-Beats audio mod to enhance the sound of your system. I don't know if a thread already exist but I would like to know which rom is the best for battery life ? Battery results are very subjective and depend on each user, what they have installed, how they use their phone or even things like what charger you use, can eventually effect the battery life. There are reports that 'doze' which replaces stamina mode in MM builds is giving good results, but honestly I don't think MM is worth the pain for at least another month.

So if you think you are a heavy user, you would like to buy the smartphone according to it. WhatsApp Messenger for Android is surely the best application to keep in touch with friends and family.
WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger app for many services like, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. As you can see from attached pics i can get 9h SOT with internet always on (wifi and data), screen brightness at mid and never in offline mode.
When it comes to smartphones, obviously, we will be using different apps, browsing, playing games and many more.

Now with the starting of HD display, multi core processors, internet browsing and big screens, smartphones needs bigger and better performing batteries.
It seems pointless quoting screen on times and what's on as my usage will be entirely different from yours, suffice to say that I don't charge it up more than twice a week.

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