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With one or two exceptions, the battery life experience on each and every single one of those handsets was absolute rubbish. Gone are the days where you might have a charger at home that you plug the phone into every other day. Every day I see dozens if not hundreds of people walking around glued to their handsets, oblivious to life going on around them. You see, while many are upset about the woeful state of mobile phone battery life, we’ve brought this upon ourselves.
That was, until we used it a bit more extensively and discovered just how terrible the battery life (and multitasking) turned out to be. There’s proof in the market that a feature rich smartphone can do all the desired things without having a pathetic little battery, and can sell well.
Please, hear my call, give us a phone that can last a day or two while it’s actually being used. These phones are plenty thin right now, they don’t need to be thinner, we need to be able to hold them. I also found it disappointing that the Razr Maxx HD didn’t come to Australia, because I imagine there would be a bunch of people who would happily sacrifice some other features to get better battery life. The good thing about all of the competition in the mobile space is that mobile-processors are being made increasingly more efficient as well as more powerful.
Software clearly makes a big difference too if you think about custom ROMs on Android that underclock the processor when it’s not needed. Laptops with the longest battery life 2016 - laptop mag, When it comes to price per hour of battery life, acer's $199, 14-inch aspire one cloudbook has every other system beat.
Lenovo flex 15 battery life [solved] - battery - laptop, I have the lenovo flex 15 (with amd processor) laptop and i'm not sure if the battery is up to the standard it should be.
Acer i5 battery initial charging time - acer - laptop tech, Hello, i was just wondering for how long must i initially charge my acer i5 aspire 4745g battery? Best Battery Life: 10 Laptops That Last 7+ Hours Looking for a battery that can make it through the day without having to be tied to a power outlet? Laptops with the Longest Battery Life 2016 - Laptop Mag When it comes to price per hour of battery life, Acer's $199, 14-inch Aspire One Cloudbook has every other system beat. Smartphones and tablets may have taken over much of people’s screen time, but most people still need to use a “real” computer sometimes—and for many, that means a laptop. We’ve tested close to a hundred laptops in the past few years, from sleek ultrabooks to cheap Chromebooks to massive gaming laptops and beyond. Acer’s North American online store has suffered a serious security breach affecting anyone who purchased anything between May 12, 2015, and April 28, 2016. We recently hosted a Facebook live video in which we explained how we think you should approach buying a laptop and why we like our picks. We've compiled information from our hundreds of hours of testing across all our laptop guides into a one-stop guide to the best laptops for everyone, from gamers to students to pro photographers and more. If you’re not tied to a platform, the biggest factor for most people these days is support.
Alternatively, as more and more computing tasks can be accomplished online and via Web-based apps, you might not even need a traditional operating system with OS-specific apps—a Chromebook may be all you need. A great screen, the longest battery life of any Windows ultrabook, and a solid keyboard and trackpad—all in the smallest and most portable package we've found.
Solid performance, fantastic battery life, a superb keyboard and trackpad, and Apple’s best-in-the-business customer support.
Strengths: All-around excellent, these laptops are versatile, small, and light, with great keyboards, screens, and battery life—the sweet spot for almost everyone. If you use your laptop a lot, you should get an ultrabook,2 namely either a 13-inch MacBook Air or a Windows ultrabook such as the Dell XPS 13. Our favorite Windows ultrabook, the Dell XPS 13, has a great screen, the longest battery life of any Windows ultrabook, and a solid keyboard and trackpad. The Asus ZenBook UX305UA has amazing specs and great battery life for the price, but lacks keyboard backlighting. If you’re on a budget but still need a quality ultrabook, get the Asus ZenBook UX305UA—it’s a fantastic ultrabook for its price. The 13-inch MacBook Air is due for an update, but it’s still one of the best laptops you can buy, thanks to its standout battery life, keyboard, trackpad, and support network. If you want the best service for your computer, buy a Mac, because you can take it to any Apple Store to get it fixed.
Even though the current MacBook Air has been around since March 2015, it’s still a great laptop. You can read more about the MacBook Air and how it compares against other MacBook models in our full guide.
It's big, bulky, and not fancy, but the Acer Aspire E5 is cheap, fast enough, and built well enough to last for a few years. Strengths: Offering good bang for your buck, these laptops usually include the same CPU and RAM options as ultrabooks but come in a physically larger size, with a lower-resolution screen, a slower hard drive, a bulkier chassis, and worse battery life. If you need only a single, primary PC for home, work, or school—and you can’t afford to spend a lot—you can buy a good Windows laptop for $450 to $600. Choosing budget laptops to recommend is tricky for us, because you’ll find dozens—even hundreds—of configurations at a given time.
The Toshiba Chromebook 2 is fast enough for moderate to heavy Web work, and it offers a great screen, keyboard, and battery life for the money.
The affordable Toshiba Chromebook 2 offers a great balance of screen quality, portability, and performance—but it won’t run OS X or Windows programs. Strengths: The Web and only the Web, but for many people that’s enough for most everyday tasks—if it works for you, it’s better than a Windows laptop for the money.
If you spend most of your time in a Web browser, if you already have a decent desktop computer, or if you’re on a very tight budget, consider a Chromebook. Chromebooks can’t run Microsoft Office, iTunes, Photoshop, games, or many of the programs you might be used to on your Mac or Windows PC. Our current favorite Chromebook is the Toshiba Chromebook 2, which strikes the best balance of screen quality, portability, performance, and affordability of any Chromebook so far. The 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the best choice for people who need both portability and power.
Competitive to the MacBook Pro in size and power, with a beautiful screen but worse battery life. Strengths: These machines offer larger screens with higher resolutions, more RAM and storage, faster processors, and more-powerful graphics. If you want a laptop that’s more powerful than an ultrabook, with a larger, higher-resolution screen and a heftier graphics card, but you don’t need a gaming laptop, you should get what we call a power notebook.
The only real Windows competition to the MacBook Pro (other than a MacBook Pro running Windows, which is popular in some circles) is the Dell XPS 15. You can find laptops that are more powerful than the 15-inch MacBook Pro or the Dell XPS 15, but they tend to be big, bulky, mobile graphics workstations. The Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 has a beautiful screen, a comfortable keyboard, a great cooling system, and (most important) great gaming performance. Great gaming performance, effective cooling, a comfortable keyboard, and a beautiful screen in a heavy, bulky package. If you want to play the latest games with decent settings at high frame rates—and you’re willing to sacrifice portability, battery life, and value—a high-end gaming laptop is the way to go.
These computers have fast processors and graphics cards, a good amount of RAM and storage, effective heat and noise management, and the right array of ports for you to connect your gaming peripherals.
Our current favorite gaming laptop is the Asus ROG G752VT-DH72, which has powerful gaming hardware and a more-effective cooling system and better build quality than its competitors.
Strengths: Cheaper and more portable than our main gaming pick, these are for gaming with midrange graphics and 15-inch screens instead of 17-inchers. Not everyone has $2,000 to spend on a gaming laptop that will play modern games on ultra settings. Unfortunately, every affordable gaming laptop we’ve tested has had at least one serious flaw.
The Inspiron 15 7000 keeps its components and underside at reasonable temperatures during demanding gaming sessions, and its fans are among the quietest we tested.
Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are the quintessential business notebooks, thanks to their rock-solid construction, easy serviceability, generous port allocation, and excellent, deep-throw keyboards. More durable and serviceable than other laptops, with an amazing spill-resistant keyboard and lots of ports. If you want something even more durable, more serviceable, and equipped with more ports than an ultrabook, consider a business laptop.
Not everyone likes the ThinkPad look, and orders from Lenovo’s store can take weeks to process. Larger and heavier than our favorite Windows ultrabook, the Dell XPS 13, but less expensive and with a 360-degree hinge.
Not as powerful as our budget laptop pick, but more portable (and blessed with much longer battery life). Strengths: A hybrid is similar to an ultrabook, but with a hinge that lets you use it as a bulky tablet or prop it up on an airplane tray table.
So far in this relatively new category, the two-in-one laptops we recommend are convertibles. We wouldn’t rely on the HP model for heavy Photoshop work, but it’s portable and practical for everyday use. We have a huge variety of companies that release lots of smartphones every year (or ever  month?).
I’ve reviewed a bunch of Oukitel phones in the past and I have to tell you that this is the most premium packaging the company has shipped their phone in so far. Everything’s packed neatly and what you are getting in the packaging include the micro USB cable, USB OTG cable if you want to connect some external devices to the phone, a fast charging brick, SIM ejector pin, a screen protector, some documentation and last but not least a plastic phone case, which is always a nice addition to have. However, to make the phone this cheap, the company could not implement the bleeding edge internals as the specifications are kind of a let down. If I had to choose, I would pick one day of screaming fast Android bliss over two days of mediocre Android sluggishness.
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More importantly, it’s as compact as a phone with a massive screen can be, while making said massive screen as useful and usable as possible. The LG is a lovely bit of smartphone engineering, and is more compact and comfortable to hold than the new Note 4. Aside from the front of the phone, though, which still looks like every Samsung smartphone ever made and the fact that waterproofing is missing here, the Note series design is definitely on the right track.
There are more beautiful smartphones out there - the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z3 - but you don’t buy a Note 4 to show off design details.
One thing Samsung smartphones have always been able to do is stun your retinas into submission with AMOLED colours and plenty of pixels.
Plenty of Samsung family traits are in evidence: it’s seriously bright (you’ll keep the slider way below halfway if you don’t want your phone to give you a suntan) and it uses the same Adaptive Display technology found in the Galaxy Tab S range, which means that it automatically adjusts its colours according to the warmness and brightness of ambient light. Download a hi-res image and, side by side with a lesser pixelled phone such as the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s like you’re looking at two different pictures. Still, this is a leap to 2K done very, very right and if you were a fan of Samsung screens before, all those extra pixels will be a welcome treat. In fact, not only is this the best battery life of any 2K smartphone we’ve tested, it’s even slightly better than the non-2K Note 3. The removable 3220mAh battery is just a smidgen bigger than the Note 3’s unit and Samsung claim a lot of the extra efficiency is down to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, something Sony also pointed to when explaining the Z3’s insane stamina.
In the week we’ve spent with the Note 4, ending the day with 10-20% still left in the tank has become the norm, with only those days that we’ve specifically hammered it with gaming and photography for testing purposes killing it quicker.
It’s no Z3-style battery freak and it won’t last quite as long as an iPhone 6 Plus, but compared to the overwhelming majority of smartphones it’s still a distance runner. In day to day use the Note 4 tears through Android games and demolishes its rivals in benchmarks such as AnTuTu, where it scores a huge 45111 - higher than any other flagship.
One small but frustrating characteristic of Samsung phones is that while there’s a teensy bit of lag to be found when you’re getting things done, they can also jump about opening apps you didn’t intend to. There are a couple of other ways the Note 4 offers better value than the average phablet, and those are also things that mean it simply makes more sense as a big phone. The S Pen, which still hides in the lower right-hand corner of the smartphone, is still a bit cheap-feeling and spindly, but the fact that it’s always there makes a much bigger part of your regular smartphone week than, say, a third party stylus and an iPhone 6 Plus. This time it’s twice as pressure sensitive, which makes a noticeable difference when sketching - the pressure, speed and tilt of the S Pen now all affect the thickness and opacity of the onscreen ink.
When you pull out the S Pen you get a modified version of Air Command - apps that you can use with the stylus.
We’ve most used Action Memo and Smart Select during our time with the Note 4 - both are simply quicker than the finger-controlled alternatives every smartphone user will be familiar with.

The last one of those is still a bit half-baked (it’s tricky to tell what it will drag and what it won’t) and we found ourselves accidentally minimising all our apps in the first few days to pop out windows.
Elsewhere, the Note 4 packs even more features than pixels - or so it seems from the intimidating settings menu.
The Note 4 gets the S5’s fingerprint scanning and heart rate monitoring tricks - both fun, futuristic extras but neither executed quite well enough. In fact, the fingerprint scanning is the only feature that we’ve struggled to use because of the Note 4’s size.
Better yet, the 16MP rear camera shoots reliably detailed and accurate images in all conditions.
The basic camera controls are simple to enough to touch focus and press the shutter button with quick access to HDR, resolution, flash and timer controls in one or two taps.
It may be a little overpacked with features, but enough of them make proper use of the extra screen real estate to ensure this is a device that you use differently to a ‘normal’ phone - and isn’t that the point of phablet?
The iPhone 6 Plus seems like simply an embiggened iPhone 6 by comparison, while the just-announced Nexus 6 is going to have its work cut out to justify its 6in screen to quite the same extent. The design’s unlikely to take anyone to gadget bliss (you still need HTC or Apple for that), but that doesn’t have to matter. As all other ThinkPad this T450s also comes with two navigating device: TrackPoint and touchpad. The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s features a 1,920 x 1,080 touch screen display, which is very sharp and colorful. Audio quality of T450s is good with producing enough sound to fill up the entire room with accurate sound.
The 720 pixel Webcam of T450s is good as it captures colorful images, which bit noisy in dim light. T450s features a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5-5300U processor with 8 GB of Ram and 256 GB of SSD, which is so powerful that you can perform any productive task on it without facing any problem.
The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s features an integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics, which is enough to play casual games. The ThinkPad T450s features a high-capacity six cell battery, which lasted for 15 hours 20 minutes while continuously using the laptop on Wi-Fi on.
It shows the battery life of half a dozen specific handsets and an average of 101 further handsets. You can read emails, browse the web, access social media, share photos with your friends, navigate while driving your car, download and listen to music, watch TV shows, remote control your PC or a toy helicopter, irradiate your man- or womanhood and even make the occasional phone call. However, silly as it sounds, these are precisely the things suggested to owners of iPhones to save precious battery life. We reward manufacturers who produce devices that are slim, light and have large screens, that are packed full of all manner of radios and other transmitters. We all love a well designed, good looking mobile phone, and we at Ausdroid are no different.
Give me a slightly thicker phone, with a bigger battery, that can last at least a working day.
He has varied interests across mobility, health, and connectivity and can often be found with a smartphone or two in hand preparing a new review.
But every time a product comes out, apple being a repeat offender, thin is touted as a feature. The iPhone 5 freaks me out, it feels like a bar of soap about to drop and shatter at any moment. Most people I know now will often use their laptops plugged in to the power almost all the time- but how many would decide to just disable everything, drop the screen brightness, etc?
Battery would easily last multiple days with fairly heavy use (podcasts to and from work, email, twitter etc) Same thing with a BlackBerry I had in a previous job.
Whether it's a gaming laptop, or an Ultrabook, your notebook is useless if it don't has any juice. I have the Lenovo Flex 15 (with AMD processor) laptop and I'm not sure if the battery is up to the standard it should be. Hello, I was just wondering for how long must I initially charge my Acer I5 Aspire 4745G battery?
For school and office work, for spreadsheets and video editing, there’s just no good substitute for a decent keyboard and a big screen. During that time, we recommended Acer laptops as our budget laptop, budget gaming laptop, and bigger Chromebook picks.
We don’t expect it to come back, as Toshiba “ceased operations of its consumer PC business in the US” back in March. We've archived our power notebooks and business laptop guides for now, but the info lives on here. That said, OS X and Windows have never been more similar, and most popular apps have versions that work just as well on either platform (or at least have alternatives that work similarly).
It packs a beautiful screen, incredible battery life, and a solid keyboard and trackpad into a laptop smaller and lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air. Ultrabooks are thin and light, with great displays and keyboards and all-day battery life, and they have enough power to do everything most people need a computer for. It has the newest Intel processors, enough memory for most tasks, a 256GB solid-state drive, and Thunderbolt 3 (via the versatile USB-C port), all in the smallest, most portable package we’ve found.
It offers very good performance, outstanding battery life, a good array of ports (though it’s missing USB-C and Thunderbolt 3), a fantastic keyboard and trackpad, and an amazingly solid aluminum body. If you want an ultrabook running OS X but don’t need a laptop right away, you should wait until Apple releases new models. They’re bulkier and slower than ultrabooks, but they cost less than $600 and do everything most people need.
It won’t be as light or sleek as an ultrabook or last half as long on a charge, and you won’t be able to play the latest games on it, but you will get strong performance and pretty good features for half the price of an ultrabook. Their prices fluctuate constantly, too, and companies release and discontinue models with no warning. Most budget laptops that meet those specs have 15-inch screens and weigh 5 or 6 pounds, which makes them impractical to lug around.
A good Chromebook can do almost anything a regular laptop can do—as long as it’s possible in a Web browser. They don’t have much local storage, either, and they pretty much require a full-time Internet connection. The brilliant, 13.3-inch screen is better than those of competitors, the laptop isn’t too bulky, and the processor is fast enough for moderate to heavy workloads. We expect the company to revise its laptop line sometime in the first half of 2016, either updating the current Pro line with the latest processors and ports, or redesigning the Pro models completely. It’s essentially a larger version of our favorite Windows ultrabook, with the same nearly bezel-free screen.
Keep in mind, though, that a $1,500 desktop gaming PC is much more powerful and upgradable than a $3,000 gaming laptop; meanwhile, a $1,000 ultrabook will handle nongaming tasks just as well as a gaming laptop at one-third the weight and four times the battery life, with much better build quality. It will play most modern games on high settings, and it sports an amazing, 17-inch 1080p IPS screen with G-Sync, as well as a comfortable, deep keyboard.
Fortunately, for about $800 you can get a laptop with a smaller (15-inch) screen, a thinner and lighter body, and longer battery life that still plays games pretty well. But the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7559), currently $800, is the best available budget gaming laptop because it offers the best gaming performance for the lowest cost and remains easy to upgrade when your budget allows.
This Dell also has a good trackpad, long battery life, and a decent screen for a budget gaming laptop. It’s technically an ultrabook, and it has similar processor, memory, and solid-state drive options as our top ultrabook picks, but it’s thicker and heavier than the MacBook Air or the Dell XPS 13. If the Lenovo models are sold out or take too long to ship, the Dell Latitude E7470 is a great alternative. It’s also especially portable, and you can flip it into tablet mode if you don’t feel like reading over your keyboard during your commute. Note, however, that even the best hybrid ultrabook makes for a bulky, awkward tablet; the ones we recommend right now are good laptops with a bonus mode for use in the kitchen, on the couch, or on the train. Convertibles are just ultrabooks with a hinge that lets you fold the laptop’s screen all the way around, flat against the bottom of the keyboard, to use the entire package as a bulky tablet.
Our current favorite convertible ultrabook is the HP Spectre x360; we also like the smaller, cheaper Dell Inspiron 11 3000. We love seeing the phones improve in every possible way but one thing is often left out – the battery life.
Firstly, the 720p is becoming the thing of a past but the choice of it could be forgiven for the sake of breaking smartphone battery life record (Oukitel K10000 scored over 36 hours of screen-on time with auto-brightness setting on and dim screen feature off). On the other hand, this phone was not designed with the spec-heads in mind and we believe it will definitely find the market.
The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, seems even bigger than it needs to be and doesn’t sit in the hand as well. Don’t misunderstand: this is still very much a two-handed phone and if you’re used to regular-sized phones (whatever that means these days) you’ll be more conscious of the Note 4 in your hand, pocket or against your ear. And the Note 4 takes this heritage next gen with an LG-matching 2560 x 1440 display, making this the first 2K screen we’ve seen from Samsung.
Homescreens and games look gorgeous but emails, browsing and ebooks do show up that usual AMOLED problem of contrast.
As we saw with the Oppo Find 7 and the LG G3, sky high resolutions often arrive with a dip in battery life. It also lasted just over 11 hours in our HD video rundown test (Wi-Fi on, half brightness) which is an hour and a half longer than the LG G3.
It also means that together with 3GB of RAM, the Note 4 is every bit the powerhouse you’d expect. Happily, Samsung’s TouchWiz skin is getting more and more fluid with every software update, so the experience is as smooth as you’ll get on a Galaxy. That’s a combination of a few issues - the slightly sticky out home button, the easy to catch capacitive buttons and the bigger size leading to more finger slips. One of those ways is the built-in S Pen and the other is software features such as Multi Window. These include Action Memo for quick notes, Smart Select for saving text and images to your scrapbook, Image Clip for freeform shaped screenshots and Screen Write for scribbling annotations on screenshots.
The S Pen might spent plenty of time sleeping (according to Samsung) but it’s still a big draw and holding the 5.7in phone in one hand with the S Pen writing in the other feels very natural.
Hold down the back button and you can access the list of Samsung, Google and now a smattering of third party apps that you can run side by side, just as before. Even so it’s the nearest thing to mimicking the ease and speed of using a laptop to simply get things done and Samsung’s clearly continuing to put the effort in. As on the Galaxy S5, though, Samsung’s at least packaged useful freebies and Samsung apps into Galaxy Essentials and Galaxy Gifts so you get to choose which you download and take advantage of.
Keeping still long enough to swipe a finger over the S5’s home button is painful enough - unlocking the Note 4 screen while walking down the street takes awkward to new levels. If you have small hands, you might be concerned at the thought of taking this ginormous Galaxy out snapping. Optical image stabilisation, also seen on the brilliant LG G3, helps in low light situations as we found taking Instagram pics at the moodily lit 2014 What Hi-Fi?
Closer inspection shows that the iPhone 6 Plus’ 8MP camera can take slightly punchier, more balanced photos with a better range of tones. The point is that the Note 4 is better made and easier to love than almost any previous Samsung phone, and that’s something to get excited about. It has black sides, bottom and lid in a rectangular shape chassis, which looks classy anywhere you go. This keyboard gives amazing typing experience as it is very comfortable when one types with 1.9 mm travel. By using TrackPoint you can click on small icons, highlight text and zoom from one side to other side of the screen precisely without even lifting your hand. The color reproduction of T450s was 100.8 percent on sRGB gamut, which is very good and better than all average notebooks. Its speakers is good but not best as you would want, but overall this produce good sound quality for watching movies and doing conference call. If you use your laptop for video conferencing frequently, then you’ll be delighted with its dual array microphones, which allows you to optimize it for single or multi voice conversation.
When tested at GeeKbench 3 which tests overall performance, this T450s scores 5,993 which is well below the average of this thin and light laptop, but was on similar level of this type laptop. This notebook will be good for light weight games but will struggle if you play some intense and big games with higher resolution. This notebook is way ahead in the portable laptop category race with its durable chassis, best keyboard and no doubt grand battery life. Let me tell you about a few phones I’ve used over the last twelve months, and my (admittedly, non-scientific) findings.

Who amongst us can remember a time when you could walk in a shopping centre, or go to a concert, or really go anywhere in public without seeing within a few metres at least a dozen people with their faces glued to their mobiles, ferociously tapping away to send a message or play a game? However, that extra thickness in an otherwise small handset allows more battery, which means more battery life. We’ve panned some otherwise good handsets on Ausdroid because the battery life was so crap that the phone was barely usable. Even outside the realm of mobile phones, people seem to epitomise thin and attractive beyond functionality.
The first accessory that someone buying your phone should be looking for is not a spare charger or two. Chris travels frequently for Ausdroid to bring you the latest news fresh from around the globe. Rooting it was the only way the make sure ram usage and power settings were kept at appropriate levels.
The phone isn’t going to be useful if its so thin and battery so pitiful that it just turns into an expensive paper weight after half a day. I can make a couple of calls a day and the phone nearly gets through a working week without needing a charge.
But which laptop you should get depends a lot on how often you’ll use it, what you’ll use it for, and (of course) how much money you can afford to spend on it. For now, you can still get the more expensive version of the Toshiba Chromebook 2, which comes with a Core i3 processor.
Get the Dell XPS 13 if you want the best hardware in the smallest package, or if you prefer Windows; get the MacBook Air if you want OS X and a great support network, and you need a new laptop right now.
It also has a 13.3-inch 1080p display packed into a laptop that’s closer in size and weight to the 11-inch MacBook Air than to Apple’s 13-inch model. It comes with the same processor and RAM capacity as the XPS 13, as well as a 256GB solid-state drive. Many Wirecutter staffers think a Mac offers the best overall experience when you factor in hardware and software in addition to that support. Cheaper, lighter laptops tend to be too slow to recommend, while faster ones usually cost too much. Right now we recommend the Acer Aspire E5-574G, and we hope it’s still available at the time you read this. Such a machine will have good enough battery life for you to use it around the house without problems, but it won’t last half as long on a charge as an ultrabook. And these machines are cheap: A $350 Chromebook is faster, lighter, and sleeker than a $500 Windows laptop and blessed with better battery life.
On the other hand, if you use Web-based email, can get by with Office 365 and Google’s office Web apps, stream your music and movies over the Internet, and prefer to game on your console or smartphone, a Chromebook should do just about everything you need it to.
However, Toshiba has “ceased operations of its consumer PC business in the US.” After our recommended model disappears, we recommend the more expensive version with a Core i3 processor, or the Dell Chromebook 13 if you want a better keyboard and longer battery life. The base model uses Intel’s Iris Pro graphics, but if you need the extra muscle for video or 3D rendering, you can opt for a discrete AMD graphics card.
In terms of durability, style, power, and size (though not battery life), it’s competitive to the MacBook Pro. If you do want a recommendation, Notebookcheck’s top 10 list is a good starting point.
It will play last year’s games on high settings, with a few exceptions for particularly demanding games that need a bump down to medium to run well. But the keyboard is shallow—closer in feel to a MacBook Pro keyboard than that of a cushy gaming laptop—and it got warm during our gaming sessions. On top of that, it’s more durable and designed with an amazing, spill-resistant keyboard; it also has ports that businesspeople often need but ultrabooks lack, such as Ethernet and VGA. It has essentially the same features as our ThinkPad pick at a slightly higher price, though that price includes a three-year warranty standard on all E7470 models. If you don’t need tablet features, we recommend sticking with one of our ultrabook picks above. Since the fancy hinge is the only real difference on such models, the best ones are great laptops but too bulky for regular use as a tablet. But if you want the 360-degree hinge of a convertible, it’s the best option right now.
There are a few ways of improving the battery life of a smartphone and Oukitel has made the biggest capacity smartphone yet. Honestly, it looks like you could crush any other smartphone with it and Oukitel K10000 would not break. That’s 0.2in bigger than our current superphone recommendation, the LG G3, and Apple’s giant new iPhone, but in terms of actual handset size and ergonomics, it’s somewhere in the middle of the two. The flatter sides of the Note 4 combine with a new softer, less tacky faux leather back panel to make the Note 4 pretty comfortable and easy to grip, and while there are still a few lumps and bumps around the camera, headphone jack and microUSB port, the metal band around the entire edge of the device makes the Note 4 feel impressively sturdy and even a bit, premium. Whites just aren’t as pure as we’d like next to the brilliant iPhone 6 Plus, and it gets worse when you tilt the Note 4 to the side - stream a black and white movie to see the difference instantly.
And there’s a low power Ultra Power Saving mode that’s handy in emergencies (or festivals as we found with the Galaxy S5).
Qualcomm's new chip is beefy enough, in fact, to turn the Note 4 into an Oculus Rift-like VR headset, when slotted into the Gear VR.
It’s happened to us on every single Samsung phone we’ve tested and the Note 4 is no exception.
But the commands get more sophisticated every time we use it and now you can pop out one window to fullscreen, minimise multiple windows to bubbles, switch the apps around and drag and drop text and screenshots between apps.
In Galaxy Gifts there’s six months free of the not-Spotify-but-close streaming service Deezer, 100GB of cloud storage for six months from RealPlayer, plus plenty of other subscriptions and trials.
There are also manual controls tucked away and all manner of extras and gimmicks if you choose to use them, from the return of the software-based selective focus to the less useful and rather silly dual camera.
Basics features for a portable business laptop are light weight, sharp screens and long battery life. Multi-touch gestures like two finger rotate, pinch to zoom and four finger swipe are also very accurate. It also comes with a Dolby Digital Plus audio software, by using which one can enhance the sound quality of the laptop.
This Ethernet port is now not available in many business laptops, which creates problem if you want to connect your laptop through wired network.
Its file transfer speed is 149.7 MB per second which is much above the average of this category notebook.
It will be more than enough for browsing the Web and for streaming media and even some photo and video editing. Its battery backup is 3 hours more than Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches and almost doubles of the ThinkPad X1 carbon. If you are looking for a laptop with solid combination of most portable and excellent performance, then ThinkPad T450s is your best option as this is best battery life laptop. All smartphone users looking to scrimp and save battery life are told to do all manner of counter-intuitive things to try to stretch out the meagre allowance of power allotted to us by the manufacturers. If you tweak a little further (you’d have to root to achieve this most likely) you can get that usage down to around 4-5% per hour, without sacrificing much at all. Exhibit A, so many Holywood celebrities who look fabulous, are thin, but are as metaphorically thick as two bricks. They shouldn’t be forking out $35 for proprietary charging cables just so their beloved can last more than four hours out of a twenty-four hour day (cough Apple).
There seems to be a compromise between applications, large screens and background processes vs battery life – nothing new to that idea, but chasing multiple days of use is something manufactures should be doing. Or if you want a better keyboard and longer battery life, get our upgrade pick, the Dell Chromebook 13. If you have no operating system preference and you want the best specs for the money, the XPS 13 is a better choice than the MacBook Air, but the Air offers better battery life and a superior support network. The ZenBook lacks a touchscreen and keyboard backlighting, but these are reasonable sacrifices if you want a cheap, well-made ultrabook. The E5-574G has a speedy Intel Skylake processor, 8 GB of memory, and a full terabyte of storage, so it should have enough power for almost anything you want to use it for.
And because budget laptops generally employ a traditional hard drive instead of a solid-state drive, they feel slower than an ultrabook with the same processor and memory. Since it runs only Chrome, and since its software receives updates automatically over the Web, you won’t have to worry about software updates, hardware drivers, or as many security issues as you would with a Windows laptop—a Chromebook is hard to screw up and easy to maintain. Because it’s a MacBook, the build quality, keyboard, and trackpad are excellent, and Apple’s support is second to none. It bests the MacBook Pro with 4K resolution and touchscreen options, although these features reduce battery life even further. For even more graphics power—short of building a desktop—we recommend the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G-034.
This kind of laptop will serve you well for classic games, and you can expect it to play most games on at least medium settings for the next couple of years.
Unlike with most ultrabooks, you can open this machine to add RAM or a roomier SSD, and it uses removable and hot-swappable batteries. The Latitude E7470 is a good business laptop, but we prefer the ThinkPad T460 thanks to its better keyboard feel and battery configuration.
As for the Dell Inspiron 11 3000, it has most of the right features for a small, $600 convertible laptop, including an Intel Core i3-6100U Skylake processor, an 11.6-inch screen (running at a resolution of 1366?768 pixels), and barely any bloatware. Blacks are lovely and inky thanks to the AMOLED display’s ability to turn off pixels to render black. This Lenovo ThinkPad T450s comes at the starting price of $881 with powerful fifth generation Core i5 processor, more than 15 hours of battery life and best and most comfortable keyboard and touchpad. Whereas on the left side of the system, has two other USB 3.0 ports and a mini DisplayPort.
You didn’t need to carry a charger in your bag, have one in the car, and have one at work and at home. That’s all the information necessary for someone to make fraudulent purchases online or by phone.
We’ll be testing a new round of Chromebooks soon, but for now we don’t think a great option exists for around $300.
It also has a dedicated Nvidia GeForce 940M graphics card, so you’ll be able to play games at higher quality settings than on most laptops, though the experience will be nowhere near as good as what you can enjoy on a dedicated gaming laptop. A budget laptop will, however, give you more storage space and plenty of power for half the price of an ultrabook.
We haven’t tested the XPS 15 ourselves, but it gets good reviews from Ars Technica, CNET, Laptop Mag, and The Verge.
Its fans are louder and less effective than those of the Asus, but it has a more-powerful graphics card and larger solid-state storage.
It also has security features that some workplaces require, including a SmartCard reader, a TPM chip, and hardware encryption. They tend to be awkward in at least one of their two modes, and the operating systems they run on are usually good for either laptop work or tablet work, but not both. Though we wish it had more than 4 GB of RAM, the version we recommend comes with a 128GB solid-state drive that makes it feel fast and responsive. And colours are eye catching if not accurate - still slightly on the warmer, saturated side but if you want to tweak this manually, head for the AMOLED cinema and Basic settings. Its designed is made to protect the system from humidity, vibration, fungus, sand and extreme temperatures.
Note that the breach affects only those people who purchased directly from Acer, not through third parties such as Amazon.
Many reviewers, however, still recommend the MacBook Pro for people who aren’t married to Windows. Unfortunately, Lenovo recently discontinued the T450s and replaced it with the very similar T460s and the T460; the former doesn’t have hot-swappable batteries, whereas the latter does. Convertibles are a better choice if you want a laptop that you’ll occasionally use as a tablet; detachables are the more appropriate option for people who want a tablet they can sometimes use as a laptop. We haven’t tested either new model yet, but we prefer the T460’s higher-capacity, swappable batteries.
If you’re not a self-sufficient techie, you’ll appreciate easy access to reliable assistance when things go wrong.
The touch screen display version of T450s is bit heavier as non-touch version weighs 3.5 pounds, which is of same weight as Apple MacBook Pro.

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